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Cosmetic Surgery, pulp infections and equilateral triangles

Several years ago, I was sat in work across from a colleague. It was a quiet time of the day, and she nonchalantly said to me “Don’t your earlobes stick out.” I replied, “That’s because I’ve had cosmetic surgery on my ears.”  My colleague then said, “Really? You can’t tell.” To which I replied, “Yes you can. My earlobes stick out.” My colleague fell about laughing, blaming me for making her go purple.

But it was true. When I was a lot younger, I think it was when I was in infant’s school, I went into hospital to have my ears pinned back. I was being teased by some other children because of my ears (notice I haven’t used the word ‘bullied’!) and this was to make me look more like the other children. I was only in hospital for three days, and then wore a bandage around my head for the next ten weeks. For some reason, I thought I looked like a spaceman. It’s funny, the things you think when you are little.

I saw an old photo of me the other day, with my big sticky-out ears, beaming smile and bright eyes. It got me thinking how much I have changed over the years, yet how much of me is still the same. I definitely have not got the same body, that’s for sure. So my mind is still the same. But, my thoughts are completely different to when I was in that picture, so my mind isn’t the same. A new mind and a new body, yet I am still the same person. Life is absolutely amazing when you start to look at it in great detail! I had to apologise to the photo of little me in case I had changed to something completely unrecognisable, but that little one is still there, so I had nothing to worry about! I can’t go about second guessing where I might have been if I’d done something differently, and sometimes certain routes lead to the same place anyway!

I’m not sure whether it was around this time, maybe it was a little later; I had to go to the dentist to have a tooth extracted. I had to be ‘put out’ rather than having an injection. I’ve had many weird and wonderful dreams over the years, and many of them I can remember, but the dream I had this day is one of the weirdest dreams, in my opinion, ever. As I was breathing in the ether, as I called it, through the rubber mask that left an awful smell in my nose and taste in my mouth for a few days after, I started to drift off to sleep. In that moment, I dreamt of some animated dots sweeping around the blackness, creating what I think was an equilateral triangle. I’ve heard of people dreaming of past lives, great adventures and other wonderful stuff when they were ‘going under’, but this was a first. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it since then, so this is the first time. Occasionally, I still get glimpses of those dots and that triangle.

And finally, in this mini montage of my memories, a few years after the dentist trip, I went on a trip of a different kind. We were holidaying in North Wales, and my brother, cousin and I were walking along the sea wall. I spotted a Superman kite flying in the sky, and got caught up in the moment watching it swoosh up and down. Bit of a silly thing to do really, as one side of the wall had a steep drop, with large boulders at the bottom of the drop. The other side was a lesser drop to the concrete pavement. My attention was grabbed by Superman – I was, and still am, a huge fan – and imagined all sorts of things. I imagined I was flying. I wasn’t – I’d actually walked off the wall, but luckily for me, not off the steep-drop side. I crashed to the ground, and then woke up from my daydream. To laughter. I was fine, apart from my right index finger, where I couldn’t touch the finger tip. I had to learn a different way of writing, as I couldn’t even hold a pen. The finger tip ballooned. It was sore and swollen for the rest of the holiday, and when we were back home, I was taken to the doctors, who said I needed to go to hospital to get it checked out. I remembered the three days I spent there with my ears, and wasn’t keen, but this time I wasn’t staying in. I’d had a pulp infection for some reason, and the only way to make it better was to slice the finger tip, which the doctors and nurses did. Whilst squirting water on it which made no difference to the pain whatsoever. I was glad it was over when it finally was I’ll tell you. It hurt a bit more afterwards too… at least it was flat again! The weird thing was I heard one of the nurses saying that my finger was just the same as another boy’s the day before. I imagined him falling off a wall as well to get his pulp infection.

I really must try to think of some more recent tales to tell. These older memories are starting to make me realise that I am not as young as I once was…

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The Waiting Game

Just a quickie today – and a list! Following on from yesterday’s post about waiting at red traffic lights, I have found myself thinking about other situations in which we need to wait. So, here follows my list of situations to think about feeling good, or to concentrate on the breath as it fills (and leaves) our bodies, or to while away the time doing something more useful, other than just idly waiting:

In no particular order:

