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The Superhero Diaries 4.4: Teamwork

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to eradicate problem after problem. Recently, the team have been somewhat otherwise engaged. Some are now speculating missing in action. Rumours had it that some superheroes were off-world on a secret mission – a fact now seemingly discounted by N.A.S.A. (the North Atlantic Spaceways Agency; they always get confused with the other NASA) other folk say the superheroes are busy dealing with more home-grown issues. Wherever they are, the lack of superheroes hasn’t gone unnoticed by the dastardly Supervillains United who are having themselves a field day. And so is the world’s media, looking at these clippings found in a hastily discarded scrapbook:


The Overthrower and The Tickler Torment the Tennis

The Up Lawn Tennis Association has been plunged into chaos as two formidable members of Supervillains United wreak havoc upon the men’s doubles. The Overthrower overthrew the umpire and began directing the game in process and The Tickler completely spoiled play by causing all four players and six ball boys to hysterically pound the ground in laughter due to his Multi Pronged Tickler. Whilst all eyes were on the unsportsmanlike display on the court, off the court henchmen helped themselves to the dignitaries’ wallets and jewels.

Two-Oh Duo and Pinchem Mob Ride High

The Self-proclaimed Seven Sods stole the show literally at the Mid Monster Truck Rally this weekend, as each one of this unfortunate banding of baddies made their escape with seven of the eight showpiece vehicles. They made sure nobody could use the eighth either by gluing SVU flyers all over the windscreen – with superglue to boot. Organisers and sponsors alike were less than thrilled.

HeroX and Szikik Redirect Motorway Traffic Down a Country Lane

Frustration, anger and an annoyed herd of cows met commuters during Monday Morning’s rush-hour traffic. Road Closed signs diverted traffic off an already congested M6 and then proceeded to direct them into a single lane country road where the first few motorists found themselves stopped by a herd of angry cows. With no way forward and no way to turn, the four-mile long line of cars and lorries had to wait for hours for the cars to be removed, and then wait for further directions to get back to the motorway. The reason for this mis-direction? The pairing of HeroX and Szikik needed to stop a fleet of armoured cars delivering new pound coins to banks around the country and help themselves to the newly minted coins.

Dawn the Vampire and The Pumpkin Dance by Moonlight

Blackchester residents witnessed the most unusual pairing of the Vampire, Dawn, dressed in a red velvet frock dancing a moonlit tango with The Pumpkin, in top hat and tails, outside the Pyramid Lounge. They’d just scooped themselves a prize by stealing artworks from the Victorian Museum, and were celebrating their achievements in broad moonlight. The dancing wasn’t the odd thing, however. The Pumpkin was last seen in 1924.

A separate clipping wasn’t as attached as securely as the others, perhaps because it focussed more on the superheroes?

Editor’s Thoughts

This is now getting beyond a joke. Our police forces are doing all they can when they can, but with the supervillains running amok there isn’t much more that can be done, apart from the public uprising themselves, which isn’t really a good idea looking at the smug attitudes of the villainous team-ups taking place. We need our superheroes to return. And fast. The question, though, is where are they?

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The Superhero Diaries 4.3: Regretfully Yours

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one problem and decided to stick together to solve many. Lately, however, the team have been elsewhere. Some superheroes are on an important mission on a planet far, far away, and others are dealing with more home-grown issues. Due to this lack in superheroes, the despicable Supervillains United have taken the opportunity to strike.
Speculation is running high that the superheroes’ return is imminent, so the SVU are swiftly undertaking a recruitment campaign to swell their number.

The even more despicable Dropped Apostrophe is in charge of recruitment. And he is ‘roofless’ as he occasionally describes himself. A rejection letter has been delivered to a wannabe new member, it appears the applicant’s name had been deliberately left off the letter.


Thank you for your recent request to join Supervillain’s United (you’re only true supervillain group).

Regretfully at this time, we are unable to offer you a permanent place within our membership.

Our background cheques have revealed that you were once saved by a member of the Elite Farce of Britain, and as such we deem you to be more loyal to their cause than hours.

If, however, you choose to persew further your request to join are ranks, please fill out another form and get it back to us, wear we can cheque you agane.

Regretfully Your’s,

The Dropped Apostrophe UPR CSE cmma FLSTP

Designated Commander Recruitment Division

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The Superhero Diaries 4.2: The Villains’ Code

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one town’s problems, and decided to stick together as they liked how things turned out. Recently, however, the team have been missing. Some on an important mission off-world, others involved in cases on their own. Due to the severe lack in superheroes, the balance of power has switched to another group. The despicable Supervillains United. The wider world at large have been up in arms, speculating just when their protectors for good over evil will return. And also due to the lack of superheroes, newer costumed crimefighters have been taking to the streets to clear them once and for all of the tyranny of the supervillain supergroup. AND where there are groups of supervillains, there are squabbles and arguments and fallings out… meaning some supervillains have also switched sides and joined the ranks of their missing superheroes.

A fact not unnoticed by the SVU themselves. Here follows the text from a flyer that had been glued to a lamppost:

Supervillains everywhere,

I implore you to unite with those of us who have created the greatest team of Supervillains in existence; Supervillains United.

We can use our powers, our resources, our cunning and our skills to our greater benefit if we band together and work together. We can help each other. We can protect each other from our adversaries from the Elite Force of Britain and their associates. We can trap them, discover their secrets, their weaknesses… and we can combine our forces to bring about defeat after defeat to those who stand in our way.

Supervillains everywhere,

You are either with us or not. And if not, you stand against us. You stand with the Superheroes, the very people who want to stop us from living the very lives that we dream of.

If you stand against us, like the Superheroes who stand in our way, you will pay for your chosen path. If you stand with us, you will be protected by the Villains’ Code. Our Code.

To join us, simply fill in the form overleaf and return it to the SVU Headquarters. We know who you are. We await your reply.

We have opted not to include the form, as some folk have been registering other people’s details to join this despicable organisation

As we said in the introduction, folk are getting tired of these supervillains running the show, and have been speculating upon the heroes’ return. Here’s the latest issue of the new Just So magazine (full of super-celebrity gossip):

And in case you can’t make out the headline, it reads “EXCLUSIVE! Elite Force of Britain: They’re Back! And this time, they have friends!”

But, is this headline true? Are our heroes back? And what are the SVU planning next? Find out in the next edition of The Superhero Diaries!

As it has been a while, 4.1 is here. Links to previous instalments are in the Storylines page.

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Now, I’m not one for dressing up. But if I were, I’d love to go to one of those Comic Book Conventions where folk go dressed as their favourite superhero (or comic book character). I’ve always been a superhero fan, my Inner Geek makes sure that I never forget that fact. Not that it’s geeky to like superheroes, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, as I pondered over what to paint for today’s contribution to the #WorldWatercolorMonth, my thoughts went back to classic TV shows. My mind created its own Fantasy Island. A portrait appeared in my mind’s eye of the Munsters… with the Addams Family. And then I thought of Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl from the 1960s.

And my mind was made up. I was to paint yet another face, although one this time covered by a cowl. I had an issue with the nose, and I don’t think it looks particularly like Yvonne Craig, but my portraits of actual people tend not to look like who they are meant to be anyway. I’m getting around this one by saying it is a portrait of someone dressing up as Yvonne Craig dressed as Batgirl.

As well as the nose, I also had an issue with the shiny material. This Batgirl costume had two shines to contend with, the one on the hood and cloak, and the one on the costume. Both different, but I think I get the message across.  I’m also quite surprised how almost central the image is!