Beyond the Sphere

In-flight Selfie

The Selfie is something I’m not very good at, although I do like to get a little practice in every now and then. After the recent snowstorm that left the Mansion looking like a Winter Wonderland and gave… Read More

Unfurl, my wings

Standing on the cliff topWind howling all aroundSeagulls soaring both overhead and below I tear off my shirtUnfurl my wingsAnd launch upwards Outwards Onwards Into the great freedom that is before me; the unknown that is commonplace. At… Read More



Through the wood the little breeze licks the loose leaves as it curls its way around. Gently bouncing off trees and shrubs alike, silent but ever present, it dances as it makes its own way ever forward. Aiming… Read More


Clutching broomstickCackling loudlyShe circlesSwoopsAnd dives. She sings an enchanting dittyAs she passes across the Full Moon. She’s searching for something… She notices me, cackles once more and flies high into the morning sky, becoming a tiny speck against… Read More