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The Superhero Diaries 5.12: Invisible Help Part 3

Concluding the multi-part epic tale from the Superhero Diaries. Previous parts can be found in the Storylines menu, click here.

Sue’s in room 12, Viridian. I was about to go in and check on her earlier when a strong urge told me not to.

That was a wise decision, my friend, even if it was not of your calling. Psychic Sue is currently reaching out psychically on all channels. Had you entered the room, whatever helping hand is guiding us would have been unable to protect you in there. They are bonding with my mind now as I speak, before I enter the room. Together, we shall be able to reach deep within Sue’s mind. Once I enter the room, you must find something to barricade the door for your own protection.

Understood, Viridian. I think. But the door opens inwards.

Just do it, Charlie. You must be able to hear the voice as clearly as I.

Yes. Now that you’ve said that, I can. Do your very best, Viridian.

I shall, my friend. Now, I enter the room.

OK. What can I use as a barricade? I know. The shelving unit in reception. That’s high enough, and heavy enough to cover the door. I should be able to… wait. How am I supposed to move it? It’s a heavy steel structure. Will I have the strength to move it on my own?

Only one way to find out. I’d better leave this flap open, so I can get the shelves through. But no! There isn’t enough room to push the shelves through and turn them round to get them up to the corridor. I need to look for something else. What can I use? A chair will be no good. It has to be the shelves.

Damn it! Huh? My hand passed through the counter when I punched it. I can feel the papers on the shelf behind. I wonder if I can pull them through the wood. This is weird. I’ve never had this ability before, but yes – I’ve pulled the paper through. I just need to try to push the shelves through now as well. If I can. Ugh. As I thought. They are too heavy. But wait. If my hand went through the counter I wonder if I have my invisible powers back. I do! And I’ve made the shelves invisible as well. This is so cool.

I need to use all my strength to push these shelves through the counter, and then I can get them up the corridor. Here goes. Heave! They’re beginning to move. Keep on. Keep on. Push! Push! This is like giving birth – no! Concentrate, Charlie! Push! It’s working! It’s moving and passing through the counter! I’m loving this! I’m actually doing it!

There. The whole unit is now through the counter, and I need to turn it so I can get it through the door and along the corridor. I hadn’t realised before, but the unit is too high for the door so it wouldn’t have gone through – well, not without these new abilities of mine.

OK. Here we go, through the wall above the door. It is like a hot knife through butter! It is working fine.

Invisible Charlie.

Huh? Viridian? And who’s this?

It is done, Charlie. Psychic Sue is now settled. Did you not realise once your powers had been restored?

Erm. Nope. I seem to have developed a new ability and was so caught up in myself I hadn’t noticed to be honest.

This is an Olympian Goddess. Her name is Hera, and she has been helping us in our times of need. She doesn’t help directly, as we have to make our own decisions and choices and have free will to do things rightly or wrongly, but if needed she will provide little prompts and suggestions here and there. This time, however, she needed to intervene because this challenge was far too great for us.

Pleased to meet you, Hera. Do I need to bow or anything?

No, my child. I am pleased to finally be able to reveal myself to you, and help. And give out several new abilities as well, as you have discovered. I have heard the doubt in your thoughts, and you really have no need to doubt.

You read my thoughts?

I do not judge, Invisible Charlie. As neither do you.

Ah OK. Thank you, your highness.

Hera is fine, my child.

Erm, Hera then.

I must return to Olympus now that my task here is complete. You will have a lot of explaining to do, to a lot of your colleagues, and one unexpected helper, the Dropped Apostrophe. Farewell, my friends. Hopefully the next time I assist will be in calmer times.

Wait – the rest of the world? What’s happening there? There will be mass panic and confusion.

The main problems were contained within a hundred mile radius, structurally. Psychically, it was a little further afield, I’m sorry to say, but my Olympian friends are working on ways to make it all seem like a mass dream to those affected. We stopped your pleas for help from leaving this complex, so the problem was more contained than you first thought.

But the news? The Dropped Apostrophe received my message?

