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I Thought That Today Was Sunday

But not when I thought it, that is.

When I thought it, on Friday, I thought that tomorrow, Saturday, was Sunday. But today is now Saturday, and I know that it is Saturday now, but yesterday, Friday, I thought that today (tomorrow as was) was Sunday. I’m aware now that tomorrow, Sunday, is Sunday, and on Friday, apart from thinking that Saturday was Sunday, I never gave Sunday a thought. Apart from when I wrote this, as I had to think that I was in Saturday, when in fact I was still in Friday, but for continuity’s sake I had to act as though I was writing this post on Saturday, which is when it was written for, for Six Word Saturday in fact.

And thinking about it, the fact that I was writing a Six Word Saturday post on Friday for Saturday, I should really have known that tomorrow (today / whenever!) was in fact Saturday and not Sunday, as I originally thought.

I’m having a great weekend!

I hope that you are too!

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The Weeks, They Are A Changin’!

When I was younger, so much more younger than I am today, I used to love the TV schedules. I’d know instantly what day it was by what was on the TV at that time. In the evenings, of course, because the rest of the day was spent either at school or doing whatever homework was issued. I remember Charlie’s Angels being on on a Monday, The Bionic Woman on Tuesdays, I don’t think anything was on on Wednesdays, but it must’ve been. Probably a documentary or something, which I wasn’t interested in back then. The Six Million Dollar Man was on Thursdays and Mind Your Language and Space:1999 on Fridays. And then it was the weekend.

Obviously, that schedule I mentioned up there is how I remember it now. Some of those shows may have been years apart from each other, but in my mind’s eye that is how the schedules ran.

I’m making a few changes as to how this blog works. Yes, I’m always making changes, I know, but I’m making some more now. Well, I have to, now that I’ve incorporated Friday into the weekend.

I’m having (drum roll, please!) a schedule! (Not entirely a surprise, I suppose, all things considered!)

This schedule begins on Monday. So, as they say on TV, ‘Coming Up, on Beyond the Sphere’…

Monday – Short Poetry. Quick glances of life, written in a quirky and totally confusing way.

Tuesday – Creative Paradise. Yes, I’m getting creative once again. Watercolours may be involved. ATCs. Digital art. And possibly some clay modelling. I nearly fainted typing that, but there – it’s done now. Whether I get around to it is another thing. We shall see.

Wednesday – Anything Goes! Wednesday is the day that replaces what the rest of the blog has done since the very beginning. Anything and everything will appear on Wednesday… which may also include nothing, but hopefully not. Having a schedule should reduce the nothings!

Thursday – The Superhero Diaries. Yes, our old friends in the Elite Force of Britain, and their friends and enemies, return for their biggest and most action packed series to date! We need some action and adventure in the week, and this is an excellent way to launch into the weekend!

Friday – The Letters To The Universe. Yes, the Letters have been extended! Originally they were the launch for the weekend, now they are well and truly part of it!

Saturday – Six Word Saturday. Yes, this feature continues. Saturdays wouldn’t be the same without it.

Sunday – One Word Sunday. A photo challenge based on a word for the day. Also on Sunday, an extra post may appear for the Sunday Whirl, a weekly Wordle challenge where a piece is written including twelve pre-determined words. This feature will run on Monday if not Sunday.

As usual around these here parts (and very much like the Mansion!) nothing is set in stone. This is a very fluid blog, as I am a very fluid person. Things may run into each other, special challenges may crop up hither and thither, I may need to share an urgent photo on a Tuesday. As and when is what I always say, only now it’s as and when with an added schedule. There may be extra posts. There may be cliffhangers. And I’m even toying with the idea of introducing Guest Posts!

See? Things are a changin’.

I’m looking forward to them.

Have a fabulous Saturday and rest of the weekend! And don’t have nightmares…


A scheduled Six Word Saturday post.

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Away in Cluddunt

Well, after a verrrry long journey, I’m finally here. Well, I finally arrived here late this morning, the journey could only be described as epic. So epic, in fact, I thought the first part was going to end with a cliffhanger and part two of the journey would resume next week. But I made it. Finally. And almost all in one piece.

Cluddunt, for those of you who may be unaware, is an island of unusual scientific interest situated just a little north of Nordaustlandet and on the way to the actual North Pole. Now you may be thinking wasn’t Tom complaining about all of the snow the other week; what’s he doing up in the North Pole, where there’s tonnes of it? Here’s the thing. This island is like a tropical paradise. Palm trees. Luxurious golden beaches. Lapping waves (the sea’s a bit nippy, but you can’t have everything!) and the most delightful breeze you can imagine. The staff at the hotel here call it the aroma of the buttercup orchard, or in their language, cludduntsnyff.

