Pastel Monster

Abstract, and not a pumpkin in sight. Mwahahaha!

ATC-sized watercolour scribbling… expanded, of course. And poorly photographed.

Perhaps you can see something else…?

Buildings in Miniature

A pyramid:

A Castle:

My new ‘.T.’ series. ATC-sized watercolour pen/pencil interpretations of anything that comes to mind. Quick, five-minute doodles of colour, blended, and photographed wet. Abstract jottings of wherever my mind, and the watercolours decide to take me.

The pyramid, I’ve just created now. The castle, several weeks ago. You never know… there may be more!

Dodgy Dalmatian

A slightly unconvincing attempt at a young Dalmatian doggy. The painting I did, in watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth, is actually looks more square (and by square I mean rectangular)  in real life, but my scanning skills would say otherwise. It is still far better than my oval-looking blurred photograph – but only just.

I found an image online, and then painted for an hour from memory. After I’d ‘finished’ the above, I compared this painting to the original, and realised I’d meant to paint a Doberman. Ahem. Obviously, I jest!

World Watercolor Month July 2019 Doodlewash