Today’s painting for #WorldWatercolorMonth is a colourful painting of water. And a lighthouse in a storm.

I’ve also had a little fun with the lighthouse theme, as just before posting this I wrote the previous Wordle post, based again on a lighthouse. Well, why not?

There were some challenges with this painting, which, I’ve decided, is unfinished and still needs work doing to it.

The turbulent sea threw up a challenge in itself. Several, actually. The colour for one. How to make the water look choppy for another. And the mist from the waves as they crashed onto the rocks. Oh, and I decided to throw in some lightning as well.

The sky was equally challenging, but I got around that by having the lighthouse send its warning light out to see, should there be any seafarers out there, not realising how close to land they were.

I’m not sure about the mist – I may have missed (hehehe!) the mark with that one, but I quite like the effect I conjured up for the waves crashing onto the rocks. There could still be some work to do there as well, I feel.

And the lighthouse itself. There should be a door at the bottom, a double door, actually, which really does need finishing off. Although I’m quite happy with the battered effect the lighthouse has.

I like the overall feel to the painting, however, even if I do say so myself, and even in its unfinished state. I seem to have developed a choppy painting style as well, unless it’s the brush I’ve taken to using. You know the old saying about a good workman…

This is my last post for today. I’m all posted out now.


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    1. Thanks, Jesh.
      I haven’t been painting in watercolour for all that long – I started last year and just ‘have a go’ every now and then. It’s World Watercolour Month this month, so I’m attempting 31 watercolours in 31 days. I don’t know anything about techniques or what’s right or wrong, but I’m just painting what I feel at the time. Some are OK, some aren’t, but the process is fun!


      1. What helped me get ahead in watercolor was (in the beginning, to do it the same way every time.
        Before painting, I make a very light sketch I
        with pencil – I leave the pencil marks when I’m done. I plan which colors to use.. 2 or 3 colors is highly effective.
        The more colors you use, the more skill you need to bring them all together as a whole scene.
        First the background things, like sky, wall, water, etc. And go for left to right, or from right to left with my brush – not back and forth, because that often ends up giving a “muddy” color.
        Then, the main focus. Think dark color – next to light color.Sometimes I use the white paper to indicate the boundary lines.
        I know these “rules” will help you, to see what is wrong, when you get stuck. Just start over:):)

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