The climate of the island is caused by a similar kind of phenomenon that creates the eye of a storm, only here its the Sun’s electromagnetic variance coupled with polarised and neutralised ionic particles, other ionic radiation and the slipstream of the gulfstream. They give out brochures on it in the hotel, just in case anyone who arrives here is actually from the scientific community wanting to study the place… with these brochures, they have all the answers they need and can spend their time walking the many miles of golden beaches. Needless to say, visitor numbers are strangely low, as many people regard the island as a scientific outpost rather than an out of area paradise island.

The brochure also mentions the cludduntslachtlachts; their ‘sleep lights’ or the Aurora Borealis which become extremely active at 11pm. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights in the UK, but knowing my astronomical luck, I probably won’t get to see them here either. In fact, knowing my luck, it will probably start to rain once I doze off on the deck chair on the beach, with the waves gently lapping away a little in the distance.

The Sun doesn’t really go down here, except for possibly an hour or two later on. It seems to be a warm twilight, if you will, from noon, with the mornings being a warm dawn. It’s just warm. Luxuriously so.

Cludduntsarocka, the volcano at the very centre of the island, has been inactive for – well, forever, it seems, as records have never really began here so nobody knows when it last erupted. There is, every now and then, a slight rumble and puff of smoke but things settle down. A team of seismologists left to explore the volcano this morning, just before one of the ‘cludduntsarockawobbles’, or tremors, but they haven’t been seen since.

My portable purple portly printer exploded at customs – it’s the printer I carry (or used to!) for whenever I want to print out one of the photos I’ve taken on my mobile phone. I’ll not be doing that for a while now. I walked through the body scanner at the rowingboatport (hence the epic journey!) having completely forgotten that I had the printer in my bag, and since it had been charged by the ionic radiation, the x-rays and infrared doodahs interacted and interfered with the electronics and my bag went up in a thousand sparks. The printer, bag, and cheese and onion butties all gone. The customs guard looked at me, and then pointed to a poster just above my head. It contained a photo of a purple portly printer within a red circle with a line through it. He also advised me that they are so used to this happening it doesn’t faze them anymore, but a part of me couldn’t help but wish that they’d mentioned it to me before I’d gone through the scanner. I was looking forward to my cheese and onion butty.

But that was then. I’m now here, on my Sun lounger. Stretched out. I’m now eight feet and seven and a half inches tall – that’s another effect of the island, this time the gravitational pull in relation to the North Pole makes everything more relaxed. Looking at the hotel staff, you can see just how relaxed the place is.

Well, time for me to have a slurp of my Cludduntsringo, or orange juice to you and me. They make it especially on the island, and infuse spices grown only in the orchards I mentioned earlier. They also have a lovely relaxing effect as well.

Oh, I’ve scheduled the party post on Saturday, to appear just after midnight UK time, just in case I’m not back in time. I do have wonderful internet access here on Cluddunt, so I may be popping in throughout the day regardless. I’ve also scheduled the Letters To The Universe, so all I can do now – and all I actually want to do now – is lie back and relax beneath this luxuriously deep blue cloudless sky which looks as though it should be freezing, but isn’t!

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The ground a long way down
The Sun’s warmth far far away
The freedom magnified
The magnitude overwhelming
The size
The colours
The openness ahead
Is awesome

I’m awestruck

The Universe is a magnificently magical place to be a part of… and to behold.

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One Minute Ramble: Eleanor Calls

As I write my right ankle throbs as if dancing to the sounds of Storm Eleanor who is whipping through the Grinds outside like nobody’s business.

I’d actually typed ‘shipping’ through the Grinds there… and for a second wondered what on Earth had I meant. It doesn’t look good. It is, it just doesn’t look it.

My right ankle is fine, by the way. I just stepped off a step the wrong way towards the end of last year, and stepped onto the the outside edge of my ankle rather than the base of my foot as any normal person stepping off a step would do. I winced then, as I do now, but I only wince now in adverse weather conditions.

Twigs are flying freely outside, and I have just finished rubbing Deep Heat into my ankle. The twigs are indicative of the adverse weather conditions we are being warned about.

The smell is making me sneeze. I don’t like the smell of Deep Heat as it makes me sneeze, but it is very good with the throbbing.

There’s also a rolling rumbling outside, in the distance. A constant rolling rumbling, like a continuous beat of a drum at quick pace.

Storm Eleanor, it seems, is knocking on every door, every window, every turret she can find.

With hatches battened, she won’t be getting in here.

Blow away, Storm Eleanor.

Blow away.