Beyond the Sphere

One Minute Ramble: Skyscape

At lunchtime, I looked up into the sky and could see a blue that went on for miles. A blue that was clear and solid at the same time. I couldn’t see through it, and I couldn’t see… Read More

The concept of GOOD

The editor of Within the Sphere magazine wasn’t so sure. He looked at the image, and then at the artist. He definitely wasn’t sure. “THIS?!?” The editor shook the image in front of the artist, and pointedly glared… Read More

On-Line Lie Detectors–A Disclaimer

I’ve been dragged back into the twenty-first century for this latest post, and I was so enjoying meandering along those corridors of the past. Never mind, I’ll be revisiting the past in the near future anyway, so it’s… Read More

Star-Crossed Lovers?

Romeo and Gretel got off to a bad start. Hansel and Juliet never got to meet. It’s strange how some things are just meant to happen. Romeo, Grand Duke of the Alamenth Cluster, and Grand Captain of the… Read More

So Many Thoughts, So Little Outlets

One, two, buckle my shoe, Three, four, open the – Oh! Hello, I didn’t see you there. Don’t be alarmed! No. No. Take it easy. Sit down. Stay for a while. You may be wondering where Tom is…… Read More