The local news my child. The feed did not spread further than the hundred mile area, a malfunction in the broadcasting capabilities prevented it from doing so. As for the Dropped Apostrophe, let me just say he had a gentle nudge as he began raiding the empty shops. And, as I said, you will have a lot of explaining to do. Once again, I bid you farewell.

A Goddess, Viridian. Can you believe we have been working with a Goddess?

You find it hard to believe, my friend, yet you are discussing this with a visitor from a distant planet. The Universe is full of many wonders, and it likes to surprise every once in a while.

Now that you put it that way, it’s just another day’s work, I suppose. There’s no point making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’ve done that a few times today already. OK. Let’s get to work bringing our colleagues up to the medical centre, so they can rest. Hopefully Bettystretch has brought herself back now, she’s in the alley at the back of the building, so I’ll go and get her. I don’t know what we will do about all of the shredded structures all over the place though… but, a little voice has just told me to have faith. I can live with that.

Normality returns for the Superheroes next week. Or does it?

The Superhero Diaries 5.11: Invisible Help Part 2

Continuing the multi-part epic tale from the Superhero Diaries. Previous parts can be found in the Storylines menu, click here.

This tranquilizer should work. Crimson’s in room 4, so I’ll go in and give it to her. That screaming should really be affecting our movements, but we seem to be getting through it like a hot knife through butter.

I can hear it, but it sounds like its being deflected.

Adam, you’re right. Yes. I wonder if Viridian is doing it? We’ll find out later. Just give me a couple of seconds while I do this. Aw bless, Crimson, look at you. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine soon. Oof! Crimson! It’s me! Charlie. Charlie. Invisible Charlie. Stop! I’m not here to hurt you. I’m – oof! I didn’t realise you were that strong! Mind you, you’re also showing signs of the caveman problem as well. The sooner I get you to sleep, the bet – oof! Ow. That one really hurt. Now look, Crimson. Sorry about this, chuck. There, I’ve caught your arm. It’s in. It’s oof! It’s not taking effect. Ouch. That slap hurt. Crimson, relax. Relax. OW! Oh. Adam, what did you do?

That chair. I needed to do something so I hit her with it like they do in the movies. It didn’t break like they do in the movies.

It’s a metal chair. They don’t break easily. At least she’s out for the count now – we can check for concussion later. Get her off me, and then we can move onto either Sue or Lycra. I have no idea what we’ll do with them, though.

There. Sorry, Charlie.

No. No worries. Thank you. We have to do what we have to do. And can you hear that? Silence. It’s bliss.

Oh yes. I hadn’t noticed it!

We quickly get used to things, don’t we? Right. Is it me, or is it getting really hot in here?

The Dropped Apostrophe must have turned the heating up.

It shouldn’t be working, but you’re probably right. We’ll leave Crimson to sleep soundly on this bed, and move on. Psychic Sue’s powers work whether she’s awake or asleep, so a tranquilizer will be no good to her. I think Lycralad’s powers work the same way, but I’m not sure. He will need to be the next one to do something with, to at least regain structural integrity. He’s in room 40 at the end. We’ll take a tranquilizer just in case.

Will he be like the others? Zombie like?

There’s every possibility, Adam. We’ll have to be prepared. We may need a couple of metal chairs this time.

Oh… no…

Don’t worry – I’m joking. I hope. Phew. It’s scorching hot now.

Yeah, but like the screaming the heat seems to be being deflected as well.

You’re right. I hadn’t noticed that, but you’re right. OK we are here. Ready?

Ready as I think I’ll ever be.

I’ll go in first. You wait here for a second. Phew. Oh. My. Word.

What is it? What’s wrong? Is Lycralad OK?

He’s standing by the window, looking out. The room is trashed. The wallpaper, sheets, even the bed are in shreds. The bed is metal. We may need those chairs after all. Oh my, the heat. Lycra’s just standing by the window. I don’t think he’s aware we are here. I should just be able to give him the injection. I’ll go for it. Oof! Lyc*

Charlie! CHARLIE!!! Uh oh. He’s out cold. Lycralad, it’s me, Adam. Adam Rawlinson. We’re friends, remember. You must remember. Lycralad! Don’t! Stop! You’re hurting me. Lycralad. Stop it! STOP IT ALEX! You’ve stopped. Let me do this and put you to sleep. Do you understand me? Blink if you understand. He blinked. He BLINKED!! Sorry but you know this is for the best. There. Come with me, there. Gently does it, lie on the floor. Relax. There. I’ll hold you while you sleep. It’s OK now. It’s OK.

