Coming up on Beyond the Sphere!

I’m going to be rather creative over the next few weeks.

Well, that’s the ambitious plan, anyway! I’m going to be continuing my series set in the far reaches of space (Space – There’s a lot of it!), where I’ll be first creating the images based on the characters and then working that image into the storyline. I’ve done a few images already, I just need to get writing there as well!

I’ve also started another series featuring Reverence, the first part was posted earlier today in actual fact! This is set in the late Fifth Century, and I’ll be ‘borrowing’ a few characters from legends of history for cameo roles. The characters themselves may not have been from that time period, but in this story they were all around at that time. I’m also using this story to practice writing in accents, which is a little challenging but fun none the less. Hopefully, the meaning of the sentence comes through, even if the words themselves make no sense whatsoever. We shall see.

I have another series of The Superhero Diaries in the works, although I won’t be posting that on this blog. I’ll be using one of my other blogs so the story is still ‘out there’ even if nobody visits the site. I got the impression it wasn’t well-liked here on this blog, but the characters demand I write their story so it has to be published somewhere!

I’ll be continuing with my landscape creations, and rhymes based upon them. Here I’ll be popping into realms within my imagination to see where those journeys take me.

The Mansion is calling! It needs further exploration, so there will be the odd post or two about the Rooms within Rooms and other places I come across. And there have also been a few more visitors knocking at the door, all caught on that nifty security door camera. I shall get those written up shortly as well.

I’m planning on writing a follow-up story to my Legendary Circles storyline from a few years ago. I’m not sure yet whether all of the characters will be in this new version, or if it will feature a whole new batch. Time will tell.

I’m also planning on writing a gothic themed comedy series, based on some of the characters from Mystic Springs (we visit there from time to time on the blog, but it has been a while!)

I also want to write a series of short one-hundred-word stories, that actually have a beginning a middle and an end. I never managed to get all three in my previous attempts, so I wonder if I’ll manage it now.

Becky’s Squares challenge is back next month, and I want to take part in that again. I know I won’t be able to post every day, but I’ll give it a ‘top shot’! (‘Top’ is Becky’s theme this time, by the way!)

And interspersed within all that, I want to post my random rambling posts, start my Letters to the Universe again, hopefully provide a bit of Feel Good fun, and just make the most of this creative time I’ve – or rather we’ve found ourselves in!

And, I want to create more content for Splodge and Splatter as well. And comment more. And reply to comments earlier.

Not much really.

Will I succeed? Time will tell! <- Finally! Six words!!!

I’m not making a big song and dance over the fact I’ve published 3000 posts here on Beyond the Sphere

They are! And you can’t see their groovy moves because of those long flowing frocks they’re wearing.

But what could they be singing? Well…



Or perhaps…

Or maybe something else! Although it has to be something that makes you Feel Good. It wouldn’t fit with the blog otherwise (and the previous 3000 posts or so that I’m not making a big song or dance over!)

Post 3001

Not that I’m making a big song and dance about the fact that I reached the milestone of 3000 posts here on this blog yesterday, no, I’m not doing that at all. Although I was a little disappointed that WordPress didn’t celebrate the fact with me.

It did with my 100th post over on Splodge and Splatter; I received this little notification:

See? 100 posts on Splodge and Splatter
But nothing in the slightest was mentioned about my 3000th post here.

So, I’ve taken matters into my own hands, and very quickly created my own celebratory button instead. I’ve already posted it in the sidebar, which is visible to the right if viewing on a computer screen, or down below if using a mobile device. If you’re viewing using any other kind of device, I have no idea where it is, but if you can see this blog you can’t really miss the button.

Not that the button does anything remarkable in fact. The sidebar / bottombar / whereverbar button merely links to the 3000th post. The image of the button above does even less… it’s just an image.

I’ve done a little detective work, and maybe WordPress is using the figures from the app rather than the website.

The website shows:


I have no idea what that draft is… I shall have to check it out sometime. However, I digress.

The app shows:

Which means I have another eight posts to go on the app to get to 3000 posts. It’s a good job I’m using the website figures. And it’s a good job I’m not making a big song and dance over the fact that I’ve published 3000 posts here on Beyond the Sphere.

Post 3000

Not wanting to make a big song and dance about it, but this post is officially the 3,000th post to appear here on Beyond the Sphere. In yesterday’s post, First Flight of the Phoenix, I briefly mentioned coming with me as we enter and explore a mystical realm, a strange sphere of the imagination… and then go beyond!

Indirectly I was referring to this post, and the immediate future as we go further forward into the fantastic and wondrous world of this tiny WordPress blog in the corner of a dusty Mansion where very often the weird and wonderful happens.

