Wordle: Past Magic

The mists of time swirl and clear And we find ourselves in a long-gone year At a point in time where stories began Origins of legends that have for centuries ran As rain lashes and chilled winds howl Wild animals circle that were born to prowl Kept from the cave by thin rings of fire Their tenacity to wait something to admire Within the safety … Continue reading Wordle: Past Magic

Poortrait. El Revealo!

Drum Roll Please. Shuffling sound heard as envelope is swiftly opened. The Poortrait is of… Tom Cruise! Rapturous applause heard from around the room. Lights flashing, highlighting members of the audience clapping and cheering. Smiling. Laughing. Open-mouthed. Puzzled. Confused. Bewildered. Commotion on stage. Officials on stage. The wrong envelope. The Wrong Envelope. The wrong announcement. What are the chances of that??? Shuffling sound heard as … Continue reading Poortrait. El Revealo!

Poortrait Time!

As per usual, I’m stumped for a post idea… so, I’ve opted for an old favourite… Poortrait time! Pictured above is a rough, rushed and not quite complete poortrait of someone who is or should be well known to the public. Although, I could be wrong as my previous poortrait proved. Never the less, I’m going with it. Now then, two questions this time… who … Continue reading Poortrait Time!

Clues come in many forms. Here’s many.

As a backdrop With a striking theme The mystery person Used to be seen Then along came a prince Who swept her away… Did the hostile takeover End peacefully that day? Several clues here which may or may not help with my latest portrait’s identity. I don’t want to give things away too soon… although we may not have to wait until next week to … Continue reading Clues come in many forms. Here’s many.

Portrait. But of WHO???

I’ve been feeling a little creative of late, and decided to have another go at painting a portrait. OH NO! I hear you shriek… that’s fine, I shrieked it myself. Instead of wasting using watercolour, I decided to go down the digital route with this one, and wasted a few thousand pixels and several thousand seconds instead. I shall give a few clues, but will … Continue reading Portrait. But of WHO???

Wordle: Just Life

Precise as it will ever be, Is life’s confusing tapestry Veiled threats mix with harmony As is shown countless times Stars can sparkle brightly Though sometimes they are not seen When clouds come in so quickly Like dark thoughts within our minds Ignorant as we may seem We try to get ourselves seen As environmentally friendly And being cruel to be kind We get weighed … Continue reading Wordle: Just Life


Everything was going her way. At last, after all those years, she’d made it. She’d become a success. A sensation. “You’re moving forwards now, kiddo!” Her agent told her, “I said we’d get there!” “What happens now?” She asked, eyes intense with expectation. “We continue moving on. YOU continue moving on. Leave your old life behind, and watch the opportunities knock!” “Leave my…? What about … Continue reading Dilemma

Eye Hopes

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Fifteen Remember the portrait of the superstar I painted the other day? The one that looks nothing like the person it should be but very similar to someone else? Please note I’m naming no names; and I’m still not. I’m building myself up to the big reveal at the end of the month, but along the way, I’m popping in a few clues. … Continue reading Eye Hopes

Them Watching Us

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Fourteen Another quick one that took far longer than I’d anticipated… and it’s a good job that not all of the seats are full yet, otherwise it would have taken even longer. A quick sketch with my India Ink pen, and then a few random sploshes of watercolour pencil, brushed not shaded, brought on lights down time nicely. I wonder if they’ll be … Continue reading Them Watching Us

All Smiles

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Seven I stand before the entire world naked. Well, not literally the whole world (seven bloggers),  and not exactly naked in the true sense of the word, but during this #WorldWatercolorMonth of July that’s how it feels. I’m new to watercolour painting… yes, I’ve painted during schooldays millennia ago, but haven’t done it since, and throughout this month whatever I paint I shall … Continue reading All Smiles