Ugh. Adam. Oh. I’ll leave you two here, Lycra’s settled. Now to see about Sue. I need Viridian. There’s always a surprise in this game.

Thanks, Charlie. I’ll look after Alex now.

OK. Back downstairs I go. Lock the door, Adam, just in case. You’ll be safe in here. Psychic Sue is in room 12, so I’ll just have a quick look in on her on – no, I won’t. That thought was very clear. I’m being directed. Could it be Sue? It didn’t seem like Sue’s voice. Odd. I’ll make my way downstairs to the kitchen, and see how the Apostrophe is getting on. It’s even hotter down here now. On the other side of this door is the corridor, with the kitchen at the far end, by the front door. I’d better be on my guard, just in case. Whoops. I tripped over something. Someone! It’s the Apostrophe. He’s unconscious.

It’s just the heat, Charlie.

Who? Firetop? Where did you come from?

The Apostrophe brought me in from outside. I’ve been contributing to this mess, and the Apostrophe worked it out. As my heat powers went haywire, I was channelling all of the excess heat out and up into the sky. That heat was fuelling the energies from the solar flares which were affecting Sue, who in turn was affecting everyone else. Why you and I and a few others aren’t affected by the psychic bombardment is a puzzle – it’s as though we are being shielded.

Adam said something similar.

Adam? Never mind. The Apostrophe suggested I use my heat on this ice. It’s now starting to melt. I think the heat is too much for Icewind, as it was the Apostrophe.

Once he’s free, we can get Viridian up to Psychic Sue and sort her. You’ve settled Crimson and Lycra?

Yes. They’re sleeping soundly now. Adam’s with Lycra.

Who is Adam?

He’s Lycralad’s friend in his secret identity, it seems. He’s been a good help, actually.

There. Viridian is free. Viridian, you go with Charlie to Sue, and I’ll bring these round. I’ll keep Icewind asleep until later.

Very well, my friend. They are all sleeping now, so should be no trouble. It is good to see you once again, Invisible Charlie.

And you too, Viridian. Now, shall we go and see to our colleague? Ah. The Dictaphone’s power is almost out. And now – no. It’s back to full strength again. There’s something odd going on. Is it of your doing, Viridian?

No. It is nothing of my doing whatsoever, Invisible Charlie. I do feel a presence, though, one who is giving a helping hand.

Yes. The story concludes next week.

The Superhero Diaries 5.10: Invisible Help

The story continues…


I’ve got it working.

This is Invisible Charlie from the Elite Force of Britain. I’m recording this on an adapted Dictaphone as I want to record events as they happen. Solar flares have caused major disruption all across the planet, but the main problem is that the powers of superheroes and villains everywhere have gone awry, due to a constant bombardment of psychic bursts from Psychic Sue. I can’t turn invisible, which isn’t too bad all things considered.

I’m currently in a basement room at EFB headquarters, but I’m about to go outside to see if there is anything I can do to try to resolve this issue.

Psychic Sue is also affecting every living thing on the planet, causing them to act completely different, almost zombie-like. Lycralad has also affected matter, so its molecules are constantly altering and this problem is also spreading around the world very quickly. Crimson Songbird is just shrieking constantly, so that is adding to the madness.

Right. Summary over. It’s time to go.

I’m in the stairway going up to the headquarters. The lighting isn’t working, so I can only assume that the power is now off.

OK. I’m at the top. This is it. I hope I can last long enough to try to calm Psychic Sue somehow. She’s in the medical lab in the doctor’s office on the second floor, with the others who are contributing to the problem.

I’ll not lock this door; in case I need to retreat quickly and by some chance I can get back down there.