On May 13th 2010 this blog was born. It had a different name back then, but it was still this blog. This link – > CLICK HERE < – will take you to a new page and back through the depths of time to that very first blog post, where I ummed and ahhed for possibly three hours before clicking the submit button. The blog itself, post-wise, has changed a little bit over the years, but it is still as random as ever. I still try to post something a little different, and a little different to what I posted the previous days (which is really something when I post after not posting anything – a kind of double whammy there!). Sometimes it works.

I must say I have had an absolute blast over the last 3000 posts. My imagination, as always, ran away with me. The connections I’ve made through those blog posts have been incredible. I’ve met people from all over the world through this medium, on screen if not in person. Each and everyone have been special, and have helped immeasurably to reach this little milestone. If you are reading this, that includes you, so please pat yourself on your back, and raise a glass of virtual champagne with me, as I say here’s to the next 3000!

Refreshments are available in the Reception Room just off the Foyer in the Mansion (I miss writing about the Mansion, so we may be seeing a few more exploratory posts sometime in the near future!). There’s a large spread, of virtually whatever you want. Help yourself!

Thank you all for reading my wafflings, moanings, attempts at poetrying, scribbling, photographying, singing, and bad hair days. Thank you for reading about my mindful of characters who take me with them on their own random journeys.  Thank you for not being offended by my less than perfect posts (on the odd occasion that they appear! ahem). And thank you for proving that there really are some wonderful people who share this gorgeous planet with me.

And if one milestone celebration isn’t enough, take a look at my other blog Splodge and Splatter (there’s a link to it over there somewhere on the right!). You’d have thought I’d meticulously planned two milestones to happen on the same day.

They’re like buses around here, milestones!

I’m ending the waffling on this post here. Please come with me as we journey into the future. Ding Ding! Find your seat and settle down. We’re off into the great Beyond!

Questioning Reality: Is 10 a Random Number?

Questioning Reality is an occasional series and is a complete work of fiction.

The views contained herein are nothing whatsoever to do with the author, and instead are based on the views of the character ‘Thom’. Thom is a seventeen-year-old spotty oik with a grudge against the world. Although, she may be a ninety-year-old grandmother who can pick up a stitch quicker than she drops one. Or perhaps he’s a 25 year old law graduate who likes listening to Pam Ayres.

Names, where necessary, have been changed, but also where necessary, they haven’t.

The oceans, the seas, the lakes, the rivers, and now the puddles are full. But just what constitutes full? The seas are full yet there is still enough room for fish and plastic. Puddles are full, yet they still have space for an Autumnal leaf to fall into, or a shoe with a hole or an irate driver to unexpectedly find, ruining new trousers. The rains still fall, and you can’t tell me that just because the oceans etcetera are already full of water the rains don’t fall there. So how full is full?

Space, on the other hand, is vastly empty. Although, that isn’t exactly true as it’s full of dark matter that we can’t see, feel, hear, taste or smell. This dark matter has recently been discovered by scientists, and may or may not be the same ‘stuff’ that exists or doesn’t exist inside Black Holes. Black Holes themselves have been known about for millennia but have only recently been photographed… and then it wasn’t the hole that was photographed, just the light around it. When you see the photo, you have to imagine that what looks like the hole in the middle isn’t there, even though it really is.

There’s a black hole in my washing machine. When its full of water and doing its thing, the black hole is shut off from the world, but when the cycle is done, and the water is drained away, the odd sock or two mysteriously vanishes along with it. Now I know that the water ends up flowing into the oceans, but we never hear about the oceans being full of odd socks, do we? So where do they go?

When you stop and think, even the most everyday of everyday objects can throw up a mystery, and it is those mysteries that make reality so interesting.

Look out for the next part of Questioning Reality. Coming soon.

Extra: The Warping of Time and Space – a behind the scenes disaster recovery analysis

This wasn’t my intended post for today, but as the intended post wasn’t ready, and this one was, this became the post for today. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, but that’s how it happened! Perhaps another question… answered. Well, actually no.

I had this post in my Live Writer, where I write the majority of my posts before sending them up to the internet to appear on my blog. Only this time, I’d written (over-written!) this post on the same page I had written the previous post, and, without saving it as a new draft in Live Writer, I published it instead… and much hilarity followed!

This post over-wrote the previous post on the blog, so the comments then wouldn’t have made sense. To make matters worse, the draft of the original ‘Introduction’ post hadn’t been saved, and when I tried to recover it in Live Writer this post appeared.

I had to search through time and space, and using Google’s cached-page search engine at I was able to retrieve the original post, and copy and paste the text back onto the original post. That issue sorted, I then had to get this post published… and horror of horrors! this text had then been overwritten by the ‘Introduction’ post. Sigh. Luckily for me, I’d opened the blog on my mobile phone’s browser whilst looking into the debacle above, so this post’s text was there, and all I had to do then was copy and paste that text into an email, and email it to myself from my mobile phone, and then copy it into the Live Writer for this post. Simple!

Is 10 a Random Number? Don’t ask me… I just write here!