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Gremlins on the Eve of Vampyre’s Day

On the night before Vampyre’s Day
All was calm, and quiet, I was about to say
I opened Live Writer to write my post
And was slightly shocked, to say the most
(That should have been ‘least’ but it didn’t rhyme…)

For some reason, my Live Writer this evening showed:

Instead of:

Which was most peculiar to say the least. I’m at it again. I closed it down, and opened it up again – exactly the same. I closed it down and opened it up again, and it was back to normal.

The weird alien-looking text didn’t even fit into the box like it should have. One thing is for certain, it wasn’t Arial! Very perpendicular!


Of all the times to appear, it would be tonight!

Ah well… happy Vampyre’s Day to all who celebrate it. Happy Wednesday to those who don’t. And for all, just keep an eye out for those pesky Vampyres… you never know when they may just nip out for a bite!

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A Summer’s Day

Shall I compare you to a Summer’s Day?
All hot and flustered
And the things you say!
My ears have never heard such things
From your mouth of which the daytime brings
Your eyes sparkle and blink
As you steam into dust
Though into shadow you quickly thrust

To drink and your composure gain
And think about the Summer Days
Where in your crypt you lie low
Until night-time falls and out you go
Winter nights are much more fun
And Valentine’s has just begun
To compare a Vampyre to a Summer’s day
Is to live on the edge for which one will surely pay

Well, that’s not like Valentine’s in any way…


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Vampyre Rose–Nonsense Prose (almost, but it rhymes)

Vampyre Rose
With a ring through her nose
And long pointed toes with teeth to match
Was out on the prowl
With eyes like an owl
And she started to growl as no-one was around to catch
Forlornly she walked
And balked as she talked
And sulked as she started to dash
It was so late at night
The Sun was almost in sight
And in fright she came out in a rash
She got back to her lair
Thinking how life was unfair
And slumped in a chair looking back
She was a hundred and two
And had nothing to do
‘Cept eat a sarnie or two – oh, and constantly count all her cash

(A bit of nonsense does wonders every now and then!)

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White Rabbit on a Bed of Lettuce

Don’t let the cute fluffiness fool ya!

They do that, these cute creatures of the night. They lull you into a false sense of security so that you have to hold them and cuddle them and smooch with them and tell them – well, tell them anything really – it’s between you and them. And then, after all that… and then… and then they get you. By the jugular!

Vampyre Bunnies are everywhere this February. Between now and the Fourteenth – Vampyre’s Day – keep your eyes peeled – or else they will be on to you.

I can’t believe it.

February already.

The signs, though, are starting to appear.

White Rabbits for February! The nice ones, mind.