Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 20

On the Twentieth of December my Creation brought to me the Festive Express:

So not only is Christmas approaching at a rate of knots, we now have a way of getting there even quicker! And even though the train looks a little snowed-in, worry not… magical trains never get snowed-in!

Sally Forth With Vigour

A Hallowe’en spell for a Brighter Future

Thoughts begone
Thine power thwarted
Feelings muted
Desires sorted
Actions in the past dissolve
No regrets that need resolve
From this moment hence
The way ahead be clear and fresh

And in light ahead I jump
With vigour and with strength
The power is mine
To move forward
Reborn in love and light
Forever more and so it be
Into a brighter tomorrow I leap

Just see.

The Magic Box

Hidden in plain sight,
Beside the crystal ball,
Beneath the candle’s light,
Protected by the wall,
Dwarfed by the books,
Not far from the stopped clock,
Next to an old coin
Which operates its lock,
Lies a magic object
Scarred by many knocks,
That holds a million mysteries
Entombed within a box

A Spell for Evil

If I could cast a spell to eradicate all evil I would
To flood-fill the Earth with nothing but good
But the question arises ‘where to draw the line?
On whose definition, yours or mine?’
The division between evil and good is vague
Depending on which side of the fence you take
Wars have been fought over this divide
Where the realms of good and evil collide

If I could cast a spell to eradicate evil should I?
Take the chance before it passes me by?
Mould the world into the world that I want
Send evil away with a laugh and a taunt?

If I could cast a spell to eradicate evil I would
As long as the outcome was purely for good
But I can only affect my part of the world
No matter the magical power unfurled

And with three-fold-return things must be done with care
Perhaps replacing magic with a simple prayer
Intention is great for all that it’s worth
But can intention alone save the Earth?

Somewhere between Make Believe and Heaven: The Rainbow Maker

Somewhere up above the clouds
Exists and old and crooked house
And within the house there lives a man
Who creates rainbows when he can

He sprinkles magic upon the clouds
From the window in his crooked house
And when the rain begins to fall
From the magic a rainbow forms

A bit of magic does wonders, don’t you think?

Another digital doodle of a magic nature this week!