Questioning Reality: Is 10 a Random Number?

Questioning Reality is an occasional series and is a complete work of fiction.

The views contained herein are nothing whatsoever to do with the author, and instead are based on the views of the character ‘Thom’. Thom is a seventeen-year-old spotty oik with a grudge against the world. Although, she may be a ninety-year-old grandmother who can pick up a stitch quicker than she drops one. Or perhaps he’s a 25 year old law graduate who likes listening to Pam Ayres.

Names, where necessary, have been changed, but also where necessary, they haven’t.

The oceans, the seas, the lakes, the rivers, and now the puddles are full. But just what constitutes full? The seas are full yet there is still enough room for fish and plastic. Puddles are full, yet they still have space for an Autumnal leaf to fall into, or a shoe with a hole or an irate driver to unexpectedly find, ruining new trousers. The rains still fall, and you can’t tell me that just because the oceans etcetera are already full of water the rains don’t fall there. So how full is full?

Space, on the other hand, is vastly empty. Although, that isn’t exactly true as it’s full of dark matter that we can’t see, feel, hear, taste or smell. This dark matter has recently been discovered by scientists, and may or may not be the same ‘stuff’ that exists or doesn’t exist inside Black Holes. Black Holes themselves have been known about for millennia but have only recently been photographed… and then it wasn’t the hole that was photographed, just the light around it. When you see the photo, you have to imagine that what looks like the hole in the middle isn’t there, even though it really is.

There’s a black hole in my washing machine. When its full of water and doing its thing, the black hole is shut off from the world, but when the cycle is done, and the water is drained away, the odd sock or two mysteriously vanishes along with it. Now I know that the water ends up flowing into the oceans, but we never hear about the oceans being full of odd socks, do we? So where do they go?

When you stop and think, even the most everyday of everyday objects can throw up a mystery, and it is those mysteries that make reality so interesting.

Look out for the next part of Questioning Reality. Coming soon.

Extra: The Warping of Time and Space – a behind the scenes disaster recovery analysis

This wasn’t my intended post for today, but as the intended post wasn’t ready, and this one was, this became the post for today. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, but that’s how it happened! Perhaps another question… answered. Well, actually no.

I had this post in my Live Writer, where I write the majority of my posts before sending them up to the internet to appear on my blog. Only this time, I’d written (over-written!) this post on the same page I had written the previous post, and, without saving it as a new draft in Live Writer, I published it instead… and much hilarity followed!

This post over-wrote the previous post on the blog, so the comments then wouldn’t have made sense. To make matters worse, the draft of the original ‘Introduction’ post hadn’t been saved, and when I tried to recover it in Live Writer this post appeared.

I had to search through time and space, and using Google’s cached-page search engine at I was able to retrieve the original post, and copy and paste the text back onto the original post. That issue sorted, I then had to get this post published… and horror of horrors! this text had then been overwritten by the ‘Introduction’ post. Sigh. Luckily for me, I’d opened the blog on my mobile phone’s browser whilst looking into the debacle above, so this post’s text was there, and all I had to do then was copy and paste that text into an email, and email it to myself from my mobile phone, and then copy it into the Live Writer for this post. Simple!

Is 10 a Random Number? Don’t ask me… I just write here!

2019: Looking Back

2019 had the third lowest number of posts published on Beyond the Sphere since the blog began back in 2010. I only managed to publish 222 posts, which, considering I spent considerable time ‘away’ from the blog last year, isn’t too bad an achievement. On the flip side, the year had the fourth highest number of likes, averaging at 13.4 likes per post, which I’m eternally grateful for. I would, however be just as grateful for one like for the whole year, so to get 2,968 means I’m thrilled to bits.

I posted a total of 47,950 words last year – the lowest number since the blog began, even beaten by the first year, 2010, which only began in May. But hey! I did post a lot of short posts… and a few pictures which balances things out a little. That’s my excuse, anyway!

My top category for posts was Feel GOOD!, which it would be as I use this category for every post I write. That’s really the whole point of blogging, for me, so regardless of the content of the post, that is my main intention. That hasn’t changed since 2010. My top tag was Feeling Good, which is quite a new tag brought in for the ‘featured image’ item on a previous theme I used, but like the Feel GOOD! option I now use it for every post. It’s always good to have little reminders of these things, I feel!

I’ve managed to Feel GOOD! throughout all of 2019, even through the latter months of the year where things that would be considered a deviation from the norm occurred. A positive attitude helps with any situation, and I feel this helped me through as well.

It’s now 2020. As of yet, I don’t know if I’ll be posting daily, weekly or as often as I can, although I feel it will be the latter – which is probably the better option anyway for me. I’m planning on writing away from the blog, which may or may not appear on the blog during the year, we shall see. I’m also planning on getting more creative artistically, and I’ll probably share these creations either here or on my other blog Splodge and Splatter – but there’s a whole New Year ahead to see where these turn up.

