The Majestic Archway

The Majestic Archway stands ahead.

After months of walking, searching, for this gateway to the Realm Beyond, I find it to be smaller than I imagined… and not as impressive. Where’s the gold? Where are the ornate statues? And it seems to be a little overgrown. It’s hardly an impressive sight for such a powerful portal. Obviously, my mind had imagined something far greater.

Still, the sky looks blue and bright and clear on the other side.

All I need to do now is cross the bridge and walk on through. The way ahead looks clear.

It seems too easy.

It Within

Light shone through the cracks as though it were escaping the confines of a wicker box. How the light got inside is a mystery for another day – surely the light should be outside? Perhaps that’s where it begins. Within. Light. Darkness. A spark of creation. A void of emptiness. Maybe the level of light, the amount of light, defines the ‘it’.

But if the light, or lack there of, defines the it, the it must always be there. Always has been. And from that, maybe allowing whatever is within to shine triggers light of its own.

Let light escape.

The Water Tower

The rickety old water tower leans away from the Moon toward the Wild Rose Gateway, as the river flows ferociously passed. The gathered storm clouds are starting to move away, revealing the eerie brightness of the dark night sky. Apart from the cascading waters all is calm and silent… this side of the Gateway, that is. On the other side, apparently, things are quite different… although no one has yet returned back to confirm this.

However, through all weathers, the rickety old water tower stands guard, appearing to intently listen through the Gateway. But what it hears is another mystery…

Nova Luna

The light streamed in through the tear in the curtain.

Sam opened his left eye with a squint as the brightness touched his face. He turned his head slightly and opened both eyes.

“Time to get up…!” he declared. He leaped out of bed and opened the curtains fully, flooding the bedroom with the bright morning sunlight.

The mornings on Nova Luna were his favourite time of day. The waves on Lake Plenty bobbed gently, and the distant Salaara Hills appeared turquoise in the shade.

The holoscreen went blank.

“Pity mornings don’t last longer!” He moaned, heading to get showered.


She glides through the forest bringing an essence of Spring. The rhythm of her breath singing with the gentle rustling of leftover Autumn leaves beneath her feet. Spring leaves unfurl from their buds as she walks by, only to wrap themselves tightly once again when she moves on. She provides a burst of bright sunshine to wake the slumbering plants.

“Winter is almost over” she whispers.

She stops.

She knows she has been spotted.

She gently smiles. Slowly, she turns, fading as she does. Mother Nature knows when it is the right time to show herself. She will be back.