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This One Is Called Vision Keeper

Two posts in one, this one.

My entry for Six Word Saturday.

And my latest Watercolour Month painting.

I’ll leave the six words here. Bit tricky trying to get everything in. Especially with time being of the essence. Again!

Last year, as part of #WorldWatercolorMonth, I created this painting inspired by Sue Dreamwalker:

So this year, I’m doing it again. This time, the watercolour is inspired by Hollis, otherwise known as Visionkeeper, or VK as I call her.

It features a butterfly:

A tiger:

A whale:

Some leaves:

The Moon:

And a lighthouse and a watcher:

So, now to the whole painting:

It took me a couple of hours to complete, and once I started drawing the initial outline the other elements sprang to mind. Animals and people seem to be the main themes for me to paint this year… and it’s all good for me.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday.

Visit Debbie’s blog here.

Visit Sue Dreamwalker here.

And visit Visionkeeper here.

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Oh, Beehive!

I really must work on these blog titles.

This below (and above if the featured image is appearing twice!) is the scene that greeted me earlier today, as I drove for lunch.

Well, this is an artist’s impression of the scene. The road was a little busier, traffic wise… and the road was a little more urban – in fact it was running through a town centre. There were traffic jams and pedestrian crossings with people using them, traffic illegally stopping in yellow box junctions (oh yes, they’ve been caught on the CCTV!)

Looking at the picture, if you can imagine that to be a major road junction just ahead, and there are five lanes full of traffic. The traffic lights are holding us up, as we are driving forwards, because they are on red. I’m in the fifth lane, so the one on the right, and there are therefore four more lanes to my left. On my right, is a reservation, and then two more lanes of traffic heading out of town.

In amongst all of this regular madness, somebody had accidentally, on purpose, or accidentally on purpose, disturbed an extremely large wasps’ nest. There were millions of them swirling hither thither and every whither between and betwixt themselves, the pedestrians, and us sitting in our steaming hot cars waiting to move forward. Several wasps landed on my windscreen (which is what made me realise the smoke-like cloud ahead was actually a swarm of wasps, and promptly close my window making the steaming hotness just a tad more hot).

Eventually, the traffic lights changed to green, and we could move forwards.

Eventually, we cleared the wasp cloud.

Eventually, the remaining wasps that had decided to hitch a ride on my car had dispersed.

And eventually, I was able to open my window, and breathe… and allow in the hot air from outside.

It was a surreal moment. Surrounded by a cloud of wasps. That doesn’t normally happen on a Wednesday.

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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Inclined’. My first inclination was to post a photograph of a path on a hill or something, but then I thought it was a little too straightforward for my normally random interpretation of the themes. So, stumped, I turned to the dictionary to see if that could give another meaning, and provide some divine inclination. A little joke there.

One of the definitions was ‘the angle at which a straight line or plane is inclined to another’, and another ‘the act of inclining the body or head’, so I’ve gone for these two definitions.

Whilst out in the Grinds yesterday, I came across this chap, and took a few photos. Now, I’m aware that a lot of folk are inclined to shudder at the sight of snails or slugs (I do myself with slugs, I’ll admit), so apologies if these photos affect you in that way, but snails are still part of this wonderful world that we live in, and deserve the odd photograph every now and again.

And in the photos, you can clearly see the incline of the head and body, and shell, and also the angle at some of the straight lines that curl themselves around the shell.

Visit Debbie’s blog if you’d like to see more inclinations – I mean interpretations – of this week’s theme.

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The Bluebell Selfie

I wanted to take an unusual photo of the bluebells this past weekend, so twisted myself into all sorts of peculiar angles to get ‘the’ shot. I’m a bit achy today, but never mind about that. The photo above is the one, I feel.

Whilst taking the photos, I accidentally took a Selfie of myself, of my usual standard, I must add:

And just by looking at the photo you can imagine the position I was in!

I also saw some white bluebells:

Although they don’t look particularly white on the above photo.

I also saw some striped bluebells:

The second photo above is part of the first as, just like the white bluebells, the stripes don’t appear as bold in the photo as they do in real life.

I also spotted this chap whilst I was out on my rounds:

  And this wasp, sleeping:

This shield bug also popped by for a quick photo:

But it was really bluebells I wanted to photograph…

The stripes seem more vivid in this following photo as well:

I even managed to catch a busy bee at work:

Although he was a little to busy to pose for a photograph, hence the furry blurry image in the middle.

Nature really is miraculous when you look at it in close detail. The above photo, which is also the header image, clearly shows the white bluebell at the front there. It’s also the one in the first photo on this post, just to further add a little perspective.

Enjoy the week! Spread some light and joy! And have fun.

About the images:

All taken over the last weekend of April 2017 out in the Grinds,using a Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone. And I’m not really that achy, all things considered.