Flight of Fancy: Vampire music

Reg the vampire
was kind to invite
Me to attend his musical night
At his lair down on Bridge Lane
It’s really a bungalow. Come again?
A one floor house with a wrought iron gate
That creaked quite badly for it’s new state.
Once in the garden and on the lawn
I was first met by his pet cat, Shawn
Well, one of them, for he has two,
Then I met some guests at the ‘do’;
A woman, who looked like Dracula’s bride
Whose hair was tall as it was wide
With a white streak up the front
And eyes that were, well, just vacant;
A man with a cloak too big for him
But only because he was very slim;
A man so tall he looked like Lurch
From some old show, you’ll have to search
On the web to find it’s name –
Addams or Munster they were quite the same.
This group did look quite surreal
But although odd, they did not feel
Threatening, or anything bad,
And, I must admit that I felt glad,
That at this night of music and fun
We’d got to meet before the night begun.

The first song performed was one I admire,
Annie Lennox, and ‘Love Song For A Vampire’
Followed quickly with ‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon,
Then ‘Blood Roses’ by Tori Amos – A new one
On me that I’ve never heard before
And then came ‘Lullaby’ by The Cure.
Sting performed next with his great treat,
Called, I think, ’Moon Over Bourbon Street’.
Nocturnal Rites sung ‘In A Time Of Blood And Fire’
This reminded me of the theme of Buffy, The Slayer,
Which I thought it best to keep this quiet,
After all, it was honorary vampire night
Next to sing was Neil Young
With his ‘Vampire Blues’ song
And then a song that I think’s really gracious,
’Bleeding Love’, by Leona Lewis.
Voltaire then performed ‘The Vampire Club’
And that was it, time for the grub!
And just to finish off a fantastic bash
We were treated to Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’!

New beginnings

Well, new beginnings of a sort anyway! I’ve decided to change the look of my blog. I’ve gone for this slightly unfinished look, as I feel that is how my thoughts are at the moment. Not that my thoughts are unfinished as in ‘ooh, look at that over ther…’ but that they aren’t quite as refined as they could be.

I always intended this blog to be a place where I could get to know myself better. To be able to see which areas of my life would need to be improved by writing about, generally, anything, and to see where those ramblings take me.

Through my thoughts, I’ve been back in the past and in the far flung future, I’ve been in parallel dimensions, I’ve been both inside and outside (at the same time!) of paradoxes, I’ve found things that I can write about with ease, and I’ve found some things very difficult to put into the words that I want to use.

So, one thing I need to work on is finding, or rather, defining and developing further my own style of writing. I’ve experimented with many different styles of writing; some have worked and some haven’t. I’ve attempted various ways of getting my thoughts (and myself) to become more open to ideas so that I can write at least one blog post a day. And I’ve managed this part OK. Possibly at times my writing has been better than others, but I’ve managed it.

As the main focus of my blog has been about ‘me’, or rather my view of everything in existence, I am not limited to what I can write about. I am limited by the amount of knowledge I have on many topics, but I have ways of finding the information that I need. I do not have to understand what I am writing about to be able to write about it, but sometimes it helps. Imagine a comic book writer, or a novelist, writing about their character, who happens to be the cleverest man on the planet. A genius scientist. A man with a vast knowledge of science, history, music, life, dimensions, existence and mythology. The writer will not know about all of these things in great detail, but his creation, the genius, does. Does this then make the writer the cleverest man on the planet? I may be trying on a pair of extremely large boots here, but I want to be that writer. I wouldn’t mind being the genius scientist either, for that matter, but first things first. One step at a time. Let’s start with the writing. Let’s start with me.

I have learned that I am not the centre of the universe, although I am at the centre of my universe. The whole of existence revolves around me, not to be there just for whatever I need, but to be there to show me the way forward. To bring things into my life to inspire me. To help me to be happy. To tell me when things are not quite as right as they should be. To give me a gentle nudge and say “It’s up to you to make a change here!”, and then to provide the things – the tools – that I need to make that change.

Hence this change to my blog. Not a major earth-shattering change by any account, but it is a start. A change is as good as a rest.

OK, then. I’ve changed the curtains, carpets and wallpaper. I’ve donned some new clothes. I’m still me inside. The same thoughts are within (or around) my mind. I want my writing to improve immensely over the next few months, and a lick of paint will not make any difference to my writing. Practice makes perfect. And if I keep practicing, perfection is in my sight!

For those who are with me on this journey of discovery, thank you for bearing with me. Knowing that you read my posts provides me with a boost to continue posting them. I can honestly say that I have never written as much in my life as I have over the past few months, and I look forward to the millions of words I am going to be using in the coming months.

When I’m…

Sleeping or working?When I’m asleep I suppose I’m sublime
When I’m awake I try to pass the time
When I read I look for knowledge and words
When at work I speak with geeks and nerds
When driving I listen to empowering tunes
When I write I describe thoughts and moons
When I’m happy, all things seem good
When I’m quiet, I’m not in a mood
When I’m eating, my belly gets full
When I’m dreaming, I’m chased by a bull
When I’m confused, my mind splits in two
When I’m creating, I create something new
When I’m being me, I’m living my way
And it’s life that always gives me something to say

Friday challenge

moon phaseI have a feeling that there is a Full Moon due. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling. Maybe it has something to do with this graphic that seems to pop up every now and then.

Maybe it has something to do with the many news stories and reports that I keep on hearing about a Supermoon.

Or maybe it’s because I actually know that there is one due on Saturday. I have a ‘connection’ with the Moon.

Anyway, the Moon has nothing to do with this post whatsoever! I just decided to write about it, so I could start with something a little different.

And keeping along the same lines of things being different (did you see what I did there?) this post is a kind of ‘teaser’ for things to come. A prequel, if you like.

I’m setting myself another blogging challenge-within-a-challenge, really to help me with my Postaday challenge, and not dissimilar to my AA, BB, CC (etcetera) challenge at the beginning of the year. Only not as long (and probably not as difficult either).

I will be writing my daily wafflings as usual. I always try to write about a different topic in my next post, unless I am writing about my thoughts in a special mini-series of posts, like my Valentine’s run in February. Sometimes, the thread will run between consecutive posts, but this is usually to add an update or something I had forgotten to mention the day before. I tend to forget a lot.

What will make this challenge slightly different is that I will start my post with the final sentence of the post I had written the day before. So, if I had started this challenge today, my first line would have been “That doesn’t sound like a loser speaking to me…”. And, as you can see, I haven’t started with that, so my challenge has not yet begun!

Not only that, each post will contain a colour, a fruit or vegetable, a town, city or country, a famous person or two, a mythical, mysterious or other creature, an absolutely random word that will have no meaning or bearing on the post at all, a number, and something new. The ‘something new’ may be tricky as I tend to write about a lot of the same stuff.

Well, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, would it?

So, I am apologising in advance if you should find that my posts don’t make any sense whatsoever. If they already make no sense then it will be business as usual… glad to have you along! However, I will try to keep them sensible. Well, you know what I mean…

I’m going to end this post here for today. The animals outside are sounding a little restless. I’ll need to go out into the Mansion’s grounds and check that they are OK. There seems to be something different out there. I’ve just heard what sounded like a wolf’s howl.