  • Waiting to cross the road – remember to keep your attention on the road – safety first!
  • Waiting for your favourite TV programme to start
  • Waiting for your favourite TV programme to return from the commercial break
  • Waiting to go on to the toilet (no further comments necessary)
  • Waiting for an egg to boil
  • Waiting for a home-delivery meal to arrive
  • Waiting for the home-delivery meal to cool a bit so you can devour it!
  • Waiting for the rain to stop
  • Waiting for the bath to fill with water
  • Waiting to see the dentist / doctor etc
  • Waiting to drift off to sleep
  • Waiting for the postman to pop the mail through the door
  • Waiting for the person you are calling to answer the telephone
  • Waiting for the person you are visiting to open the door
  • Waiting for the current track to finish so you can hear your favourite track
  • Waiting for your download to complete
  • Waiting for your print-out to stop printing
  • Waiting in the queue at the check-out
  • Waiting for your computer to switch on
  • Waiting for your computer to switch off
  • Waiting to hear the thunder after the lightning
  • Waiting to be called to departures for your holiday
  • Waiting for the ducklings to cross the road so you can drive forward
  • Waiting for an idea to pop into your head
  • Waiting for the next lottery number to be drawn
  • Waiting in your car to pick someone up
  • Waiting for a break in the conversation so you can add your bit
  • Waiting to pass the slow person in front of you
  • Waiting for the next news story
  • Waiting for the movie to begin at the cinema
  • Waiting for your turn to be served by the ice cream man on a hot summer’s day

I make that thirty one times, and I’m sure there are many other instances, when we have to wait for something.

Imagine, putting all of these ‘spare moments’ to good use (concentrating on how good I feel, noticing how healthy I am, thinking of how I can have, be or do anything I really want, knowing I am remarkable, being grateful for everything I have etc.) Imagine, just by using this time to our advantage, just how great we can really be.

Waiting’s not too bad put that way, is it?

Traffic Lights

I spend so much time waiting at red traffic lights, I thought I’d make a blog about them! No, it isn’t a moan about how often the lights are on red as I reach them and wait (for what seems like twenty minutes) for them to change. Nor is it a complaint as to the number of times that the lights are green on my approach to them, but they change to red just as I get to them (and then stay red for what seems like twenty minutes). I don’t even have any bad words to say about the traffic lights that are out of order on major crossroads that really need them, and cause traffic chaos because nobody seems to know what to do when the traffic lights are out of order (and seem to be out of order for what seems like twenty weeks).  And I won’t mention part time traffic lights, that seem to only be in operation when the traffic is quiet. When the roads are busy, the part time traffic lights are not in use. Well, not in use until you expect them not to be in use, when you find that they really are, and have just added to the fact that the sheer volume of traffic wasn’t the reason you have been queuing for twenty minutes – the part time lights have joined their full time colleagues and keep everyone waiting for that length of time.

No, this isn’t to moan… I wouldn’t dream of moaning. You bring about what you think about, remember? I must always be thinking of red traffic lights…

Actually though, red traffic lights are not such a bad thing. For one, they cause us to slow down. Well, to stop, actually, to pause. To rest. When they go green, then we are off again until the next red light.

I keep wondering if there is anything that I can be doing while I am waiting – and not just at traffic lights – that will benefit me in the long term, and keep me calm.

There is one thing that I do all of the time and not notice I’m doing it. That’s breathing. Just concentrating on my breathing, and taking in deep breaths helps me to feel alive. Breathing also helps to centre me, so if my mind is racing away over something I saw, or something I have to do, my breathing brings me back to myself. Going back to being in the car again, I can’t do anything while I am at those lights apart from wait, so my breathing will stop me from stressing myself out! I don’t mean to gloat, but I enjoy it when I am calmly waiting at the red light, while the person in the car next me is revving their engine and moving backwards and forwards in anticipation that the lights will change to green that second. Which, as we all know isn’t the case – they take twenty minutes to change.

So, if you see someone calmly waiting at a red traffic light, breathing deeply, it’s probably me. I’ll also be giving thanks for those special seconds of me time that I’m getting there. I may look like I’m going to go from nought to sixty as soon as the lights go to green, when you’re waiting in the car next to me, but I’m testing you to see how wound up you are. As soon as the lights change, if you’re not off like a coiled spring I will know that you too (whether you know it or not) are also grateful for your twenty minutes of ‘me time’ a day.

They say patience is a virtue. Be patient at a red traffic light.

The black holes where everything goes

I’ve a mystery here, which I think there will never be an answer.

I bought a new, manual lawn-mower (well, my Dad did, I don’t have a garden) that needed to be ‘put together’ for use. All of the parts were in the box, including a little spanner to tighten the bolts. My Dad and I put all of the bars together, and tightened one of the bolts with the spanner. I was kneeling on the floor, and I was doing the tightening. I put the spanner down besides my right knee, to look at another bolt. I reached for the spanner again, and it wasn’t there. I hadn’t moved. Nothing had moved. The spanner just wasn’t there. I felt beside my left knee, in case I was mistaken, and had put the spanner down on that side, and it wasn’t there either. I felt all over the carpet on both sides, and still no spanner. I moved some of the wrapping the bars had been in, in case the spanner had somehow gone under there, but no, it wasn’t there. I checked the floor all around, and it was nowhere in sight. I’d stood up, in case the spanner was on me, and it wasn’t. I felt all over the floor – you know sometimes in can be quite difficult to see things on a patterned carpet, and again it wasn’t there. Confused, I knelt back down to see if I could tighten the bolts with my hand, and couldn’t… I needed the spanner. I stood up again, to have another look, and there it was, underneath my right knee. It was definitely not there a moment earlier, because I had been brushing that very spot with my hand.

