Owing to last week’s sudden heatwave, the bluebells are now starting to show. Spiky leaves have suddenly exploded onto the scene, adding more greenery to behold.

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge. Link below:


Today’s theme for Debbie’s One Word Sunday is Puzzle.

Now you may be wondering what on Earth the above photo has to do with such a word… well, that is the question!

One Word Sunday

Visit Debbie’s site (the link is above!) to see more interpretations of the theme… and possibly some far better than my attempt!

Down on the Lawn

It’s Friday! The WEEKEND!!!

Down on the lawn, the spikes are starting to show. You have to be down on the lawn to see them, but they’re there.

Me… I’m down with it. With it. Them. Please humour me.

Subtle spikes sticking
Subtle spikes sticking (out from) stems (of green) (and brown)
Hardly noticeable, even when lying down
Invisible when the light shines from the other way
But they’ll do nicely for a spiky Friday…

A square photo? With what looks like spikes in it?? Kind of??? Of course!
This can only be a post for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge.

Link above. Thar. Just above/


I must apologise if my tone was a little ‘spiky’ in the previous post. It was all intentional. It was intended to link discreetly into this post. The spiky points on the star should have given the game away…

Featured in the image is Olive the Peacock. He can be a little spiky at times, as his head feathers show. And his beak is a little pointy too.

I’m really clutching at spikes now…