White Rabbits once again!

Here we are in the final third of the year once more, the ‘Bers.

Winter’s approaching, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker earlier, the mornings are getting harder to get up in, the candles are being lit before supper, the coal fires are being stoked before bedtime, the winter duvets are going on, bed socks and sleeping  caps  are appearing, windows are starting to remain shut, thick pullovers are starting to reappear, hair is getting longer (except mine) and folk are starting to gather nuts…

 Here’s to a great ‘Bers of 2012!

22 thoughts

  1. Yeah. It’s not that we had much of a summer.

    It’s been the wettest since 1912… 😦

    God Bless my friend and, yes, my heating is on… 😦



  2. Put that way the “bers” sound very appealing in many ways…trouble is they don’t have their usual appeal that the autumn bers in particular usually have for moi due to having them all through “summer” too. On the other paw I was born in a ber so I’ll always have soft spot for one of them!


    1. They’re not so bad, really, the ‘Bers… just they always remind me that another year is entering its final stage… in other words, time’s flying! Can’t be stopped, though!
      Oh, and Icewolf… Happy ‘Ber-thday for sometime soon! 😀


      1. Thanks Aquatom 🙂 I’m quite looking forward to this years Ber-thday but we won’t talk about how many Bers have passed since the 1st one occurred! Or the exact time it occurred!! Time is a bit like Red Bull – it has wings! 😀


  3. I have slept without socks for 2 weeks now, the days are longer, we wait hopefully forthe first spring rains. as the world wobbles our way 😉


  4. As the always contrarian Yank, Tom, I am so happy to see summer 2012 leave the Big Apple. I’m not allowed to have air-con in my garret and I’ve had few good night’s sleep for the better part of two months. I truly welcome seeing this furnace hit the road. Living in a sweat lodge gets old fast.


      1. It’s been a tad too hot and about 100 tads too humid in the Apple this summer. Hey, I will get around to visiting you more recent posts soon. It’s been a demanding week over here.


        1. Hope it’s getting more reasonable now for you.
          Don’t worry about the visiting… I’m in exactly the same situation, what with this, that and the other… it’s all good fun though!


  5. O.O…I wondered what the “Bers were until I realized it was the 4 months of the end of the year…nice 🙂 I really do want to experience the ‘Bers with red, yellow and gold autumn leaves and a wonderful cold winter!


    1. Do you have similar weather all year round, Shree? I know you’ve mentioned wanting to see the snow before, but do you not get Autumn either? I really do need to travel more, you know!


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