So, I will say Happy New Year once again. Happy January. Happy New Decade. Happy Times.

Guess What…?!

I’m taking another blogging break.

I know I haven’t really returned from the last one fully yet, but there is a different reason for this break. I have only gone and developed Bell’s palsy, and the whole right side of my face is paralysed.

I have a gorgeous smile on the left side of my mouth, and nothing on the other. I can now blink with only one eye. Flare one nostril. Pick up different sounds with my right ear. And I have a gorgeously smooth forehead – on the right side.

I can’t close my right eye, so I have to sleep with an eye mask on, and use eye drops to stop my eye drying out. I’m taking steroid medication for the muscle loss.

I have to get as much rest as I can, although I am still working and concentrating on computer screens, so I have to try to get a balance between being on screen and off, which is why I’m taking time away from my own computer.

Hopefully, this won’t be for too long, but we shall see. I can’t in all honesty stay away from Blogland for that long, so I’ll undoubtedly be popping in and out as I love reading your posts, even if I do so only as a lurker. I’ll probably be liking more and commenting less, but again we shall see there as well.

It’s only my face that’s affected, and the rest of me feels fine, and I’m handling what has happened OK. I can even see the comical side of it… especially when I laugh. When I laugh, it sets others laughing, which makes me laugh more, so they laugh more – and so on. In the end, I have to say “Don’t make me laugh… you won’t like me when I laugh.” And we laugh.

It’s a reminder really… anything can happen at any time, which makes it all the more important to enjoy the moments before that ‘anything’ happens. And really, more than ever, to keep Feeling Good.

I was going to switch the comments off for this post, but I’ve decided to leave them on. If you do leave a comment, I will try to reply as soon as I can… and this goes for all of the other comments on the other posts you’ve left recently that I’ve failed to reply to.

I shall apologise for this delay, and advise that normal service will be resumed in due course.

Keep smiling! Open-mouthed smile

Beginning Year Ten

Just noticed this achievement in my dashboard. Nine years ago today I registered with WordPress and launched myself into the scary world of Blogging. I keep saying this – but I love it!

Tomorrow, I begin Year Ten. Today, I celebrate completing Nine Years. I must have been very young when I started!

Why Am I Doing It?

Why bother?

What’s the point in doing all this blogging?

What purpose does it serve?

For a couple of visits a day, why spend hours creating a different blog post every day? Is it worth it?

Those are the questions, amongst others, that went through my head when I read a recent comment over on Splodge and Splatter, one of my other blogs. I’m sure the question wasn’t intended in the way that I first took it, but it certainly made me think of these questions.

Several years ago, another blogger (who I no longer follow but is still active in the Blogosphere) asked me if I would consider posting less frequently. The blogger in question rarely visited my blog beforehand, so my posting frequency shouldn’t really have concerned her. I gave her my reasons as to why I post as often as I do, and she never responded. Apart from seeing her face dotted around Blogland every now and then I haven’t heard from her since. This was the first time I asked myself the question, Why Bother?

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy writing and being creative. That’s why.

I may not be the world’s best writer / artist / photographer, but I don’t see that as a reason to stop. I keep on keeping on, because with each post / picture / painting there’s just a chance I may get better.

There’s a chance that I may provide a spark of inspiration to somebody else who feels they aren’t good enough.

I may just give someone a smile when they really need one.

I may, however inadvertently, provide an answer to someone else’s stumbling block with something they are working on.

I like the connections I get through blogging. Connecting with people all over the world, who I would never have the chance to otherwise ‘meet’. I always say ‘as and when’ when it comes to visiting my blog, because I am aware of my limitations, and I’m also aware that there are millions of other (most likely better) blogs out there and there simply isn’t enough time to visit everyone.

I don’t have time to visit all of the blogs I follow either, but it isn’t personal. None of it is. It’s just the way it is.

I apologise if you’ve stumbled across one of my rubbish posts, or a boring post, or a rushed post, or a silly post, or a post you weren’t expecting. The post was where my creativity was at at that time. Not one of us can be perfect every time.

I’m grateful if you’ve enjoyed a good post (or a bad one!). The comments and likes I receive are received with gratitude, and help me to Feel Good, which is my motto and has been since the very first day of this blog.

My intention, regardless of my post, is to try and share that Feel Good factor. In blogging, I believe we should all try to share a little light around the world, whether through stories, jokes, photos, pictures, music or any other part of the creative spectrum.

It’s too easy to get bogged down with all the darkness and negativity that is constantly being bombarded upon the world. Balance that with the light, and the world isn’t half as bad as we are made to believe it is.

Why bother?

That’s why.

Blogging is far more than just posting, but the posts help.