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Predictions… A Fond Look Forward

In May this year, I wrote a quick post which included some of my predictions for the week of May 9th – 13th. I can’t remember whether any or all of them came true, but I’m sure they must have. The important fact is that I made the predictions, and not that they came to pass or not. (I do my predictions in a slightly different way to other people who foretell the future, so there is a slight chance in what I predict and what actually happens may be slightly different from each other…)

I’m now starting an annual tradition. I am going to write a list of predictions for the next year. It will have to be done within the last two weeks of the year, and then it can tie in with the end of year celebrations. Many people have a fond look back over the past year around this time (and I may do that myself as well, who knows…?)  but I am having a fond look forward.

My mouse is glowing red, as it usually does. It glows underneath, so there’s my first clue. What do mice go under? Doors. And what passes through doors? Letters. Some letters contain cheques. So, in January 2012, someone who visits this site (who has a red door) will receive a letter containing a cheque. Not just any cheque. A Lottery cheque. Oh yes! One of my readers will win big! (Or me, I’m not discounting myself!)

My on/off button on my computer is glowing blue, as usual. This is the second thing I noticed whilst typing this post, so this indicates the second month. Blue also signifies the cold, so it looks as though February may be a cold month, but with many days having clear blue skies. A nice ‘chilling’ period, ready for March, I think…

MARCH 2012
As I was typing my February prediction, an old flyer I had saved (and wrote a post on earlier this year) slipped from behind my computer. The flyer was for Street Dance and Break Dance dancing lessons. This signifies energy and movement, which could also indicate a push forward. I am another year older in March 2012; but with there being an extra day in February next year (it’s a Leap Year), all of the dates for the rest of the year have been pushed onward one day. So, I’ll say that March would be a good month to have a go at something new. Or learn to dance.

APRIL 2012
Just as I finished writing March, I had an extremely itchy back, just between the shoulder blades, and in the place where I couldn’t reach it. Luckily, I have within me the power of a contortionist, and I eventually relieved myself of the itch. I had to reach further than I had ever reached before to get to this itch, and I managed it. So, I’d say that April may be a time for stretching ourselves a little further. Maybe this continues from whatever we do in March…

MAY 2012
As soon as I’d typed March at the end of April, my stomach grumbled extremely loudly. I’m not hungry, but it reminded me of my body. May may be the month to start a little exercise and get fit. Or a lot of exercise if you are taking part in the Games of the XXX Olympiad, although I’d say you are cutting it fine if you only start training in May. The games start in July – what have you been doing? Being a superhero, I’m not allowed to take part, but I feel it is better that proper athletes have a go at it anyway. So, May is the month to start to get fit.

JUNE 2012
Nothing untoward happened as I was typing the entry for May, so June could be a quiet month. Or, it could be a month of nice surprises. Perhaps the dance lessons started in March begin to pay off… or April’s push brings in awards in leaps and bounds. That dancing theme (and athletic theme, for that matter) is filtering through again, so this could indicate more energy. Keep your eyes peeled for something good in June!

JULY 2012
My phone bleeped as I was completing my typing for June, to indicate it was fully charged. Energy again. The phone has a blue light on it… clear blue skies. We may be in for a nice July, weather-wise. Phones have been in the news a lot lately, so there may be some news to look out for this month – or it may be a spectacular opening ceremony for the Olympics, which will be on every TV channel imaginable 24 hours a day. Phones also have cameras on them, so keep your cameras handy!

My eyes were drawn to some peeling wallpaper just before I started writing this section. I’ll have to get Giles, my butler, to decorate the Mansion, and August may be just the month to do it. That is if Giles doesn’t take his holiday, as he usually does at this time of the year. So, August = Holiday! If you’re not decorating, you may be lounging somewhere very nice indeed…

I’ve just noticed an envelope. A letter from an admirer perhaps? An old friend? A new friend? Another cheque? What mysteries lie within that envelope? September may be the month to find out this answer!

