Beyond the Sphere

Who’s that knocking at the door?

I’d just settled down last night to enjoy a pizza… a delicious ham, pineapple, onion and mushroom, freshly baked pizza with deliciously stretchy cheese… and somebody rang the doorbell. Then pounded on the door. The knocking reverberated around… Read More


Sometimes it’s a good idea to suspend the notion of ‘reality’ and see what else comes along to take its place.

Twists Within the Ups and Downs

They say the first step is all it takes to launch the future of your dreams. They also say that first step is the hardest. It isn’t only steps into the future that prove difficult. Trying to get… Read More

Week Two

My weeks in lockdown begin on Fridays, so that means today is Day One of Week Two. I don’t work on Fridays or at the weekend, so since Monday I’ve been working at home during my normal hours…. Read More


The lights flickered as I stepped through the front door. Not collectively, but consecutively. First it was the the light outside the Vestibule. Next the light on the ceiling at the base of the Stairway. Then it was… Read More