Beyond the Sphere

Caught out by a simple wire

Curses! I’ve just spent ALL morning trying to solve a little issue with my new Super Duper computer. The problem was, admittedly, a strange one – mind you, with me, computer problems usually are. Drop down menus in… Read More


Debbie’s theme for her one-word photo challenge (One-Word Sunday) this week is Spectacle, so I thought I’d take it literally and make a spectacle of my spectacle collection. They aren’t actually my spectacles, just my collection of them,… Read More

Just Sayin’…

Uh oh… Is somethin’ goin’ down?

Seems my Pingbacks are now working

Hallelujah! Something else is working again! I’m not really one for rejoicing. Shouting things from the rooftops… mind you, my voice is that quiet nobody would hear it anyway, from up there… but! I digress. I’ve been thwarted… Read More

Breaking News: Distorted Graphics

Reports are coming in that graphics have suddenly started to vanish from WordPress sites. Here are a few screenshots from Beyond the Sphere, which shows how the problem is being handled across different browsers: Chrome: Chrome after a… Read More