I’d mis-typed month in the last sentence in September, and it said ‘moth’ (I’ve changed it now). This points to a change in October, but a change for the good. Caterpillars change into moths and butterflies which enable them to fly, so this could indicate reaching for the skies. Another holiday? Flying high? Or a miraculous transformation? Someone who reads this post will be flying in October, that’s for sure!

November may be another quiet month, as nothing at the moment is appearing to me. Perhaps this indicates a time to rest, and recharge batteries.

This is it. The final month of 2012. Someone who reads this post will think back over the past twelve months, and think “What a year that was!” We all should think that, actually! And I’ll be writing another post for my predictions for the following year in this month too!

So. My 2012 predictions are now complete and locked in. Let me know if you win the Lottery in January, OK? Thanks!

We’re in this together!

I’ve not been very consistent with, well, everything that I’ve done of late. What with real life, rushing around, falling over, aching knees, work, hair, and Christmas coming at a rate of knots that has never been recorded in the history of the Universe, sometimes things slip by.

This blog was one of those things, although I have tried my very best to keep things ticking over, but the break from posting last week was unavoidable. And desperately needed. The change, as the saying goes, was as good as a rest. The reasons for the break are still there, and there may be other breaks, but I’ll do what I can to try to avoid it.

CordylineOne thing that I haven’t managed to get around to getting sorted is my hair.
I can be seen regularly walking through car parks with what can only be described as some sort of wild Cordyline plant growing out of my head. I think that’s what the plant’s called anyway, here’s a picture (on the left) of how my hair looked this afternoon on Sainsbury’s car park. Only my hair was slightly more spikier in the wind. Goodness only knows how it looked whilst I was ambling up and down the busy aisles doing my weekly shop. But, the plant looks good, so what if it’s a little overgrown?

Speaking of being overgrown, Kate Shrewsday has a good post here of how Nature reclaims, well, everything in the end.

Speaking of the wind, Laura at Unlikely Explanations has posted an entry that should go to the international wind board, if ever one was set up. Click here to see ten early warning signs about windstorms.

I have read another post today that I would like to mention, and recommend a visit to. Alannah Murphy has written a nice post about regrets, passion and doubt which speaks on so many levels. Click here to visit her blog.

And speaking of passions, Miss Demure Restraint has reminded me of cars gone by with her post here.

Before you start to wonder why I am linking to all of these great blogs, there is a reason. Another thing that I have let slip by is my commitment to a Blogging Collective, that is the brainchild of Andra Watkins. Her blog here describes more about the collective, but I did manage to set up a page for the collective before letting things slide. The link to my page for the collective is at the top of the main page of my blog and in the menu down the right hand side. Not all of the blogs I have mentioned above are part of the collective, but we are all part of the blogging community as a whole, and I think it is good to share things every now and then. Whilst I’m mentioning other blogs, have a look at my Blogs I Visit page too, for more great blogs… I couldn’t really miss them out even if I don’t mention them by name!

I’m going to end this post here as there seems to be a gathering going on again in the grounds at the back of Aquatom Mansion. I’ve just heard them all singing the Band Aid song ‘Do They Know  It’s Christmas?’, which is normally an OK choice of song, but not one you would expect a group of monsters to sing.

I’ll fill you in on any details of this gathering in due course…

Hello 2011!


Can you hear me?

Am I getting through to you?


Is it late there? There’s a laughter on the line…

Ah, it was just static! That’s better. These inter-dimensional message devices are somewhat confusing. Some hear laughter, some hear static. Me, I hear both! Typical! I hope the words I am saying are being transferred into text correctly, and the correct context is being used. I’m in the future you see. 2012 in fact!

OK, I’m not that far in the future, but this gadget I’m using has somehow found its way from the future, and to me! Very convenient, I must say, and I’m always one to try out new things. Usually, however, it is long after they have been tried out by others, but never mind… they’re new to me when I try them.

