Shattered Light

The light may appear shattered, darkness strangling all that is good. Shadows etched with fear and uncertainty. But fear not! Nothing will shatter the light. The light disperses into a rainbow of bright colours, diminishing the darkness causing it to lose its icy grip. The light shines through. The darkness is only there to illuminate the light, and the light will continue to shine when the darkness is long gone. So yes, the future is bright. The outlook good. Keep the hope, spread the light!

This is yet another pointless post

Is there any point in posting something to try to spread a little positivity when half of the world couldn’t care less, and the other half disagree?

I think so. If only to annoy those who think Feeling Good is a bad thing.

I read a post the other day berating Feeling Good and self help steps, so I’m just balancing out that post. Or trying to cancel out its negative effects on the world. Using a double negative to try to create a positive positive. This ‘the rich get richer, the poor get poorer’ attitude doesn’t help with anything in this day and age.

It is down to each of us to take positive steps to make ourselves Feel Good. How we choose to make ourselves Feel Good is by personal choice, not one to be dictated by others. It may seem selfish to some, ‘how dare they be like that whilst all this is going on’, but I don’t think there is one person on the entire planet who doesn’t know someone whose presence just shines. They Feel Good about themselves and this spreads to everyone around.

Happiness. Joy. Feeling Good. Good Feelings to have and to share.

But see? If you aren’t bothered then this is just another pointless post.

Joyously posted for Six Word Saturday.

Strength Light Hope

Strength ~ Light ~ Hope

O’er distant lands
And through clear blue skies
Zephyrs of hope swirl expectantly
Lit by the light
Of a thousand dreams
That dance in anticipation
The belief holds firm
That whatever is thrust upon us
Will not defeat us
Will not bring us down
And will make us stronger together
Even through days
Separated by an attempt of fear
To take away control
And drive us apart
Strength from dreams
Lit by the light from a simple smile
Powers us all
And moves us forward
~ Together ~

Keep strong. We’re getting through this.