Beyond the Sphere

The Green Man

After posting the Carved Man the other day, and then the Little Green Man, I thought I would have a go at painting my version of the actual Green Man. More of a caricature than the actual Green… Read More

Turbulence and Light

Today’s painting for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a colourful painting of water. And a lighthouse in a storm. I’ve also had a little fun with the lighthouse theme, as just before posting this I wrote the previous Wordle post, based… Read More

This One Is Called Vision Keeper

Two posts in one, this one. My entry for Six Word Saturday. And my latest Watercolour Month painting. I’ll leave the six words here. Bit tricky trying to get everything in. Especially with time being of the essence…. Read More

The Little Green Man

Almost in keeping with last night’s watercolour, but not quite, I present tonight’s effort. Another Green Man. A Little One this time. Well, not exactly little. He is green though. His name is Cubert. Cubert guards A thousand… Read More

The Carved Man

Earlier this year, I went for a walk through the woods that surround the local dam, and I stumbled across this chap, who was remarkably camouflaged until I was right upon him: Carved in an old tree, I… Read More