This device is new. It hasn’t even been invented yet, and I’m using it! I’m writing a quick post to my blog for last year, it should automatically slot in between the other posts as there is a handy gap between posts around the 1st December 2011. At least I hope it slots in then. I’d look pretty silly if it was slotted in in June 1966 wouldn’t I? Did blogs exist back then? I don’t think so. No, it’ll work. I’m sure of it. Especially when I click this button here!

So, here I am in 2012. Things are pretty much the same. I can’t say too much due to the Balance of the Universe, and this device has been set up to filter out and delete any facts, such as winning lottery numbers, which is a bit of a bind. I mean, look at these six winning numbers from March: , , , , , and . See!

Actually, I’m not in the future. I’m writing this in my now, for it to be posted back in the past. When it is being read, it has been written in the future, but not my future. Unless, I’m reading this tomorrow, and then it is also in my past. Time zones are so much fun, but get very confusing! And I will be so confused when I get to read his post (that is, the me of December 1st 2011 who will have no idea that this would have been posted yet, as he is busy fiddling about with backgrounds and headers and stuff! He he he! That laugh should have sounded more evil. I knew there was a laughter on the line!)

Anyway, what was the point of this post?

I can’t remember now. 2012’s still here otherwise I wouldn’t have posted this. And I suppose, as this device is from the future, the future’s still here too. Unless that is only in this dimension. Hmmm, I wonder – what about Betelgeuse? I’ll have to go and check up on that one!

I wonder if I can write to the future? It’ll be a bit like reversing the charges but on a far grander scale although without any money. Speaking of money, , , … , ! Oh, this filter!

Must dash! This device is making a strange clanking and whirring sound. What’s it doing?


Can you hear me?

. . .

Top Ten Tips for a wannabe superhero: 2: Gadgets

You can never go wrong when you’re a superhero and you have a super cool gadget. A gizmo or thingumabob can come in very handy, usually if you find yourself in the trickiest of situations, but sometimes just for fun. You need to have fun every now and then, as ‘just’ being a superhero isn’t as glamorous as things first seem.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any whatchamacallits knocking around the Mansion, or in the vast catacombs below the cellar (not that I have explored the catacombs in their entirety yet, they are that vast) . I have the Aquatomobile, which is, simply, amazing. It’s a car, boat, plane, rocket-ship, and once, I think, if my memory serves me right, it became a helicopter. I only use it as the car now as the cost of fuel is slightly higher than it really should be, and the sight of a flying car can be off-putting to certain people.

As I am thingummy free, I have to use my mind more than other superheroes who use their gadgets. Using my mind more causes me to think more, and I think this may be why I have a tendency to look more deeply into things than I really need to. Not that looking too deeply into things is really a bad thing to do, but when you are in the middle of one thing and you find your mind wandering off at the most random of tangents, when you really should be concentrating on the task at hand, you can find yourself in the most… oh; right. Erm… situations like this one. Embarrassed smile 

Anyway, on to the list…

1. Keep it simple.
Make sure that you are using an extremely simple gadget. A ring; a phone; a mirror; something where members of the public will see you using it with style and say “Wow"! Look at how they use their [insert gadget here]!”

2. Think image and personality.
Depending on the type of superhero you are, or want to be, you must have a gadget that suits your personality, image, uniform, name and is easy to carry around. I knew a superhero once who used a kite as a gadget, and although it was very handy to clonk an escaping super villain on their head to stop them, it was very cumbersome, and slowed him down when he needed to get out of the way of a runaway steamroller, which tended to happen more often to him than you would have expected it to. He went by the name of Mister Wind, which, for some reason, gave the newspapers a few howling headlines, and although the kite was a good idea in theory, it was a different story in practice.

