In My Mind’s Eye…

Blogger’s Block is still apparent today. I mean I have a lot to write about… but the words just will not flow from my mind through my arms, down to my fingertips and then through the keys on the keyboard.

I had to post something, and didn’t want the post to be entirely about nothing (although it is!), so I’ve delved back into my creations folder and come across these very poor computer representations of moi, and decided to use them for the post. I mean the only thing that is somewhat similar is the hair…

I wonder if normal service will be resumed tomorrow? We shall see!


Land ahead
Or distant stars
Or vast ocean waves
With blue horizons
Between violet skies
And turquoise waters
Fiery energy
Rippling seas
And flowing time
And expanding space
Forgotten faces
From faded memories
Of familiar people
From previous lives
Or future lives
Through fluid time
With messages to hear
Or thoughts to sort
Or decisions to make
And semi-vivid
Clear and blurred
Defined yet infinite
And totally real.

But what does it mean?

Best to sleep on it.

Back to the Mansion

The Mansion 1

With the days getting shorter and cooler, thank goodness, and bones healing, I think it’s time that I ventured back into the Mansion. That’s the back of the Mansion up there, by the way. I’m going to make some very long overdue replies to comments – by that, I mean long overdue, not long comments… the comment posters may have even forgotten about the comment, so there’s no point waffling on endlessly about something that has most probably been forgotten.

A bit like this post, but that’s what it is.

I’m still here.

And I’m coming back.

(You know what I mean…!)

Letters To The Universe… The Short Edition

Dear Blogland,
Apologies for the short Letters post this week, but time once again has caught up with me. Or I it, depending upon the point of view.

Dear Time,
Please could you slow down just a little for the next month or so? I have so much to do I just need to be able to fit it all in. Just going slowly for an hour a day would be perfect… whilst I’m doing my urgent bits and bobs. I would really appreciate it.

Dear Drivers,
Yes, I have to write to you again. Could you please remember that under normal conditions, the left lane is for turning left and the right lane is for turning right when at a junction where two lanes meet another road. A lot of you nowadays think both lanes are for turning left. An added problem is created here with drivers of cars without indicators – without basic rules of the road things could easily turn to pandemonium!

Dear The Weather,
Thank you for keeping the temperatures nice. It is warm but not too warm, meaning there are places which remain cooler so we can chill out just a little!

Dear #WorldWatercolorMonth,
Here is today’s watercolour, “Three Trees”. I must admit the trees are ink, so this is a mixed media painting; although the rest is watercolour:

And Finally, Dear Blogland Once Again,
Have a fabulous weekend.

P.S., please click the link below to find out more about World Watercolour Month. Thank you.

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash