Now with a hint of blue

Yes, it’s part 845 of this year’s Bluebell Saga.

The flowers are almost out. The colours are a deep purple / pale green right now, but it will only be a matter of time before… wait! Yes, we have confirmation! The bluebells are forming. Proof is in the first photo above, if you hadn’t noticed.

Eyes are now expertly being peeled.

Six Word Saturday

Another bluebell Six Word Saturday post.

estas sabate denove en ses vortoj

it’s Saturday again in six words
in Esperanto, according to Google Translate

it’s again on six words again
in English, when translated back again

An Esperanto Six Word Saturday post

Another one that makes no sense!

Caught out by a simple wire


I’ve just spent ALL morning trying to solve a little issue with my new Super Duper computer. The problem was, admittedly, a strange one – mind you, with me, computer problems usually are. Drop down menus in the web browser would only drop down for the briefest of flashes – not even a second – but I was able to type into the field and make a selection that way. And my 3D art software continually scrolled into the distance when I looked at the viewer, or tabbed in turn through the individual workspace tabs, not allowing me to click on one and do anything.

I closed all programs and reopened them – the problem was still there.

I restarted the computer and restarted the programs – the problem was still there.

I switched off the computer and unplugged it from the wall socket, switched it back on again, reopened the programs, and the problem was STILL there.

I was reaching the point of exasperation. I’ve just installed a new driver for my graphics, and pondered if this were the problem. My eyes glanced over to my little Angel statue I have beside my keyboard and just in front of it I noticed a charger cable running across the top right corner of the keyboard. Running across the ‘-‘ key in the top right corner. Pressing down the ‘-‘ key in the top right corner of the keyboard.

I moved the cable. Reopened the programs. All now OK. Problem solved.

This was an ID 10T error.

Pesky cables – always catching me out!

A @~%$&! Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

Let’s see where this ends up


The art of rambling incessantly about something or other in a meaningless or drivelful way. To prate on about nothing, in depth. Hardly a barn burner for discussion, yet a bingle of words that hardly divagate, even for a fugacious moment.

Might I be a hodiernal hoddy-noddy? Hunting-and-pecking out a post, hardly luculent in detail, and more of a lollygag for a Saturday post.

Still, an ogdoad and half again of unnecessary words on the subject.

I never thought I’d get here.


Words used in this post:

Drivelful – made up (I mean it’s a made up word, it doesn’t mean made up)
Prate – talk foolishly
Barn burner – a very exciting or dramatic event
Bingle – a collision
Divagate – to stray or digress
Fugacious – transient or fleeting
Hoddy-noddy – a foolish person
Hodiernal – of today
Hunting-and-pecking (Hunt-and-peck) – typing with two fingers
Luculent – clearly expressed
Lollygag – spend time in an aimless or lazy way
Ogdoad – set of eight


A wordy Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

I must now take a nap.

So, we all have a purpose?

Are we here for a reason?

Or are we merely just here?

Do we work well with society?

Or do we just fit in?

Can we really achieve better things?

Or live with what we have?

Six Questions for Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday

Although seven, actually, including the title…