3. Match the power.
Lucas Light was another superhero who used a useless doodad. He could control light, so thought it would be nifty to use… a torch. It’s all about the right image. Get it right and it’s great. Get it wrong, and it’s not as great. OK, Lucas could make the beam of light from the torch glow in different colours, some of which have not yet even been seen by the vast majority of the inhabitants on Earth, but when he used his powers he lit up an area the size of a football pitch, so the torch was neither use nor ornament when it came down to it – even with the different colours.

4. Remember health and safety.
The ultra-sexy Ravish used her lipstick as a gizmo. She had two, one for normal use, and the other to help her abilities to work more soundly. She could numb with a single kiss, but one day she put too much lipstick on herself and couldn’t speak for two months. She also couldn’t drink hot drinks, or eat solid food. She eventually changed her name to the Slinky Siren, but as the numbness never left her lips, she pronounced her name as the Thlinky Thiren. I believe she gave up super heroics when she got married.

5. Avoid many parts.
Try to avoid using gadgets with chains, sharp parts or bits that detach. They are fine if you need to make a point with, say, a super villain who you need to flick something just beside their ear to make the point, but not very good if your aim’s off slightly and you actually catch said ear. The point you were trying to make becomes invalid, and you could end up in more trouble than is really necessary.

6. Do not overuse your gadget.
Use your gadgets sparingly. Too much use becomes routine, to the point that the person (or alien invader) you are using the gadget on knows what you are going to do, and how – and when – you are going to do it. They can then be used against you. It’s never good when gadgets strike back. Look at Slinky.

7. Use with care.
Be careful when using your gubbins when you are teamed with another superhero for one reason or another. You don’t want to get in the way of the other’s equipment, as this is a definite no no in the streamline world of superherodom.  An even worse no no is if your equipment became entangled, and your super villain made a quick getaway. They will not stop to help you, in any circumstance. They are chancers, them super villains.

8. Keep spares handy.
Always have replacement gadgets, or know someone who can build or fix gadgets as soon as you need them. Some superheroes have butlers for this job.

9. Use the gadget when you need to use it.
If you find that your gadget is not doing the job you intend it to do, discard it. But discard it carefully. Your gadgets can lead super villains to your secret identity, and even other innermost secrets of yours. If you find gadgets getting in the way, stop using them, and use your natural abilities instead.

10. Know how to use your gadget.
Never, I repeat, NEVER, stop to read the instructions on how to use a new gadget when in the middle of a case. If you don’t know how to use it, don’t.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy should you choose to be a superhero, or you already are one and are looking for a different way to approach things.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun doing it! If it isn’t fun, either don’t do it, or do it differently.

Wish from a star!

On a clear night, look up to the sky. Look and see as far as you can. Notice the constellations, the star clusters, the galaxies and planets that appear in front of you. Notice the satellites in our planet’s orbit. Can you see a difference?

Pick a star.

Any star.

Imagine that star looking back at you, where you are standing. That star is looking at your very spot, and has been for centuries past.

If you are standing in a road now, that star is seeing a field. Or is it a lake? Or maybe a desert. Or, the road you are standing in.
That star is seeing the surrounding buildings and openness at the same time. It is seeing the rain and the sunshine. The darkness and the light.

That star is looking at you without judgment. Just looking.

Now, that star is giving you a wish…

Whatever you want to do, that star will be watching you do it.

Will you succeed? Will you fail? Do you think the star will be proud of what you do, or do you think you will let the star down? The star is not judgmental, remember. You can do whatever you want to do, however you want to do it. From this point forwards, the rest of your life is determined by what you do now. The choices you make. The actions you take.

That star – your star – will be watching you as it has watched many thousands before you. Why not give that star a special performance, and show it what you can do. Stand out, and be as bright as the star. Spread your own light. Pass on your own magic.

Use the Universal energies that the star has given to you, to live your life how you want to live it. Let go. Be free. Enjoy your life.

Be great!

You know that you can do it!

You have a star watching you every step of the way…