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Thick curtains hung over the large lounge window, dusty and moth-eaten. Wind howled through breaks in the glass, causing the velvety red curtains to move slightly, sending shards of bright light around the room.

Yellow walls, green furniture and a black and white marbled floor reflected some of the light once again, as did the old mirrors on every wall.

Prisms of rainbow-coloured light danced, streaking across whatever surface they could find. Some stretched long and thin, brilliant blues and purples visible. Others became solid white spheres.

Some light orbs floated freely around the room, reveling in their kaleidoscopic paradise.

Earth In Peace

I’m redesigning my Candles, just to continue Sharing the Light around the world.

The first to be redesigned is my Candle for Peace. It’s a little more fussy than the original Peace Candle, but just like that one, the new one is available to be freely used – just right-click and save the image (if using a computer), or use that special jiggery pokery to save it on a mobile device or tablet (in other words follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as I haven’t a clue!)

No attribution required. Just take and use on your blog / site however you like.

Let’s continue spreading our light!

Light Memories

Dancing lights
Of dust and gas
Powered by starlight
No weight or mass
Lighting the sky
Colourful memories of years gone by

Constantly changing
Even now
Brightly positive
Which just shows how

Things change
And time moves on
But memories linger
When the moment’s gone

Keep positive! Feel Good and create a memory!