Reg’s Rehashed Monster Bash

Reg the vampire was kind to invite
Me to attend his musical night
At his fancy lair down on Bridge Lane
That’s really a bungalow… which is quite insane
A one storey house with a wrought iron gate
That creaks quite badly for its rather new state.
I set foot in the garden, and there on the lawn,
Looking up at me, was his pet cat Shawn –
Well, one of them anyway – for he has two,
It was then time to meet some guests at the ‘do’;
A woman, who looked like Dracula’s bride
Whose hair was as tall as it was wide
With a white streak that went right up the front
And her eyes looked, well, just very vacant;
A man with a cloak that was too big for him
But only because he was very slim;
A man so tall he looked like the butler, Lurch,
From some family ‘Addams’ (you’ll just have to search!)
This little group, they looked quite surreal,
But although odd, they did not feel
Threatening, or, in any way bad…
And, I must admit, that I felt glad
That at this night of music and fun
We’d actually met as the night had begun.
The first song performed was one I greatly admire,
Annie Lennox, with ‘Love Song For A Vampire’
Followed quickly with ‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon,
Then ‘Blood Roses’ by Tori Amos – a new one…
Well, new for me, I’d never heard it before…
Then along came ‘Lullaby’, sung by The Cure
Sting performed next with one of his treats,
’Moon Over Bourbon Street’.
Nocturnal Rites then sung ‘In A Time Of Blood And Fire’
Which reminded me to the theme of Buffy, The Slayer…
However, I thought it best to keep this quiet –
After all, it was Honorary Vampire night!
The next singer to sing was named Neil Young
With a little ‘Vampire Blues’ song
And then a song that is really gracious,
’Bleeding Love’, by Leona Lewis…
Voltaire then performed ‘The Vampire Club’
And that was it… time for the grub!
An extra surprise finished off the bash
Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’!

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