OK. I’m in the reception corridor, which seems quiet, apart from the constant screeching. And – wait a minute! There’s a shadow outside the front door. And they are knocking. No, tapping something out. That’s SOS! They are calling for help. They mustn’t be affected. Any help will be better than none. I’ll have to risk it.


H-hello. I-invisible Charlie. I’m Adam. A-adam Rawlinson. I think Lycralad is my friend. I don’t know why but whatever’s happening isn’t affecting me. Even my clothes! I had a compulsion to come here. A thought, but a really strong one said ‘EFB Go’.

Hi Adam. Come on in, quickly. We can work out what happened there earlier. I’m just glad I have help from someone! Let me just lock this door – who?! Adam – get behind me – this is the Dropped Apostrophe!

But look at his clothes – he looks unaffected.

You’re right. Apostrophe – you’d better be up to no good, today of all days. I don’t have time for you at the moment.

No. I’m here to help. Look at me. I’m fine. My colleagues are all like cavemen and I’m fine. I got your message. For today at least I’m one of the good guys.

OK then. Come on in. This first room here on the left is the kitchen. If you look through the window, you will see that is just a complete block of ice inside, and trapped within the ice is Viridian and a few others. We need to find some way to melt the ice and free Viridian – he isn’t affected as well, but is using his powers to keep the others alive. He will be the one to settle Psychic Sue, so we need to get him out.

Then I shall do that, Invisible Charlie. As a supervillain, I am aware that I shouldn’t really be inside your headquarters so I’ll stay here and do what I can. We do have a moral code, even as the bad guys. You can trust me.

I have no choice, Apostrophe, but thank you. Do what you can. Adam and I will go upstairs to find if we can do something else to settle Sue.

Adam – come with me.

Are you just going to trust him, just like that?

I – we have no choice. You can see that he is unaffected, and I did ask for their help as well. Right. OK. Upstairs we go. The medical centre is on the second floor.

You have a medical centre?

Oh yes. In this game you need one! One of the receptionists is – ah. Never mind. I nearly gave away a trade secret then and divulged a secret identity.

It’s OK. I can’t be trusted. I know that.

No. It’s not that, Adam. We need to keep our identities secret to protect everyone around us. Even our closest family and friends – or most of them – don’t even know what we do. People like the Dropped Apostrophe and others are always trying to get information such as that, and the less who know the better.

Ah. OK. Invisible Charlie,

Just Charlie will be fine.

Charlie, why aren’t I affected? I can hear that screaming clearly, it seems to be drowning out my thoughts, yet I can still hear them. And my clothes. They should be in shreds. They’re just normal clothes. I don’t get it.

I don’t get that bit either. I can see how our minds might not be affected, but the clothes? And another thing. The building looks structurally fine as well. There should be some distortions, especially being this close to Lycralad but nothing.

And Lycralad. Is he OK?

I’m sure he’s fine. How do you know him?

I think he’s my b – erm – I think I’ve worked it out. Something he said to me yesterday. Never mind.

Hmmm. OK. Here’s the medical centre. Psychic Sue, Lycralad and Crimson Songbird are all in the medical rooms down that long corridor over there. I think the first thing we need to do is sedate Crimson and stop that constant screaming. And once that’s done, we need to see what we can do to both Sue and Lycra.

Yes. The story continues next week. I can’t believe it…

Apologies for this post appearing so late, and for the rather obvious lack of my presence around the Blogosphere this week. Not that there’s anything really new there, but I’m just sayin’!

The Superhero Diaries 5.9: Radio Silence

Dear Britain, the world, and any future generations,

My name is Charles Seer, but I’m probably better known to you as Invisible Charlie.

I’m writing this to apologise to each and every one of you. I’ve failed dreadfully in the planet’s greatest hour of need. I’m trapped in a lead room below the Elite Force of Britain headquarters in England. I may be the only superhero left on the planet, as everybody else has been overcome by a solar-flare-induced psychic battering from my friend and colleague Psychic Sue.

I’m affected also, as I have lost my power to turn invisible, but that power would be no good in this situation anyway.

