Strange things can happen at any time…

Another blast from the past, this one, and fortunately a blast not caused by 2012 BX34. 2012 BX34? What’s 2012 BX34? You may well ask. Read on, and you may stumble across the answer… Oh, and by the way… wording in italics have been added since the post was written back in 2012. It would appear very dated without the additions. Who would’ve thought something … Continue reading Strange things can happen at any time…

Natural Beauty: Fruits

For #WorldWatercolorGroup. Today’s Natural Beauty prompt is fruits. I gave myself fifteen minutes to clobber together a pineapple, just using the paints, no pencil sketching beforehand. The leaves remind me a little of my hair at times, but they are meant to be leaves in this instance. And the pineapple looks kind of pineapple-ish, so I’m happy with the results. Continue reading Natural Beauty: Fruits

The Wraith’s Wrath

He was annoyed. Ooh, was he annoyed. He was so annoyed you couldn’t shake a stick at it. He was that annoyed. He’d passed through death without the dying part. He was undead without becoming dead in the first place. His life as he knew it had ended, yet it carried on. He was still here. Walking. He found it odd doing that without breathing, … Continue reading The Wraith’s Wrath

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Naff Hair!

I wrote a rhyme about naff hair, Only fit for deletion, so I did, so there! Full of babble, and waffle and gestural descriptions Of lovesick teenagers, blood-slurping vampires, and pineapple encoded binary encryptions It made no sense, so after all that I decided the rhyme, like the hair, was also quite naff. I wrote a naff rhyme about naff hair Although now that naff … Continue reading The Wednesday Wordcloud: Naff Hair!

Warts and all

It’s #SelfieArt Day today (25th April) so I thought I’d have a go. Now, regular visitors know that my Selfies are somewhat strange things, usually consisting only of the top of my head, but lately, my eyes have been getting something of a showing as well. I decided to use one of these Selfies for my first ever actual watercolour (on paper) painting. I usually … Continue reading Warts and all

Reminiscing III

Here we are: March 13th 1066 1642 1968 2016. I’m officially another year older. I’m not 24 years old. And I’m still waffling on about past times. Nibbles and snacks would have been available in the Orangery, but the parrot ate them all. Every last one of them. It’s funny, the things you find yourself thinking about as time moves on. As I was typing … Continue reading Reminiscing III

Crimson Rainbow Butterfly

Hey man! How grooooooovy are you? Cool dude… super cool! Thanks to Diane Henders, I have now discovered a few new names for myself… namely (hehehe!) my Hippie Names! The dude above is Crimson Rainbow Butterfly, my good-guy hippie name based on my blogging name. The bad-guy side is the sinister sounding Twisted Pube-Squeezer. Eek! Shudders. In my secret identity, my usual name is slightly … Continue reading Crimson Rainbow Butterfly

Underwater Selfie

Never let it be said that I don’t take this blogging malarkey seriously. After flying to the edge of the atmosphere the other day, I thought I’d go somewhere else where there’s little air. At the stroke of midnight, I plunged into the chilly waters of the Lake. VERY chilly, what with the snow and everything recently. While I was on my extended break away … Continue reading Underwater Selfie

In-flight Selfie

The Selfie is something I’m not very good at, although I do like to get a little practice in every now and then. After the recent snowstorm that left the Mansion looking like a Winter Wonderland and gave me the urge to get flying again, last night was clear. Perfect flying opportunity! I climbed onto the roof of the Mansion, being careful not to slip … Continue reading In-flight Selfie

The Secret People

Take a good, long, hard look at yourself. Not a critical one, but an honest one. Consider, but don’t dwell on, those aspects of you that you aren’t particularly pleased with. Are you too thin? Perhaps you’d like to be more muscular. Perhaps you have a phobia that prevents you from doing something. Or maybe there’s a certain personality trait that you would love to … Continue reading The Secret People

Night of the Gathering

Out into the Grinds the Inners wentTo join the annual gathermentOf creatures featured in stories toldBoth modern and from times of old They joined the likes of Warlock SeersMagicians, Wraiths and other fear-Some creatures for one party nightFilled with fun and lots of frights Spooky music whispers bySirens wail from way up highWitches cackle and cast their spellsWith high jinx provided by lots of elves … Continue reading Night of the Gathering