Beyond the Sphere

Week Two

My weeks in lockdown begin on Fridays, so that means today is Day One of Week Two. I don’t work on Fridays or at the weekend, so since Monday I’ve been working at home during my normal hours…. Read More

The Griffin and the Keythong

Charmed protector of the Heavenly Realm She is majestic, ancient, strong Creature both of earth and air Unlike her opposite, Keythong The female variant of the breed Griffin has strong eagle-like wings An eagle’s head, lion’s body and… Read More

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 12

On the Twelfth of December my Creation brought to me… something Christmassy! Yes! A fully decorated Christmas Tree. And those decorations look very familiar…

Wordle: Direction

Feeling down? Below the ground? Power gone… head in a spin? Time to wake up and change your path The future’s yours for you to map Push what you don’t like far away But don’t worry if they… Read More

Shining Bright

Fold and release Flow and increase Send energy out into the world Bathe in the light With goodness shining bright Positivity is the word

Come With Me

A thousand thousand worlds await So close your eyes, sit up straight Or lay back, the choice is yours As some worlds we shall explore Turbulent skies and windswept plains Sun-drenched beaches where it hardly rains Sheer cliff… Read More

Still Shining Through

Even after all the winds, and the hailstone, and the snow and frost Nature still shines through in her very own multi-coloured glorious way! Trees don’t grumble, but I bet they stand and reflect in their own way… Read More


All this talk of hippies and the Sixties has set me back. Where too, exactly, I know not… but let’s see if we can unfathom something, shall we? Or should that be fathom? Anyhoo, moving on… I feel… Read More


Day in day out Things to do – errands to run Without doubt Life is like a cyclone Running about In And out Round and round Toing and froing Going and Doing But at the centre… Remember… Calmness… Read More