An Old Friend Returns!

Look who’s back! It’s Tufty the Duck and Mrs Tufty!

I saw them minding their own businesses swimming around The Lake today… they kept their distance from me, but I think I got a few action shots of them.

They weren’t the only ones keeping their distance, however.

The chap above had his eye firmly on something the other side of the bushes.

And who’s that over there? Is it? Is it???

It is! The Heron returns. He went again shortly after the above photo was taken, unfortunately.

And this chap kept me on the edge of The Bank as he haphazardly yet with marvellous precision clambered over the rocks.

Another fabulous time by The Lake… but then again, time’s always fabulous there!


I was out walking by the Lake the other day, nonchalantly strolling around as one does on a cooling Autumn day. Movement on one of the rocks caught my eye, so out came the mobile phone and out came the camera! You can just make out the ‘what’ towards the top of this photo.

Oops… sorry – maybe now would be a good time to say ‘Warning! May Contain Bugs!’

In the blink of an eye, this little chap made his way down the rock, to feast on whatever it found lurking in the moss and plant life a little further down:

It’s a shield bug. Normally they are a green/brown colour (well, the ones I normally see are!), but this one caught my eye because of its purples, blues and oranges. I do like a splash of colour, I do. Here he posed to show off his good side:

I’m fascinated by creatures such as this… their intricate markings, the way they know exactly what they’re doing, where they are going, and the way they seem to show no fear when a great looming giant is standing not too far away taking photos of them.

We share our fabulous planet with an abundance of creatures, some of which we wouldn’t even give a second glance to. But if we stop and watch them going about their normal lives, surviving, we start to see the very essence of life itself: just being. Living. The magic of life.

This ends this post. If you aren’t keen on insects and creepy crawlies, you may now come out from behind the sofa!


I was, once again, around the Lake when I spotted, through the clearing in the trees and grasses, this heron peering through the surface of the water.

In an instant, its long beak broke through the surface of the water, snatching a tasty morsel.


It then saw me through the clearing, so I decided to leave at that moment. I may have been a little larger than the fish just caught, but I could see hunger through those eyes that were peering now directly at me. I wasn’t going to stick around any longer!

This is a post in response to Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme, ‘Through’.