All Fours

I’m drawn to the number four.
In fact, I’m in awe
Of four.

It’s like this, you see;
I’m also fond of the letter D…

This week I’m sharing secrets like nobody’s business! Sherri challenged me to do it!

17 Comments on “All Fours

  1. Time to release a bit more secrets of depth TL…You are skirting the issue with this fluff. 🙂 The releasing of secrets is really for your benefit. To let go of stuff you have been holding onto, to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Of course it is fine to play it safe, but if you wish to move forward and make major changes in your life, allowing oneself to be vulnerable is where it all begins….Just sharing my thoughts TL…Nothing critical intended by any means…!!! VK


    • No criticism noticed, VK. In fact, most of my ‘secrets’ are fluffy anyway. Well, the ones I’m willing to publish on a public blog are anyhow. The meaty secrets are not really worth publishing for that matter either…


      • Of course they are worthy of recognition TL!!! This time period is all about getting real with ourselves and becoming vulnerable…I find a lot of what you share very valuable and I hope you do as well… VK 🙂


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