Beyond the Sphere

One Minute Ramble: The More I See…

The more I see, the more I sigh. Flabbergasted, I wonder ‘why?’ Patience is a virtue, or so they say… Well, that’s not the case in the present day With cutting in And cutting short And sideways glances… Read More

One Minute Ramble: Impatience

One of my work colleagues was recently talking about how impatient people are nowadays. And it got me thinking that that is exactly how the majority of people seem to be running their lives now. He was going… Read More

One Minute Ramble: Anything, Everything or Nothing

In the vast expanse of open space The possibilities are endless And where there are possibilities There is hope And where there is hope There is the chance of anything Everything Or nothing But there’s still a chance… Read More

One Minute Ramble: Searching, Ever Searching…

Sigh. I don’t know what’s happened with the ‘world’s favourite search engine’ of late, but it has, in my humble opinion, become a trifle rubbish. I think of somebody who I haven’t seen for many a year, and… Read More

One Minute Ramble: Eleanor Calls

As I write my right ankle throbs as if dancing to the sounds of Storm Eleanor who is whipping through the Grinds outside like nobody’s business. I’d actually typed ‘shipping’ through the Grinds there… and for a second… Read More