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Letters to the Universe… The Edition Where They Begin Again!

Dear Blogland,
Yes, it’s true! My weekly Letters to the Universe series returns. They’re BACK! Yay! It’s a series where I write letters to anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere, and USUALLY they are focussed on all things positive. Even the little annoyances are there to help us, if we looked at them in that ‘right’ ‘special’ way. Sometimes, the help is a little hidden, but delve deep enough and that ta-dah! moment will emerge.
May I say it is good to be back writing these letters? No?! Well, I just have!!!

Dear Hallowe’en,
I’m sad that you are almost upon us, but I hope I’ve given you a nice build up. I love all things related to Hallowe’en: the spooks, the colours, the cobwebs… even the monsters can be forgiven for being monstery around Hallowe’en. The fun monsters that is, the imaginary, legends of folklore monsters who love nothing better to make us feel fearful with a big smile. The real-life monsters do not even deserve a mention, but I’ve mentioned them here so as not to confuse the two. So, Hallowe’en… bring on your spooky best for next week!

Dear Bloggers,
Yet again I feel I must apologise for my lack of visits. I’m going to stop saying I will get to you when I can, as it seems like a ‘monstrous’ task (see what I did there?) trying to fit everything in into the small window of time I have available. Instead, a better phrase from me for moving forward: I shall see you when I see you. I may miss posts (and when I do, I do miss them by the way), but there are so many wondrous yous and only one flustered me. I will get to visit you, I always do, just get your flags ready to fly them on my next visit! I also have replying to your comments issues as well at present, so hopefully with a little less fluster that should improve. I’ll get there, however… just watch me!

Dear Cooler Weather,
Nice to see you once again. I much prefer things cooler, but I do enjoy gorgeous sunshine as well. Maybe this year the two of you could get together for a nice, crisp Autumn/Winter time. As always, though, it is up to you… we’ll have whatever you throw at us!

Dear Mystic Springs,
I hope you are almost ready for Hallowe’en… Sorry I wasn’t able to shape you into the series of posts to replace these letters posts, but the Hallowe’en specials should be just as fun. Starting at 7pm UK time, and posting on the hour every hour until almost midnight, I hope you add a little zany magic to Hallowe’en this year. Or fun. Fun will do just as much!

Dear Superheroes,
Thank you for filling in the gap between the last series of Letters posts and this new series. It was good finding out about your exploits once again – although you were all missing for virtually all of this run. Hopefully next year, you’ll be back (and with far better snippets of information to share!)

Dear The Word Adscititious,
Thank you for being the first word in this new, regular, supplemental part of these letters posts where I write to an odd word. I quite liked these ‘Dear The Word’ letters in the first series of posts, so have decided to make it a regular feature now. Less additional, or supplemental, and more just another letter, I know, but I had to link you in somehow!

Dear The World,
Are you any nearer to sorting yourself out yet? I’ve given up watching the news about you as the reports are always filled with the same stuff, and instead of being an observer, I felt like I was being manipulated into thinking one way about you, when I really don’t. You’re a great place, and I would really like to see you on the right track once again. Not that you are that far off it, I hasten to add, but we would be led to believe otherwise.

Dear Artistic Side,
I can see you, hiding there. What’s the point in hiding in plain sight? Just start with your mojo once again and get creating artistically. Just do it! (For want of a better phrase!)

And Finally, Dear Letters To The Universe,
It is so good that you are back. I am now already looking for inspiration for next week’s post, and this one, as yet, isn’t even finished… although it soon will be.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Always one to stick with tradition, here’s a picture to finish the post:

It’s just a quick picture I threw together of a bunch of pumpkins, what with it being Hallowe’en and all soon. I may or may not have posted it before, but it seems fitting to end this second first post with a picture totally unrelated to firsts or seconds, but completely related to the prevailing topic of the month. Ah. I waffle. Have a great weekend… and if I don’t see you before, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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Lost Post

Today’s posted post
Is a post at a cost
As today’s intended post
Was a post that I lost
So today’s posted post
Has its wires crossed
As I try to make the most
Of the memory I’d forgot

Today’s posted post
Resembles does it not
A feather-brained host
Who in his journal didn’t jot
The idea for the post
That came all bright and hot
From a dream that he can boast
Although remembers not a lot

The story of the post
The old one that I sought
Now looks like a ghost
And not as clear as I thought
The new post that I host
Is terrible and fraught
With discombobulated prose
And odd length lines that support

So today’s posted post
Is a post but not the post
That should have been the post
For today’s posted post
Most of the post
Isn’t even in this post
As the post that was the post
Is, like the plot, well and truly loast

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Fake News

Reports are coming in of a breaking news story that is fake. Numerous un-named sources from various high-ranking departments / companies / sectors and other non-descript bodies have all concurred to these current events. Concurrently, on the other side of the world, there are other unsubstantiated and extremely patchy bulletins being released that may or may not have links to the breaking news story here.

