Pyramid Tops

A couple more tops in this post, which is an old photo of two of Giza’s Pyramids in Egypt. The photo must be getting on to the top end of being thirty years old now; I had to say ‘photo’ because, obviously, the Pyramids top that age by a few thousand years, and I wouldn’t want to cause any confusion.

This is another post for Becky’s Square Top challenge. Link in the panel below:

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Off the top of my head…

… I can’t remember the last time I posted a Selfie here on Beyond the Sphere. It may have been recently… it may have been an awfully long time ago… but here’s another one.

Have I ever mentioned I’m not all that good at taking Selfies?

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Posted for Becky’s Square Tops challenge. Click the panel above to visit her latest post!


Becky is hosting another Squares photography challenge this month, the theme being ‘TOP’. I’ve said I will participate again this month, although maybe not every day.

My imaginative interpretation of the theme today is ‘treetops’, and there are quite a few tops of trees in the above square photograph! Click the panel below to go to Becky’s site to see more top squares!

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The Light Within

Hold on
To the light within
Allow it to shine
And to light the way
To provide warmth
And hope
To give guidance
And comfort
Hold on
To the light within