Beyond the Sphere

Reimagined Classics: The Birth of Thomasina

And here we are, at last, at the end of Thomasina’s romp through famous paintings old and older. This painting was horrific. It really was. Many a nightmare was had after looking at even the smallest part of… Read More

Reimagined Classics: Thomasina’s The Scream

Thomasina (my Inner Woman) returns this week with another interpretation of a famous painting featuring iconic women. This one is slightly different, as in Edvard Munch’s original version of “The Scream” created in 1893, there are a couple… Read More

Reimagined Classics: Thomasina’s Umbrella

My romp through the world of Classical Art continues again this week, with Thomasina posing for her interpretation of Claude Monet’s oil on canvas painting ‘Woman With A Parasol’, ‘Madame Monet With Her Son’, or ‘The Stroll /… Read More

Reimagined Classics: Thomasina with the Earring

With beanie hat in tow (with a pair of old tights tied on top) Thomasina (my Inner Woman) reappeared this week demanding another portrait be made. You can’t refuse such a request. Really, you can’t. I have tried…. Read More

Reimagined Classics: The Mona Thomasina

Thomasina, my Inner Woman, wanted her portrait painting the other day, so I had no choice but to oblige. In honour of Thomasina, my Inner Woman, being the kind of classic person everyone aspires to be like, the… Read More