Beyond the Sphere

Last Night

A bright light woke me. It was the Moon, reflected off the clouds. Normally, cloud cover obliterates fantastic views of the heavens, but last night they took part! Bleary-eyed, I looked out over the Grinds and grabbed myself… Read More

Moon on the Horizon: Digital Painting

From the realms of my imagination, I pictured the Moon overlooking a water-filled crater, or lake, cutting through the clouds. The Moon reflecting on the rippling waters below, creating a calming effect all around. Well, it calmed me… Read More


Moonicorn, the Moonhaven Unicorn frolics freely across the moonlit meadow. Magic abounds In a show of strength and wonder Moonhaven comes alive! Posted in response to Elaine’s post.

Letters To The Universe… Good Friday Special

Dear Everyone, Happy Good Friday to you all. Things are slightly different this Easter with plenty of time available for ‘Me Time’. Take it! Enjoy it! Have fun! And stay safe. Dear The Weather, You’re glorious today, aren’t… Read More

Cloudy Up Top

We had a SuperMoon last night. Usually, I miss them, and it was Becky (that’s right, the Becky with this month’s Top Squares challenge) who happened to mention it to me in comment yesterday. The Moon was meant… Read More

Bare Winter

Bare are the branches on a cold Winter’s night As chilled winds pass through them with ease Whistling and rustling the trees seem to dance Whilst shivering beneath the Moon

Low Moon Rising

The time: Earlier this evening. The place: Somewhere in The Grinds. The camera: On the mobile phone. The subject: The Moon. And the question: Can you see the little frog-like creature in the bottom left of the photo?… Read More

Blue Moon Abstract

Just a quick PowerPoint creation inspired by this week’s Super Blue Blood Moon. Other than that I have no clue! Feel the energy! Feel Good!

Happy 2018

It’s time for a change. It’s always time for a change, and there’s no better time for change than the present. It doesn’t matter that it happens to be New Year’s Day, although that sometimes helps… out with… Read More

Wordle: Cacophonous Ponderings

Nothing has carried me further since the day I was born Than the string of thoughts within my imagination From picking flowers deep beneath the waves Of a faraway sea to riding a solid beam of light From… Read More

Moon Watching

Masked by silhouette The Moon shines even brighter Secretly above

Searching for the Super Moon

I’ve ventured up into the hills this evening, trying to grab myself a few photos of the Moon. We are due a SuperMoon tomorrow night, but with our weather being what it is I thought I’d go out… Read More