Beyond the Sphere

So, is the hassle worth it?

The new Block Editor is what I’m referring to. I suppose once you’ve used it a couple of hundred times, it’s OK. But me, who only uses it to add a featured image it can be somewhat of… Read More

WordPress Issues

For some reason, I can’t log into my blog on the computer. The menu is missing from the top so I can’t get onto the dashboard. The mobile app seems to be OK, and the dashboard is available… Read More

The Joy of Colour!

I’ve been creating again… above is a collection of my latest watercolour pen and Pébéo paints abstracts. These, however will be on my other blog, Splodge and Splatter. I’m just spreading the joy of colour around a little… Read More

For Nia

Sometimes it’s just good to be creative! Most times, actually!!! Tomorrow is Nia’s Blog Birthday Bash, so I created a little picture for her featuring three cats to help her celebrate! It took a while… and it was… Read More

The Beach

Elaine and I are at the beach today. Would anyone like to join us? All that fresh air and waves gently cascading upon the sandy shore, beneath crystal clear blue skies… most relaxing for a Sunday!

Eleven Up!

Another Day Another Year! Just reached another milestone… my eleventh year of blogging has just begun. It’s quite amazing how I’ve been bumbling through for so long now… and I’m still at it! I’ve been ‘a future writer… Read More

Coming up on Beyond the Sphere!

I’m going to be rather creative over the next few weeks. Well, that’s the ambitious plan, anyway! I’m going to be continuing my series set in the far reaches of space (Space – There’s a lot of it!),… Read More

I’m not making a big song and dance over the fact I’ve published 3000 posts here on Beyond the Sphere

They are! And you can’t see their groovy moves because of those long flowing frocks they’re wearing. But what could they be singing? Well… Or… Or… Or perhaps… Or maybe something else! Although it has to be something… Read More

Post 3001

Not that I’m making a big song and dance about the fact that I reached the milestone of 3000 posts here on this blog yesterday, no, I’m not doing that at all. Although I was a little disappointed… Read More

Post 3000

Not wanting to make a big song and dance about it, but this post is officially the 3,000th post to appear here on Beyond the Sphere. In yesterday’s post, First Flight of the Phoenix, I briefly mentioned coming… Read More

Questioning Reality: Is 10 a Random Number?

Questioning Reality is an occasional series and is a complete work of fiction. The views contained herein are nothing whatsoever to do with the author, and instead are based on the views of the character ‘Thom’. Thom is… Read More

2019: Looking Back

2019 had the third lowest number of posts published on Beyond the Sphere since the blog began back in 2010. I only managed to publish 222 posts, which, considering I spent considerable time ‘away’ from the blog last… Read More