Killing Two Birds with One Stone

A bit of a late start.

I don’t want another month to go by where I haven’t had at least one photo for Becky’s Squares. This time around, Becky’s theme is Bright, and my photo is of the bright sky reflected through the ripples in the Lake as Mrs Tufty elegantly swam by.

The photo is square… although the blog theme seems to have other ideas about displaying my photos… hopefully you will too see it in the square format.

I’m also posting this for Six Word Saturday, where no birds have been harmed in the post’s creation. Visit both Becky’s site and Debbie’s (6WS) on their respective links to see more.

I Don’t Half Write Some Twaddle!

I woke early today.

I had an urge to continue a story I’d started on the blog some time ago in the past, only I couldn’t remember anything about the story where I could just continue writing now… I had to find it to get the details so I could pick up the pieces.

I got myself settled and comfortable, and started looking through each of the posts through the archives.

I’ve changed the theme back to an older one I used to use on the blog, and it doesn’t seem to work very well with mobile devices. Well, it doesn’t work well with my mobile device… some of the pictures have been stretched to be almost a mile tall, so my searching then required a lot of scrolling. And clicking the ‘older posts’ option became a bit monotonous, as I have the theme set to only show five posts per page.

I remember writing the post a while ago, so started my search in December 2019. I went through each and every post, backwards, scrolling, trying to see anything that would jump out at me about the post. I knew I knew the post, I just couldn’t remember the details.

Pins and needles developed in my hands. My legs went dead. My eyelids became heavy, and by the time I reached January 2016 the temperature on the battery on the mobile had reached an all time high I thought it was about to explode. Luckily for us both, a red message popped up on screen warning me I only had 15% of battery power remaining.

I had to end the search there; although one key word sprung to mind: ‘morning’.

I searched for morning (after searching all morning!!!), and found my post in March 2020. It was a self contained story which didn’t need adding to: Nova Luna.

And sometime soon, not now, I’m going to expand on that story. After this morning it would be a waste of time not to!

(Posted for Six Word Saturday)

Now, that’s a funny looking Muse

The daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Thalia was the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. She was usually seen with a comic mask, and a trumpet. She also has a link to Ivy.

In an age where masks are everywhere, I decided to focus more on the mask in this digital splodging of colour, and completely obliterated the background. Rather than the painting becoming a comic image, it turned more into a tragedy – even a nightmare! Although it was fun to create. The digital oil paints blend really well, which is lucky for the amount of time I had to paint over things handy when creating an abstract masterpiece.

With the greatest of apologies to Thalia (and I will return to create another masterpiece at a later date – a proper one!) I shall end this post, which is also for Six Word Saturday (this links to Debbie’s site who hosts this challenge), with a really awful joke found on th’internet. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

It’s always the eyes that get you.

Siex Word Sæterdæg: Wist ābūtan tīma!

Six Word Saturday: It’s about time! (I hear you say, although that’s also what I’m trying to say up there in the header using some very old words.)

Siex = Six
Word = Hmmm…. I wonder…
Sæterdæg = Saturday (seems obvious)
Wist = It
Ābūtan = About
Tīma = Tima er time

It’s now ābūtan tīma I lay my head on a comfortable pillow in a darkened room.

Another Year Starts, Last Year Departs

Yes! It’s my birthday today. I’m 24. I’ve been 24 for a while. I haven’t aged since reaching 24. 24 seems to be my magic number. Actually, it isn’t, it’s 4, or maybe 7… and some people say I haven’t aged since reaching either of those years. But hey! Age is just a number, right? If I’m not bothered how old I am, I really think nobody else should be either.

Last year was a bit of a shocker, wasn’t it? Hopefully, this year, things will get better.

One important thing we must take from this is that the years themselves shouldn’t matter… but the days within those years should. Each great day after the next should build up to a fantastic year of memories and experiences. Even if we can’t do anything, go anywhere, see anyone, we can still do things for ourselves within those limitations.

Imagination is key to this… and with imagination absolutely anything is possible. My imagination takes me to places even I couldn’t have dreamed of. So there in itself is proof that out of nothing anything can emerge.

Imagine a year of fabulous anythings. 365 fabulous anythings. 365 ways to Feel Good every single day. Broken down like that, it isn’t such a big task either.

So what if I’m 24 again?! Each new year starts every day anyway, so if we just stop counting and start doing, our time on this planet will be filled with greatness. And imagine that!

Ask your Inner 4-year-old… your Inner 7-year-old… your Inner 24-year-old what would they like to do… and do it! Have fun.

Bring light and laughter into your world, and watch it spread all around. See faces lighten up. Smiles broaden. Even if only through your own mind’s eye, your positivity will alter the Universe permanently.

A brighter today. A better tomorrow – when the new year starts again.

Happy New Year!

(Also posted for Six Word Saturday!)