The Griffin and the Keythong

Charmed protector of the Heavenly Realm
She is majestic, ancient, strong
Creature both of earth and air
Unlike her opposite, Keythong

The female variant of the breed
Griffin has strong eagle-like wings
An eagle’s head, lion’s body and serpent tail
And a look revered by kings

The Keythong is much the same
Only wingless and quite rare
And when they meet and meet to mate
Together a lifetime they share

Wordle: Direction

Feeling down?
Below the ground?
Power gone… head in a spin?
Time to wake up and change your path
The future’s yours for you to map
Push what you don’t like far away
But don’t worry if they surge back
I say
It’s like sweeping a beach in the wind
Sand everywhere – where to begin?
Take shelter from that wind which surrounds
Create a funnel within your mind
Direct the thoughts that serve you not
And create the life you truly want


Come With Me

A thousand thousand worlds await
So close your eyes, sit up straight
Or lay back, the choice is yours
As some worlds we shall explore

Turbulent skies and windswept plains
Sun-drenched beaches where it hardly rains
Sheer cliff faces, that are harsh and cold
And magical vistas that never grow old

Lakes crystal clear and fresh and cool
Full of fish within their ample schools
Exotic animals come to drink
We sit down to watch and have a think

Lightning flashes across the sky
And when thinking done we shall fly
Attached only by ethereal cord
Across an ocean, blue and broad

We reach a land charred and black
Ruined by industry from way back
Nature reclaiming what she can
But nothing like when things began

We fly again to plateaus of ice
Blues and whites, crisp and nice
Snowflakes fall, cool winds swirl
Exhale and watch your breath unfurl

As twilight settles, out come the stars
Some quite close, others from afar
We pinpoint one, our destination’s set
And with an open mind
We shall watch and see
Exactly just how good the going gets