Beyond the Sphere

Lazing Around on a Saturday Afternoon

Tufty, that is, not me… and a few years ago as well, not today! Posted for Six Word Saturday.


It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Fruit’. The above photo had to be timed to perfection to be taken, as a mere few seconds later everything had gone. Just like that! Vanished…. Read More

Thirty-first Square!

This is my final post for Becky’s Square Perspectives. Another pathway winding its way into the future and toward all the fabulous, fantastic events, things and people that are lining up to come into our lives. Obviously we… Read More

The Old Tree by the Lake

This one here and that one over there look like sentries, don’t you think? Standing guard so nothing can pass this point on either side. Or maybe they’re posts of some invisible energy field that runs across the… Read More

Out of Season

The transition between Winter and Spring a few years ago. Black and white with just a splash of colour. Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.


A collection of stones and crystals posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Bolt from the Green

A different way of looking at things! Could this be part of an entrance to an old, spooky haunted house somewhere? Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.


Warning: this post may be slightly top-heavy. It’s One Word Sunday once again, and the theme this week is ‘Nosy’. So I thought I’d make a nosy post. A post full of noses.   As with life, some… Read More

Practicing with some photo editing software

Just basic edits, mind! Above is the original photo. Above is the original photo but changed to greyscale. And above is my attempt to make the photo appear black and white and green. I like this effect, but… Read More

Slightly Off Centre

We’re out in the swamp lands today… Well, a few years ago when this photo was taken, just at the beginning of Spring. It was a gloriously sunny day and as yet there wasn’t a single leaf on… Read More


Standing in the Light is an Angel. Above is the same image without the sunburst. Which version do you perceive to be the better one? Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Pieces of Two

We’re in the money! A collection of two pound coins for Becky’s Square Perspectives.