Alabaster Smile

Delicate skin
And crack’d
Watery eyes
And blue
Tattered lips
And chapp’d
Rotten teeth
Almost through

She posed with her alabaster smile momentarily, giving her victim one final look at her time-ravaged appearance, before piercing the jugular. She drank. She watched the victim’s skin change appearance, becoming more translucent. Too much and the victim’s life-force would slip away; just enough and she would sire another… either way, the victim: gone forever. Too little, however, would endanger her.

She pondered as she drank.

Reddened lips accentuated her deathly pale appearance. Her alabaster smile broadened. Her decision was made.

Wordle: Vamps Again!

“Do stop the snarling, darling,
And mind your sharp teeth on my arms…
Apart from that small scar I saw on your neck
I’d have been all the wiser bar none…
And thought you were being your normal self.”
Now confused, I was able to tilt my body
And throw theirs into the hearth.
Their head hitting the half trunk sent them soundly to sleep.
And now all I have to do is haul them back to their cage.
These vampires crop up at the most inopportune time!

Gremlins on the Eve of Vampyre’s Day

On the night before Vampyre’s Day
All was calm, and quiet, I was about to say
I opened Live Writer to write my post
And was slightly shocked, to say the most
(That should have been ‘least’ but it didn’t rhyme…)

For some reason, my Live Writer this evening showed:

Instead of:

Which was most peculiar to say the least. I’m at it again. I closed it down, and opened it up again – exactly the same. I closed it down and opened it up again, and it was back to normal.

The weird alien-looking text didn’t even fit into the box like it should have. One thing is for certain, it wasn’t Arial! Very perpendicular!


Of all the times to appear, it would be tonight!

Ah well… happy Vampyre’s Day to all who celebrate it. Happy Wednesday to those who don’t. And for all, just keep an eye out for those pesky Vampyres… you never know when they may just nip out for a bite!

‘Twas The Weekend Before Valentine’s Day

An eager anticipation filled the land.

Expensive miniscule heart-shaped sweets appeared.

Birds suddenly appeared (for some reason).

Casanovas and Sirens getting themselves ready.

Lovely restaurants are dimming their lights.

And vampyres are readying to strike.

A Valentine’s Six Word Saturday post.