Tony (not his real name), a passer-by in the street, was asked for his opinion on this very relevant and concerning news story. He was in a hurry and could only mutter “I don’t have time for this nonsense”, as he walked on by, face distorted with a mixture of confusion and worry.

Dark clouds are gathering overhead as if in ominous agreement with the dark undertones that are being emitted with this as-it-is-happening event, details of which are still sketchy, and we are hoping for further details as and when they filter through. Proof that the story is breaking has been confirmed by two or three scientists working in the Southern Hemisphere. So, confirmation has been obtained in this major news-worthy event. Sorry, that should be UN-confirmed.

Analysts say they are concerned by this development, and are watching matters closely, although they are also saying that we should err on the side of caution until we are absolutely sure that this news story is breaking.

Further news will follow as and when it happens.

The authenticity of this story is currently unclear. Believe it or not.

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Things. Just things.

Or Trying to Make Sense of it all.

At Least Some of It.

Things I’ve observed

Two little sparrows hopping and flying and playing with each other over lawns and fences and rooftops. I’m sure they had cheery smiles on their beaks!

Two magpies walking on another lawn, one with its black feathers rather unkempt. They reminded me of the rhyme ‘One for sorrow, two for joy’. JOY! I then looked up and spotted a topiary heart that someone had decorated their front door with.

The traffic in the other lane almost always seemed to move faster, but not lately. Most odd. Most welcome! I’m now in the faster lane.

Two cats lying perfectly content at opposite ends on a very thin fence, facing each other. Both look very comfortable… but how?

Just noticed these are all in twos… two cats, two lanes, two magpies and two sparrows. And it’s the 2nd of May. Coincidence? I don’t think so – only one heart.

Things I’ve noticed

Australia is back! The WordPress app on the mobile phone appears to have updated its flags of the world, and Australia has finally reappeared. The flag had been replaced by a strange world-like symbol, and it was the only country for this to happen to. I first mentioned this in a post at the beginning of the year. SORTED!

Speaking of WordPress, the Gravatar images on my PC have been doing something funky over the past few days, but they seem to have been fixed now as well. WONDERFUL! Everyone is back to normal.

It must have gone bloomin’ cold in the night, for my car didn’t like it this morning. It was OK after a while though, but for about fifteen minutes I was driving as though I had square wheels! WARMED UP!

Apple and blackcurrant go really well together. Just saying!

Things I’ve dreamt

One of my recurring dreams recurred last night. I was at a beach resort (normally Blackpool but this time I was in Spain), it was night-time, and I walked out of the complex I was staying in onto the beach front. It was snowing, and the snow was being blown inland from the sea. The complex were broadcasting a message onto the snow in an array of colours, but I couldn’t make it out. I could see that a message was trying to come through, but it wasn’t clear enough. Louis Walsh from ITV’s X-Factor was also there for some reason, commenting on how remarkable it was. Most strange.

I walked back to the complex, but couldn’t get into my room. I’d gone to a different level (all levels were identical, only the staff were different, and the names of the sections of the levels although I didn’t know this at the time) It took me a while to get back to the correct room.

On my way back to the room, I thought I’d quickly run to a shop to pick up something to eat, but got there and realised I had no money. I went back to the complex, and cut through a living room, as you do in dreams, and sitting there were two presenters of UK TV’s lunchtime chat show ‘Loose Women’. One of them very sternly told me to stick to the protocol. That message was very clear.

Protocol? What protocol???

Things I’ve got to do

Need to make a dental appointment and begin a health kick. At least I’m still human and not something that has been programmed, if I can say that!

Still trying to get around to the blogs I follow… I’m doing far better than I was, but I must improve. If I was a machine, I’d probably be better at this, but I’m not!

In the same breath, I’m still trying to find enough time to even reply to the many comments left here. I WILL DO IT. I will! I’ll just have to set myself a protocol, it seems.

Things I’ve thought

I did say a while back, I was going to write a few silly posts. I’m still waiting for that to start.

I want to paint on stretched canvas. I need to find the time to paint on stretched canvas.

I want to get creative with air-drying clay. I refer myself to the previous paint – er – point.

I may have started with the silly posts.

Ah well. I may never make head nor tale of it. Just like life, I suppose. Just go with the flow and enjoy every moment… and every surprise along the way.