Beyond the Sphere

Starlight Magic

Though through starlight Silence is heard The sound of the stars Carry through the birds When daylight breaks And the chorus sings Listen to the birdsong And feel the magic it brings

Orion’s Watcher

Silence screams through the night Awakening the Watcher \ alert Betelgeuse stirs

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 21

On the Twenty-First of December my Creation brought to me twenty-one Christmas Stars: Not really very festive, I know, but if you look into the image, through, or beyond the sphere (hehehe!) the image takes on an almost… Read More

Stellar Folk

just before the sun goes down the hidden folk start to play they dance around like flashing stars in celebration of the end of day they dance and sing in glee with joy in anticipation for what comes… Read More

Solar Energy

Swirling energies From a Solar alignment Show the way forward?