Beyond the Sphere

Living on the Moon

Reports are coming in that the Forward Thinking Consortium, otherwise known as The Luna Landscaping Company, have commenced their project to create an atmosphere on the Moon. Recently speaking via video phone, company chairman Dick Lines hailed the… Read More

Lakeside: Talking to the animals

As you know, this is a blog for escape. A way to get out of the real world for a few minutes at least, and spend a short time within my glorious sphere. What happens here, at times,… Read More

Time Travel (On Wednesday)

I put the feelers out yesterday for the …On Wednesday topic this week. I thought giving my Inner Beings chance to think of something to say would be a better option than having another blank blog post like… Read More

Elemental’s Wish

Tired, she is. No words to speak.Eyelids heavy, although she cannot sleep.She watches, waits, patiently untilShe has to act.She controls the ground, the earth, the windThe animals know her call and fleeShe gathers the clouds, the winds, the… Read More

Bad Gateway

When I come online, I have a set number of sites that open automatically so all I need to do is click on whichever tab I want to view. I’m sure I’m not the only one to do… Read More