Did Anyone See Thursday’s Partial Eclipse?

At times, I think it would be very useful to be an octopus. But then, if I was an octopus, I probably wouldn’t be able to do the things I wished I could do, whilst thinking it would be useful being an octopus. Sigh. There are pros and cons with everything.

Take Thursday’s partial eclipse, for example.

I usually miss astronomical events, usually due to three reasons. 1) I’m asleep; 2) I’m in the Place of W; or 3) cloud cover. Thursday morning was covered in cloud. Thick, dark, heavy clouds that hung ominously overhead. All around the edges was very bright, but up above not so. I was also in the Place of W which didn’t help matters any.

However, come 11am the clouds miraculously dispersed, meaning it would be possible to get a glimpse of the eclipse after all. I had a few minutes to work out where the Sun was, and then see if I could capture it on camera.

The cloud cover would have been useful, thinking about it, as long as the Sun could be seen peeping through. The last partial eclipse we had, also when I was in the Place of W, occurred on a cloudy day, yet I managed to get some good photos of it through the cloud. That day, however, the skies had a slight feel of Armageddon, which made the whole thing a little more surreal.

Back to Thursday. I looked through the office window, to see if I could see the Sun. At first I couldn’t see it, but used the angle of the shadows on the window frames to work out where the Sun was. Then I leant at an angle that shouldn’t really be achievable by any human (although it would probably be an easy one for a contortionist), as the Sun was hidden behind the overhang of the roof. Being in my impossible pose, I now saw the Sun and then couldn’t see another thing for about two minutes.

Well, I could see a black circle surrounded by red… or was it a red one surrounded by black? I think it alternated as I blinked, as I hastily tried to get to view this eclipse. I wasn’t going to miss this astronomical event. No way.

Fortunately, my blind spot faded, and I could see again. I grabbed a piece of card, and pierced a hole through it with a handy pin. I placed a sheet of paper on the window sill, and then angled the card so that the image of the Sun appeared on the paper. I then reached for my mobile phone, and holding the card in one hand, looking at the paper with one eye, holding the camera with the other hand, and looking at the image in the phone’s screen with the other eye, managed to get a photo of the event. As it happened!

The photo wasn’t the best however.

But, if you tilt your head and squint your eyes at a certain angle, you can just about make out the Moon moving over the Sun at around 1 o’clock. (In case you were wondering, the lines on the photo were printed on the other side of the piece of paper – I didn’t have a plain sheet of A4 to hand!)

At least I saw it… and that’s all that matters!

Posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. The link will take you to her site, where you can see what a real photograph should look like!

So why exactly do you blog?

Me? I do it for connections.
I do it to practice writing.
I like to share my creations.
I use it as an escape.
I like spreading and sharing Light.
I like reading others’ original work.
I feel part of the community.
Its power certainly brightens my day.
It’s part of the creation process.

And there we are. Nine lots of six words in three minutes.

For Six Word Saturday. (And yes, I know it’s almost Sunday, but as I always say in six words: it is better late than never… erm, although, ahem, never sometimes wins!)

Do you blog for other reasons? I’m just being nosy, that’s all!

Just me and the robin, sheltering.

Out walking the other day, it started to rain, so I decided to take shelter under the cover of some trees at the side of the Lake. A second or two later, I was joined by this chap or chappess. The photo makes the robin seem further away than in real life. S(he) graciously posed for a couple of photos, after thoughtfully allowing me the time to retrieve my mobile phone! Birds tend to fly away at the slightest movement, but not this one!

The rains cleared, and all of the other birds started chirping again, which was our cue to move on from our shared moment together.

Until next time, that is!

For Six Word Saturday. Visit Debbie’s site for more Saturday words.

My Reader’s Doing Something Very Odd!

Lately, I’ve been a little inconsistent with my blogging. I try to post something as often as I can, but sometimes the day is over before I’ve had chance to type a single letter! But I try, just as I try to visit at least a couple of blogs I follow each day as well.

This morning, however, I’ve noticed another issue, this time with the WordPress Reader. There’s a filter on there, which allows me to search through the blogs I follow, which I think is useful if I realise I haven’t seen a post from a particular blogger for a while. Well, I think that’s how the filter should work. Not all the blogs I follow appear in the filter, which isn’t very useful. Also some of the blogs within the filter have numbers beside them, for which I have no idea why. I’ll have to consult the WordPress App user guide, if such a thing exists, to find out the reason for this. If I’m just expected to know, well, I don’t, and that’s all I can say on that!

Another issue confused me this morning. I found a post in the reader. Read the post. Liked the post. Commented on the post. I then returned to the reader, where the post didn’t show my like. So, I clicked Like again, thinking perhaps maybe I hadn’t clicked it originally, and the post vanished from the reader completely.

There’s an option to view my Likes within the app, and the post, luckily, was there, so I have liked it, but it has vanished without a trace from my main reader.

This has me a little worried in case other posts are vanishing from my reader, especially if the post is from one of the blogs that doesn’t appear in my filter.

So, for now, it seems, I may be missing posts.

My Inner Detective is on the case, looking into things, but if I miss a post due to this reason I will apologise profusely now. I’ll also apologise for the posts I miss on the days I don’t manage to get into Blogland, although, subject to the point above, I will try my best to catch up.

An odd Six Word Saturday post.