Beyond the Sphere

I’m Late! Although It’s Still Saturday!

Interesting, these Saturday posts, aren’t they?! They’ll be better soon… I promise! Another post for Six Word Saturday.

I’m now getting over a cold.

Short and sweet, but that’s it! Well, it is Six Word Saturday!

So, is the hassle worth it?

The new Block Editor is what I’m referring to. I suppose once you’ve used it a couple of hundred times, it’s OK. But me, who only uses it to add a featured image it can be somewhat of… Read More

So, we all have a purpose?

Are we here for a reason? Or are we merely just here? Do we work well with society? Or do we just fit in? Can we really achieve better things? Or live with what we have? Six Questions… Read More

The Entrance to the Room Below

Darkened windows revealed nothing to come. Darkened windows masked what was instore. Darkened windows kept secrets hidden inside. Darkened windows darkened in the darkness. The open window didn’t look welcoming. The room below held many secrets. A few… Read More

Back Again with Six Word Saturday

Last Saturday, I didn’t know it. I mean, I knew, but forgot. This week I’m determined to remember. Yes, it’s Six Word Saturday again. Nothing monumental, though, just six sentences. Carefully made up of six words. Although I… Read More

Practicing with some photo editing software

Just basic edits, mind! Above is the original photo. Above is the original photo but changed to greyscale. And above is my attempt to make the photo appear black and white and green. I like this effect, but… Read More

Now, there’s a Smiley Happy Mushroom!

Must be enjoying the recent rainfall. Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

A Misty View Over The Water

Calm and cool looking. Which is how we all should try to be: calm and cool! Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. By the way, Becky has opened her latest Squares Gallery today, so… Read More

And on a Bright, Sunny Day

… I took this photo of the Lake. It’s just turned 7am here, with things a little more overcast than this photo suggests. Posted for Six Word Saturday and Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Blue Skies and Rain with Thunder

And very warm with it too! A Six Word Saturday weather update.

Moon on the Horizon: Digital Painting

From the realms of my imagination, I pictured the Moon overlooking a water-filled crater, or lake, cutting through the clouds. The Moon reflecting on the rippling waters below, creating a calming effect all around. Well, it calmed me… Read More