On The Coast

With me not being in the immediate vicinity of the coast, the Lake will have to do for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, of, as it happens, On The Coast. Luckily, a coast guard was on hand for this photo, which, incidentally was also the photo at the bottom of yesterday’s rabbit hole.

And what’s better than one coast guard? A flock of them!

So now I’ve learned how to badly use the cloning tool. Believe you me, if I ever saw this many herons all together in one place I’d have thought all my eggs had hatched!

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Time’ is Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week.

There’s an old expression that says ‘time is money’, so I’m representing time this week by money. Old coins in fact!

As you can see, some coins aren’t as old as others, but each and every one of them link back to a certain time, and presumably hold some kind of link to special events they were used for… hidden within the mists of time.

Well, it’s nice to think that they all weren’t used just to buy potatoes!

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Meadows thumped the console in frustration.

“How could this have happened?” He screamed at all of the scientists around him. None paid any attention. “You!” He yelled as one walked by carrying a tray of test tubes. “Are you the woman who did this?”

Giles looked at Meadows. “No. I’m a man.”, he said flippantly as he continued walking.

“Mars shouldn’t be like this. It should be barren. Red. No atmosphere. How can we investigate this now with all that out there?” Furious, he pointed to the viewscreen.

“Well, Meadows,” Giles said as he returned, “we were looking for life.”


Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Meadows.

The image is not mine. Eugenia selected Rocky Mountains In Spring, uploaded by ‘Stacy’ to Lovethispic.com for this week’s challenge.