Clutching broomstick
Cackling loudly
She circles
And dives.

She sings an enchanting ditty
As she passes across the Full Moon.

She’s searching for something…

She notices me, cackles once more and flies high into the morning sky, becoming a tiny speck against the bright whiteness of the Moon – before hurtling back down toward me at great speeds.

“’Tis the morrow” she breathes, “must be the aft, my timing ‘tis not yet right.
”Forgive my sorrow” she goes on, “think me daft, my pet is not in sight.”

Once again she soars into the brightening sky; this time away.

16 Comments on “High-Flyer!

  1. Boy…Those grinds sure are full of creatures from witches to dragons..Dangerous living there TL…That picture reminded me of when I worked in a rest home where we had to tend to the woman who was the witch in the Wizard of Oz….Pretty strange…..VK


    • They are indeed, VK. It isn’t too dangerous, though… the Grinds are rather large.
      So you knew the actual actress who played her from the movie? That, my friend, is rather cool to know!


  2. Maybe if you find her black cat, Tom, she’ll cut you a pass in the spooky days ahead? On the other hand, if it’s true that no good deed goes unpunished, she might reward you with a never ending supply of that ghastly sugar and wax concoction: candy corn. Do you have these tooth rotting pellets on your side of the pond?



    • Fortunately, we either don’t have Candy Corn over here (yet!) or we do and I haven’t seen it, LA. Either way sounds good to me, as the Candy Corn itself doesn’t, if you don’t mind me saying…
      I think the witch may have found her cat, however…


      • Shame I can’t say that about my internet connection…that’s definitely up up and awwwaaaaaaay!! Hobbling along on mobile wifi for now and hoping the bad weather clears quick or I’ll never get my usual connection to function again! No joy with the phones either and now I’ve lost all the latest updates having to do a system restore to get the drivers back for my connection…bye bye data on the mobile wi fi device!!! Back asap…..


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