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Six Words for a Fun Saturday!

Just for giggles, try and get any or all of these words into a conversation today!


Definition: A joke or line in a script intended to get a laugh / A heartfelt and jolly good laugh


Definition: Involuntarily grinding the teeth, particularly during sleep


Definition: An early clock or time-measuring device worked by the flow of water


Definition: Of or like copper


Definition: A discus thrower from ancient Greece


Definition: Dregs or Refuse

Thank goodness the clepsydra still runs! The cupreous orb thrown by Discobolus all those years ago jammed itself in the draff pipe, causing many a night filled by bruxism! At least the boffola is still on tap, as this post hopefully gives rise to. No? Not even a giggle? Surely there must be a giggle…

OK, then. Since the Letters to the Universe are currently on holiday, here are six bad jokes, to raise a guffaw or two. (Mind you, they are really terrible, so you may also groan. And maybe go eh? a couple of times…)

I’m terrified of elevators
So I’m taking steps to avoid them

I used to hate facial hair
But then it grew on me

What’s the most terrifying word in nuclear physics?

A cowherd counted 48 cows on his property
But when he rounded them up he had fifty

The shovel was a ground-breaking invention

The rotation of Earth really makes my day

Enough! I can’t take any more!!! <- Six words!

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