One Word Sunday this week is ‘Confusion’.

So, I’ve flipped it around a little and gone with ‘Understanding’. And by that, I mean our way of going about understanding the confusion of the Universe. Well, Outer Space. Well, radio waves. Well, pulsars and the like.

This is the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, as it was a few years ago, although it looks pretty much the same today, and probably as it looked when it was first built back in 1957.

I love the magic of the Universe; and the fantasies. I’m more than bamboozled by the workings of it, but have at least some understanding of it thanks in part to the data gathered by telescopes such as this. I couldn’t answer questions on it (or pulsars, quasars or other ‘spacial’ stuff for that matter) and if I did I would receive many a confused look back at me… but as I don’t have any photos of confused looks to use, this representation of understanding will have to do!

Visit Debbie’s site (on the link below) to see more takes on the theme:

One Word Sunday


Three representations of ‘Dazzle’, which is Debbie’s One Word Sunday this week.

The first photo is of a murky, foggy night one Winter a few years ago. I’ve tweaked this image a little, but the streetlights are still a little dazzling.

The second two are of the Moon, which is always dazzling – especially when I try to take photos of it. However, long may the Moon dazzle, is what I say!

One Word Sunday


They paused.
The applause
Was the long pause cause
‘Cause the applause
Filled a short pause
That shouldn’t have been there.

Brew’N’Spew Café time once again, and Eugenia’s word this week is ‘Applause’. And this week, I’ve written about the importance of timing. In a roundabout way. Sort of. Link above!

The Gods’ Twilight

Dark skies lit by lightning bright
City lights slighted by foreboding sight
Dweller’s fright blights their night
As Ragnarök’s fight takes flight
Icy winds bite and show their might
Streaks of white at differing heights
Clatter with spite as they strike and smite
And Norse Gods reveal their plight
The End and The Beginning, all unite
For Ragnarøkkr; the Gods’ Twilight

Hélène has provided the above dramatic image for this week’s What Do You See? challenge. It took me back to the days of Norse Mythology, and the End and the Beginning of time. Link below:

Weekly challenge


‘Vertical’ is Debbie’s One Word Sunday word this week, and I instantly thought of this photo I took several years ago of some trees. They aren’t just vertical, they are very vertical. There are a couple of people and a dog in the bottom right-hand corner who prove what I mean.

One Word Sunday