I’ve been watching the news channel – its broadcasting events live, but all of the newsreaders and production crews have now been affected by the psychic onslaught. Every now and then a face will appear on screen, almost zombie-like and dressed in rags.

It was comical to start off with, people line-dancing in the street, but then animals joined in. Dogs and cats star jumping. Horses cartwheeling. Surreal events which I will never forget about.

I’ve sent an appeal out to the superhero groups around the world, but I’ve heard nothing back, and because of that, I can only assume that they have succumbed to this terrible event also.

Please let it be known that I have tried my best to get any kind of help, even resorting to asking supervillains, but again, nothing.

I’m writing this, should anyone ever find it, to say I am not giving up. Not in this room. I am going to go out there, and do what I can to try and restore some kind of order myself. I don’t know how long I will manage to even stand up outside of the door, but I have to do something.

If you read this, I can only presume that I have failed, as if I do not fail, I shall return and destroy this letter.

May peace be restored to this wonderful world.

Invisible Charlie.


This story continues next week.

The Superhero Diaries 5.8: Malfunction

Dear Super teams of the world:

This message is being transmitted and auto-translated to every super hero organisation in every country around the world, on the securest of channels, although it may still be open to interception.

I have no choice, and must send the following message.

This is Invisible Charlie of the Elite Force of Britain requesting urgent assistance.

Please respond as soon as possible.

The adverse solar activity we have recently experienced, that caused disruption to TV and radio signals, flights and satellite navigation systems has also had an undesired side effect on the powers of most of the Elite Force of Britain.

I have lost my ability to turn invisible, which, although isn’t perfect isn’t as bad as what is happening to my colleagues.

Psychic Sue is sending out psychic blasts which are affecting the majority of superheroes’ abilities to even think. I’m sending this from the lead bunker below the EFB headquarters in Mid, which seems to be blocking out Psychic Sue’s thoughts.

Bettystretch has stretched further than she has ever done before, and she is becoming wafer thin. If help doesn’t come soon, she may stretch out of existence.

Lycralad’s texture-altering ability has reduced his costume to mere fibres, but anything within a forty meter radius of him is also being affected, with clothing altering texture on those who are wearing it, but also concrete, wood, and metal are having their elements distorted and merged.

Firetop is ablaze, with temperatures reaching something close to that of the Sun. Luckily, he is still able to contain most of the heat at the moment, but he doesn’t know for how long.

Crimson Songbird is shrieking at the top of her voice, smashing glass and terrifying dogs all across the land.

Muriel Magnificent’s magical abilities are out of control. Like Firetop, she is able to contain most of what is going on, but cannot stop creating doves and bunnies. She reverses the creations, but they appear again.

Angel Change is constantly changing form into a variety of animals and can’t stop.

Felyne has become like a wild cat, snarling and clawing and is out of control. He has already damaged Parrot Girl’s wings, and sliced the Diver’s chest into ribbons. Green Gladiator is trying to keep Felyne distracted by throwing various objects for Felyne to chase, but soon he will realise this is a distraction and go for the Gladiator.

Sia Klath, the Stealth Gentleman, Raydarr and Viridian have all been frozen together with Icewind in the kitchen, which is now a solid block of ice. Luckily Viridian’s alien mind hasn’t been affected by Psychic Sue’s blasts and he is keeping everyone in stasis so the cold won’t affect them, but, as well as being trapped in the ice, he is busy doing that and is unable to hold back Sue’s mind bursts.

I’ve even tried to call on Supervillains United to see if they can assist, but they have their own problems with the solar flare, and are also affected by Psychic Sue’s meltdown.

The public are also experiencing this, so it isn’t just an internal issue for us. Lycralad’s element altering abilities are spreading outwards, and Psychic Sue’s bursts are getting stronger. The Puddleton Protector has advised that Puddleton’s town hall has been taken out of action by all of the councillor’s line dancing, shoppers are singing Land of Hope and Glory over and over, and their police station has had to close because the entire police force is playing with building blocks.

As you can appreciate, things are pretty dire at the moment. I can’t see it being too long before the entire country is affected.

If you can help, please come and do so.

If not, I fear we may just be seeing the end of the world.