The Cauldron of Revenge Reappears

Hubble Bubble toil and trouble
All be calm, revenge be sweet
Those who dare to do me wrong

Prepare to feel my cauldron’s heat

As the broth within swirls and simmers
So be it, the legends say
What doth go around shalt come around

And I wouldn’t have it any other way

Thou might mock, and thou might snigger
But in the mirror thou must look
Upon thy face shall lie a carbuncle

A wart for nastiness, lest thee be mistook

Those that do me deeds so good
This curse applies to thee as well
Although to be cursed in such a way

Shall bring rewards that… who can tell?

Cross my path and do it wisely
For life is meant to be such a joy
Treat me bad and not so nicely

You WILL become my Cauldron’s toy

This curse, this spell, this rhyme, whatever
Is just a warning, meant to be
For the power of threefold return’s a strong one

Treat me bad and you shall see.

Revenge and retribution are such terrible things and nothing is really gained from them, the good you do to others is also the good you do to yourself, but this also applies in reverse. Treat somebody badly and you aren’t really being very nice to yourself either. Every action has a reaction, whether it be good or bad.

We all have good and bad in us. Some of us, however, seem to be able to tap into the bad side a lot easier than the good, and use this bad side to the detriment of others.

This little spell is designed to reflect that badness back at the individual so they live with the consequences of their actions. It also, passes more good back to those who do good.

It is intended as a benefit to all, ultimately, although it has stemmed from a little urge for revenge. The less said about that the better. I’ll just sit back and watch the magic work.

One way or another, I’ll make this world a better place.

Mwahahahahahaahahahahhahahaha ha! Thank you, Ghastlia, that will be all…

Originally posted on 27th October 2015.

Reacquainting with the Inner Magic

She cast a spell for happiness, using everything she could find.
She got everything prepared and together at the exact right time.
She spoke words of enchantment, making sure she got them right.
She wanted to be happy and would make herself so tonight.

She thought of all the people who’d wronged her in the past.
She thought of those who’d married when she said “they’d never last”.
She thought of the ones she turned away when they came to her for help.
She thought of all the animals that she’d ‘accidentally’ made yelp.
She thought of all the acids that she poured away down the drain.
She thought of all the pedestrians she’d splashed, driving through puddles in the rain.
She thought of all the people stood behind her in the queue, as she complained quite vocally about the price of her shampoo.
She thought of the hungry kitten that she never once fed.
She thought of the single time she’d regretted what she’d said.

She realised she didn’t need anything in order to be truly happy.
She’d looked within and then brought on her own epiphany.
Her happiness had been with her all along, hidden deep beneath her nasty side.
She sat and thought and clearly saw now that her eyes were open wide.

Originally posted on 30th October 2012.

Maraganna’s Magic

Maraganna walked over to the oven in her kitchen.

She opened the oven door, convinced her cake was well and truly baked by now. A gust of hot air rushed from the oven, sending her to the floor and slamming the kitchen door shut. The slamming of the door shook the wall, which sent a book flying off the bookcase which was against the wall on the other side. The book landed with a thump beside Huffle, who had been sleeping soundly, and was now three feet in the air with spiky fur from head to toe.

Maraganna looked at the flat glob of cake mix in the tin. She looked away, and then looked again, hoping she hadn’t seen the disaster the first time. With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she pointed to the cake tin which hovered out of the oven and gently lowered itself onto the top of the oven. Maraganna turned off the oven and closed the door. She then mumbled, uttered and muttered an ancient incantation for reconstruction. She then waited for a few seconds and watched as the cake mix whirled itself around in the tin. It swirled. It rose. It sliced. From nowhere it spread fresh jam and cream between the two halves. It smeared itself with icing. And finally it decorated itself with a handful of cherries and a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands. The cake then positioned itself on one of Maraganna’s best plates.

“Splendid!” Smiled Maraganna. “I do love baking.”

After all the excitement, Maraganna decided to wait a while before helping herself to a slice, and walked out of the kitchen. Huffle was still mid-air, but looking more like his usual self. He mewed when he saw Maraganna, and gently lowered himself to the floor beside the book.

“What’s this?” Maraganna asked, picking up the book. “Have you been trying to cast one of my spells, Huffle?” She tickled her familiar under his chin. Huffle rolled his eyes, and curled around himself again. He was determined to finish his catnap. Maraganna looked at the cover of her book, and noticed it wasn’t one of her spell books, but a book of her own poetry. “Ooh, I haven’t seen this in years!”

She opened the book to the first page.

“I remember this!” She smiled.

The Lady Who Lived In The Obelisk!

She lives in a room with no windows and doors
Whatever she needs comes up through the floor 

To go outside she flies through a wall 
Or the size of a mouse through a hole she crawls
But having a cat she doesn’t do that often

“Hmmm. I don’t appear to have finished that one.” She flicked to the next page, and read aloud:

Huffle The Magic Cat

Huffle Snuffle Piffle Pab
A magic cat with a friendly jab 

With a mew he falls asleep 
Most of the time

Huffle mewed once again, and walked  over to the far corner of the living room and behind the sofa. He had to finish his sleep.

“Obviously, this one was based on real life. You haven’t changed much Huffle, have you?” She flicked through the remainder of the book, and all the pages were blank. A slip of paper floated out which she caught with a point of her left index finger. She beckoned for the piece of paper to fly to her hand, which it did.

I clear the room for I want to dance
Will it rain I wonder perchance 

I dance and sway and kick and twirl 
I’m such a flexible wizard girl

With a flash of lightning and clap of thunder, all of the furniture in the living room vanished. Huffle found his fur spiking again, only this time due to the amount of static electricity in the air. He stared at Maraganna as another clap of thunder brought heavy rain to the living room.

“Oh. My Goodness!” Declared Maraganna, realising the third poem wasn’t a poem at all, but an unfinished spell she’d written so she didn’t have to perform another raindance. She uttered the same ancient incantation she’d used with the cake, but this time she concentrated on the living room. Within seconds, the rains cleared, the room dried and the furniture returned. Maraganna sighed with relief and then returned her poetry book to the bookshelf and slipped her weather spell into the spellbook beside it.

Huffle climbed onto the sofa and curled up once again, this time beside a cushion.

Maraganna decided she needed a slice of cake now, and a strong cup of tea.

Universal Magic

The Universe listens. The Universe delivers. The Universe complies.

We tap into that power with our thoughts and feelings. We draw everything from that Universal Magic whether we’re conscious of it or not. Most of the time we don’t even notice what the Universe is doing for us, but behind the scenes the Universe is working very hard for us.

We notice coincidences. That’s the Universe’s doing. We’re ‘moved’ to be in the right place at the right time to see the coincidence. If we notice it, that is. The more coincidences we look for the more we see, only we have to be aware otherwise the moment will pass us by.

That awareness is key.

Just by opening up a little, becoming more aware of what is happening around us amplifies the Universal Magic.

Our Universe doesn’t need to be everything in all of existence, although it could be if we wanted it to. Our Universe could be the town where we live, the building we live in, the chair we set in, or even each breath we take in. Just focus on what coincidence you would like to see, and then wait – maybe for not too long – for the Universe to bring it to you.

Sometimes the Universe is subtle. And sometimes the Universe delivers a jaw-dropping whoa! moment. Both delivery methods are fun.

Well, it is magic!