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Feel Good Friday!

Time for a new feature, I feel.

I have a fun connection with the Universe, I really do! I love how things are delivered to me in such amazing ways that if they were written down they would seem far-fetched at least, impossible at most. Even the things that recently spiralled out of control come under this connection – everything that is coming into my life is ‘helped along’ to me by the Universe. I bring them in as well, of course, and being in the right place at the right time also helps. How often are we in the right place at the right time? More often than we give credit to, when you think about it.

First, though, something to set the scene. In between my normal life bits and bobs, I’ll pop the TV on and catch a quick few minutes of a programme I recorded for a later time. A few minutes here and there helps to keep things moving along nicely. My recent recording for these ‘snippets’ is of the singing competition The Voice UK, and I’d already watched the first singer of this particular episode.

So now that we are where we are, time for a little background story regarding this very post. I’m trying to write posts at present to schedule and post early the next day, rather than writing and posting there and then, to slow things down a little and provide myself a little more time. For this post, I hit the stumbling block for ideas that has been hampering me recently. This post, Friday’s post, was going to be left until Friday evening to write as nothing was coming to me. This didn’t matter, however, as it would still be posted on Friday, and Thursday’s post had already been published so I didn’t need to worry about that. Thursday’s post was about the Butterfly Effect. Now that is important and you will see why shortly.

OK. Post postponed. I decided to catch my next song on The Voice, a chap singing ‘Hold on Tight’ by Greg Holden. A good version, I must say, but Greg’s original grabbed my attention when I first heard it, and I’ve posted it a couple of times on my blog since then. What goes around comes around. I realised the Universe was telling me to write a post featuring this song… the other participants on the show were commenting on the fact that they didn’t know it, and I was telling them that I did! I knew it! Inspiration had struck.

So, I came to write the post, and looked for the original that featured the video so I could link to it. The first comment from Prenin on that original post caused my mouth to drop open.

Please, follow this link to the original post, listen to the song, and look at Prenin’s comment. Bear in mind I didn’t know what I would be writing about for Thursday’s post until Wednesday.

The Universe is full of surprises. I know it. I’m very often in the right place at the right time, yet I’m always surprised when the Universe delivers.

It is now 23:00 on 09/03/17, I’m adding a few images, and will then be scheduling this to be posted at 00:30 on 10/03/17.

What goes around comes around. Feel Good now!

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A Christmas Thought

He looked out over the world, into the hearts and souls of every living creature upon it. Some don’t celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t matter, he responded.

He looked into the eyes of each living being, some saddened, or bleary, some expectant and full of hope, or deliriously happy. Some, filled with greed and rage and jealousy. They don’t deserve anything. I disagree, he said in return.

He looked into the mind of the hungry owl and the petrified dormouse. Survival of the fittest. He said nothing in return, and just thought.

Survival of the fittest. It’s like that in every walk of life, in every species. Always has been. Can’t change it. It’s the natural way.

He looked out over the world, into the hearts and souls of every living creature upon it. There’s one thing that may help, he said. Looking into every soul longing for the chance to exist in a world full of joy, instead of trying to be one of the fittest who survive whatever comes along. It’s just an idea.

What is it?

That’s it. Just an idea. A single thought that will allow the individual to find greatness in whatever they do, or be, or have. One single thought that triggers the inspiration of greatness; of change; of peace; of freedom; of harmony; or one that triggers the inspiration for togetherness; companionship; agreement.

That should work for all. Not in a competitive way, but for the good of all. Not fuelled by greed, but fuelled by love and hope.

Will it work? It may do. That’s down to the individual and how they interpret the idea. The thoughts are out there, waiting to be tapped into. Waiting to reach the souls that are searching for them.

I’m adding power to this thought. Sending the vibes out there. With the right ideas, and the right mind-set, we can make this place absolutely fantastic.

I’ve added a button below, should you wish to press it, which will add your power to the process too!

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Cave Magic



Enid shivered beneath the great rock. Carmichael tried his best to keep the fire burning, but the strong winds and torrential rain thwarted his every move.

They were both caked in mud, as was Snowy, the normally pure white cat that had strangely befriended them.

“I wish I could find us somewhere better to live, Enid.” Carmichael sounded dejected.

“We’re doing fine” Enid replied, “It’s only every now and again we have this kind of weather to put up with.”

“No… but…” Carmichael thought. “Do you believe in magic? I’m going to conjure up a magic house just for us. Just you wait and see.”

“Well, I’ll believe that when I see it.” Snowy cuddled up close to Enid, purring loudly. Her attention was grabbed by something in the rock above, and she stared intently. Enid followed her gaze. “Carmichael… the rock… it’s sparkling…”

“Told you. The magic’s started already!”


A pre-visit to Enid and Carmichael, this. We first met them just before Halloween last year, and then once again in April this year. The pair used to live in a dig-out under a bridge, but when the weather took a turn for the worse they’d move temporarily into a small cave, which offered them no protection from the elements whatsoever, but it felt safer than being under the rickety old bridge. This conversation may or may not have been the starting point for their sudden change of circumstances, but it certainly set some wheels in motion. Strange things happen… especially with these two.

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Gently swaying, I’m carried forwards…
Ripples reflecting starlight in a blissful rhythm,
Wind carrying echoes from the nearby shores and sounds from the not-too-distant forest,
Subdued Moonlight enhances the stars’ brightness,
And the Gateway to the Universe lies ahead of me

Each star a dream
Each sun a symbol of hope
Each segment of space a doorway to goodness knows where.

Getting there is the issue.


The mind can get to places even ships can’t at present. The mind has unlimited abilities.

The mind can do good for many.

Look skywards. Feel the inspiration. Use your mind. Reach for the stars.