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Wordle: Special Delivery

The band played loudly as the secret agent made his way to the back of the smoke-filled bar. His way was blocked by a thuggish-looking doorman.
“Why should I let you through?” He asked, menacingly.
The spy laughed in contempt, holding open the bag he was carrying to reveal the contents to the doorman. Not one word did he utter.
“Good answer.” The doorman pushed open the heavy door to let the man in the over-sized overcoat walk through.
The bare walls and stone floor of this room caused the spy to reflect on his career. I remember the days I’d go on proper missions, he thought as he heard giggling coming from yet another room off this one. He picked up a small square card from a rickety table in the corner, and did as the instructions told him.
He left he pizza on the table, and took the small wad of cash that had been left beside the card. He kept the change. Still, the pay’s good in this malarkey.
He lifted his collar, pulled open the heavy door once again, walked straight passed the thuggish doorman, across the bar and out through the exit into the night.

A slightly different attempt at the Wordle this week, as I’ve used the words in a short (200 word) tale, rather than one of my random rhymes.


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Penguin Unlikely

Can you believe it’s been two weeks since we were last at that Comic Book Convention? They’re still turning up, those dodgy folk in their even dodgier costumes. I mean, look above. That isn’t the Penguin from the 1960’s Batman TV show. It isn’t him now, and it wouldn’t be him if I had more than the allocated hour to spend on him. In fact, that’s how I’d turn up at a Comic Book Convention if I were dressed as the Penguin. All wrong.

But never mind.

It is at it is. It’s another practice at painting a face, this time one without a mask, although there is still a monocle. Not that a clear glass disc offers much in the form of a face covering.

This is today’s watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Tomorrow I think I’ll paint some dots.

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Who Is This?


I had to do it.

Another of my c’est magnifique portraits that look nothing like the person they are meant to. This one joins the ranks with Lynda Carter who was last year’s victim celebrity chosen to be my subject for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

I shall ask the question now, and then leave you guessing until I reveal who it is in a few day’s time. As with Lynda last year, I may paint a few clues along the way, if guesses are particularly miles off. I say guesses, stabs in the dark may be closer. You first have to first decide whether it is male or female, and take it from there.


Without further ado. Drumroll please, for dramatic effect…




As with previous posts such as this, please feel free to throw your wild guesses into the mix… well, into the comments below. I will not be offended by whoever you say, it is all in fun, and I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together for a prize; so it’s just as well.

And no offence is intended to the celebrity (whoever he or she may be!) should you happen by this post. I’m terrible at portraits, and have only recently (last year) started back using watercolour, so need all the practice I can get. You were fun to paint, however. If that helps.

Visit the link below (click the box) for more details on WorldWatercolorMonth.


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Footprints in the Sand

Professor Graunt of the Healding Institute was the first to spot the rift.

“It’s clearly obvious, the more you look at it!” He said, in his usual over-excited way. “Just look at this remarkable photograph; the unmistakable footprints walking right to left, left foot first. The first two steps, clearly shodden, are those of an older person. The next two are barefoot, and most definitely younger. Look closely and notice the line in the sand that divides the two pairs of footprints.

“The ripples from the tide are clearly visible all over the sand’s surface, but not at the band that intersects vertically across the centre. That band is the rift between time and space. That band is proof, PROOF I tell you, that time travel is not only possible, it exists and is readily available for anybody wishing to step back in time… but in age though, not history.”

This post is in response to a writing challenge by Frank (from A Frank Angle). The badge above will take you to Frank’s site, where other contributors are also linking. The challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 150 words. I used each and every one of them… a slight variation on embracing the Inner Child, perhaps?

On a side note, this post is my two thousand two hundred and twenty second post here on WordPress. 2222! Yet another milestone reached!