Beyond the Sphere

Post 3000

Not wanting to make a big song and dance about it, but this post is officially the 3,000th post to appear here on Beyond the Sphere. In yesterday’s post, First Flight of the Phoenix, I briefly mentioned coming… Read More

A Scattering of Poppies this Saturday

A cascade of thoughts, with thanks. A feeling of being, with gratitude. A scattering of peace, with hope. Of course we will remember them. A Remembrance Six Word Saturday post Visit Debbie’s site for more posts.

Letters to the Universe… The Birth and Rebirth Edition

Dear Friday, You certainly come around fast, don’t you? Not that I’m complaining, as it means the weekend is here once again… and I do love the weekend! Will I be trying something new this weekend or sticking… Read More

From Across the Miles

At the beginning of September this year, I received a very nice surprise. Totally out of the blue, and completely unexpected. Every month, Raili from SoulGifts in Australia, chooses one of her followers to be the recipient of… Read More

Wordle: The Miracle Within

Close your eyes Ignite the power within Don’t be surprised As our journey begins Breathe in and out slowly Rest and relax Commit yourself wholly As we start making tracks We walk through a wood All dense and… Read More