I have no idea where that spanner went to in that moment.

This little mystery also occurs on occasions, in the opposite way. You are looking for a very important document. The one you put in the drawer that time so you would know where it was when you needed it again. You go through the whole drawer, and it isn’t there. You go through the other drawers in case you’d put it in one of them, or it had fallen into one, or it had stuck to another important document that you needed to file somewhere else. You check all places you can think of, and this one document is nowhere in sight. You go back to the first drawer you checked – the one you remember putting the document in. And there it is. The first thing in the drawer. You just know that it wasn’t there a few moments ago.

I’ve got my own theory on this. Scientists and science fiction writers mention black holes all of the time, those dense areas of the universe where, they say, nothing can survive. I think there are tiny black holes around us all of the time. They’re not black, though, they’re invisible. And they move. If we happened to put something in a place where this black hole is, the object disappears. Sometimes appearing again after a few seconds, and other times not appearing until we (un)consciously tell the black hole that we would like what we are looking for. Well, this explanation satisfies me with the reason why things go ‘walkies’, just before they’re needed most. I don’t think it will satisfy those who require a more rational explanation.

Another thought has just struck me about these black holes… they must be somehow connected to us, as we never find someone else’s document, or a different tool, or whatever else wasn’t there a short while ago.

Just when I thought I’d got to the bottom of one of my mysteries, another question appears. I did say I think there will never be an answer… I’m going to try and keep some awareness about me next time this happens, just to see if I can see into one of these black holes. Well, you never know…

It only feels like last week!

The Eurovision has entertained me for many, many years. It has been running longer than I have been in this existence, and now, with the magic of the internet I can find clips of all of my favourite Eurovision entries. Some of the really old ones, from the days when TVs were mostly in black and white, aren’t included here, for two reasons. Most of the Eurovisions I remember were in colour, and although I like some of the songs from the early days, I didn’t see them performed live. These songs listed here are from shows that I watched on my (or someone else’s) colour television set.

They also aren’t in any order. I just thought I’d mix them all up and put them all out!

First out of the hat, from the year 2000, is Claudette Pace with “Desire”, for Malta. It didn’t win, but it is a bubbly little number!

Just had to squeeze this one in here (yes, I know I’ve only just started!) but also from 2000, Denmark entered and won with the Olsen Brothers singing “Fly On The Wings Of Love”

Waaay back, in 1991, France entered the contest with Amina singing “Le Dernier Qui a Parlé”. A song that has travelled through time with me – it’s very unusual, but very good. I was humming it this morning! And thinking about it, 1991 isn’t really that long ago… is it?

Jumping forward slightly, to 1994, Frances Ruffelle represented the United Kingdom with “Lonely symphony”. I find this song to be very anthemic.

Three songs now from 1998: from the UK, Iceland and Russia. And the UK won! Katrina and The Waves “Love Shine A Light”; Paul Oscar “Minn Hinsti Dans” (must be seen!) and Alla Pugachova “Primadonna” – I really liked this one! 

Last year’s contest had four songs that I had to play over again. Iceland’s Yohanna, “Is It True?” goes without saying that this is one of my favourite songs of all time! And I love the way it was staged in Moscow. Absolutely stunning!

Portugal’s Flor-de-lis with “Todas As Ruas Do Amor” is another happy bubbly song. And last year’s winner, Alexander Rybak for Norway, with “Fairytale” ‘I’m in lurrrrve with a fairytale…’ OK, I’ll not sing.  The fourth of my favourites from last year is Chiara who sung “What If We” for Malta. This is the song that features the line “If you don’t know your destination, who determines your destiny?” Quite a valid statement, if you ask me.

Back to 2000 again. Russia entered this year with Alsou singing “Solo” I have to ‘do the dance’ with this one. Love it!

In 2004, James Fox represented the United Kingdom with “Hold On To Our Love” A good song I thought and should have come higher placed than 16th.

In 1994 Germany asked MeKaDo to sing “Wir Geben ‘ne Party” and got me boogying!

Gina G’s “Just A Little Bit” appeared in the 1996 contest, for the United Kingdom.

And another of my all-time favourites is from 1995, Aud Wilken, for Denmark, singing “Fra Mols Til Skagen”

And there we have it. Fifteen or so of my Eurovision faves. There are more. Many more. Far too many to write about here. I’ll see if I can add some videos one day of some of the songs, but until then, have a look for them on You Tube. They’re not to everyone’s taste, but I like them.

I do enjoy my travels through time 🙂 !

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