Beyond the Sphere

Down by the Edge of The Lake

Sometimes, life is surreal. Sometimes, you  just have to look on and wonder. Wonder what? Exactly. The Lake at lunchtime. I have no idea where those mountains have come from… I must apologise. I blame Brexit.


I was out walking by the Lake the other day, nonchalantly strolling around as one does on a cooling Autumn day. Movement on one of the rocks caught my eye, so out came the mobile phone and out… Read More


I was, once again, around the Lake when I spotted, through the clearing in the trees and grasses, this heron peering through the surface of the water. In an instant, its long beak broke through the surface of… Read More

Cute Critter Friday: Multiplication

One: More: Even more: And, as I look around, even MORE…!

Gold and Brown

An Autumnal Walk Golden leaves hang loosely Ready to fall in any second Covering the ground with a rich soft carpet Several observers look silently on Some green remains along the pathway back to the Mansion Although Autumn… Read More