Somewhere between Make Believe and Heaven: The Rainbow Maker

Somewhere up above the clouds
Exists and old and crooked house
And within the house there lives a man
Who creates rainbows when he can

He sprinkles magic upon the clouds
From the window in his crooked house
And when the rain begins to fall
From the magic a rainbow forms

A bit of magic does wonders, don’t you think?

Another digital doodle of a magic nature this week!

Happy 2018

It’s time for a change.

It’s always time for a change, and there’s no better time for change than the present.

It doesn’t matter that it happens to be New Year’s Day, although that sometimes helps… out with the old and in with the new, and all that. It’s also a Full Moon tonight, funnily enough. That also helps with change, and the fact that it is the first of two Full Moons this month gives it more meaning. And the fact that the second Full Moon this month is the first of two Blue Moons in the beginning three months of this year adds even more power.

How does the saying go? Once in a Blue Moon.

The power for change is there. It always is. And it is there for the taking.

During my little break away, I came within a hair’s breadth of publishing my book. So close in fact the first dab of ink almost touched the first page.

Back in the 1980s, I read a book by Susan Jeffers called Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. I’ve always held myself back in one way or another, and this book, at certain times,  sprung to mind on the occasions when I needed a gentle push, and I went for it. It did help, on the occasions I went for it.

With my book, I was ready to click ‘Submit’ to begin the publishing process. And I froze.

My real name would become known. I thought.

Tax. I don’t understand tax. I pondered. Arrghhh!… International Tax – how do I cope with that? I feared.

I feared.

I hit ‘Delete’. I donned a blackout mask whilst swiftly flicking off the light switch and dove beneath my duvet in the now darkened room, where I lay, quivering, for the next hour or so.

And then I thought I can learn about tax and how it works. I still have the book, I only deleted the file that was being submitted for publication, so I can improve that whilst I’m learning. I can write another book. A better book.

I can carry on as before, but better, more knowledgeable and ready.

I can become a better version of me.

A better writer.

A better artist.

A better person.

I can go for it. I know it. I can feel the fear and do it.

And by Jiminy I will.

This is my half-century year.

A year with two Blue Moons, with the second Blue Moon being in the month that I turn 50. (For those who know me, I will remain 24 – change doesn’t need to happen that fast, you know!)

A magical time.

So, let the magic begin!

HAPPY 2018!


From Across the Miles

At the beginning of September this year, I received a very nice surprise. Totally out of the blue, and completely unexpected.

Every month, Raili from SoulGifts in Australia, chooses one of her followers to be the recipient of one of her Soul Gifts, and in September she chose me. I didn’t receive the gift until the beginning of October, and decided to wait until November to post about it so that this post didn’t get lost within all the Halloweeny madness that went on last month. And the gift that Raili sent to me was not only a gift to my soul, but one for my sight, sound and smell senses as well! Fabulous!

The first thing I noticed was the relaxing scent that greeted me as soon as I opened the parcel. Raili had wrapped her gift in several sheets of different coloured tissue paper, enhancing each layer with a blend of essential oils to match the individual energy vibration that each layer represented. Upon each layer, Raili had written the names of each blend:

Transformation / Abundance

Sacred Mountain


Awaken / Balance




Raili also included a letter and a poem, ‘Birth’, as well as the framed picture. I didn’t remember reading the poem on her blog, but in finding it to link to for this post, I received another surprise. The post had appeared on my birthday. You have to love synchronicity and coincidences. I do… and I experience rather a lot of them!

Could it just be a coincidence that this past weekend’s One Word Sunday theme was ‘Orange’ and the top layer of tissue paper is orange? The Universe moves in mysterious ways indeed!

Now, the picture that Raili created was another surprise. As I was looking at each section in turn, I suddenly realised that I wasn’t looking at one picture, but four of them. Raili had created four ATCs and framed them. I’ve recently started creating ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) myself, so this made the gift even more special, even more personal, if you like.

Each image that Raili created seemed to ‘speak’ to me, as I thought of two words to represent each image









Raili told me that this gift had been a labour of birthing which included many weeks of staged and guided steps. So, I’d like to finish this post with one more step, inspired by Raili’s Soul Gift:

Birth of a Starchild

Across all miles
Across all time
Await for the joy to awaken
Through grounding
Through clarity
Appears inspiration
From Sacred Mountain to nursery of stars
There begins transformation
And then balance
And then abundance
Of the magic of creation

Enchantment follows a path of expansion
Where everything slots together
New ideas meet forgotten memories
Burdens become light as a feather
Illumination of all things good
Glows brighter than the Sun
And in that moment, that spark of light,
The creative process has begun

A Starchild
An Idea
A Gift from the Soul
Marks completion of one cycle
But not on the whole
Ideas flow forever more
So grab them with open arms
And through gratitude
And sharing light
Experience never ending charms

Once again, Raili, thank you.

irresistible resistance

I’ll put a spell on you
She said
I’ll make you mine
Come over here – have this apple
A sip of wine?

You caught my eye, you see
Said she
Come here. Please be mine.
Follow my gaze, my dear
You’ll soon know why.

I’ll put a spell on you;
She whispered
You’ll soon be mine.
Her long fingers beckoned me
To look into her sapphire eyes

The sparkle
The gaze
Hypnotic haze
She put a spell on me
But what a waste of time.

I put a spell on you.
She cried.
Why aren’t you mine?

It’s not you, it’s me.
I said.
It happens all the time.