Beyond the Sphere

Away in Cluddunt

Well, after a verrrry long journey, I’m finally here. Well, I finally arrived here late this morning, the journey could only be described as epic. So epic, in fact, I thought the first part was going to end… Read More

Little Niggles

Whatever the annoyance Whatever the cause Doesn’t even come close to being a drop in the ocean All things considered. Let it go. The Universe is big enough to absorb it.

Sticky Fingers

Valnetine’s, by Fnigers Valnetine’s is a snigleton’s curseLove dup couplesSome on ostyers, worseSharing glanecs arc oss a crowsed roomCandlelihgt banshing away the gloomTable for one with prics for twoAnd they only serve copules tir a meesooHerat shaped steaksAnd… Read More

Miss McRee’s Permanently Single

Permanently SINGLE DATING AGENCY Confidential memo to all staff Numbers are down, people. All the single people seem to be going somewhere else. We need them on our books. How can we make sure that they remain single… Read More

Running on empty

Disclaimer More waffle to keep things ticking along. Background I miss the olden days of blogging. When I say olden days, I don’t mean the days when I first started out blogging, as I felt, back then, that… Read More