Beyond the Sphere

The Winds Are Getting Up Again

(Well, they did so this morning!) A windy post for Six Word Saturday

Living on Barbed Wire: For Debbie

Freedom there’s freedom ahead freedom beyond the barbed wire freedom there for all Be a Wire Cutter Barbs and wires in the way Restricting movement Blocking the way forward But look ahead Look beyond Be a wire cutter… Read More

So the Sinster’s Mission has Begun

Indeed it has… here in fact! It almost crossed over into here… This post for Six Word Saturday. Look out for more Halloween Specials. Where the Sinster’s mission continues properly!

I’m Late! Although It’s Still Saturday!

Interesting, these Saturday posts, aren’t they?! They’ll be better soon… I promise! Another post for Six Word Saturday.

I’m now getting over a cold.

Short and sweet, but that’s it! Well, it is Six Word Saturday!