I cast around a million stars
And added thousands more
Sent in some dust
And light and dark
And liked the magic that I saw

The Universe is in us all
Growing every day
The darkness makes the Light shine bright
And in the Light let’s play!

(I created a nebula this morning and enjoyed the process so much, I’ll be creating more soon! I quite like creating my own Universe… I can choose what I want in it!)


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Light’.

Above are some candles, with candlelight. Below are some crystals with both reflected and refracted light. This light, of course, includes the candlelight, and other light sources as well. It took me ages to get just that tiny speck of yellow light there in the bottom half of the stone… but got it I did!

Visit Debbie’s site on the link above for further takes on this week’s theme.

Shattered Light

The light may appear shattered, darkness strangling all that is good. Shadows etched with fear and uncertainty. But fear not! Nothing will shatter the light. The light disperses into a rainbow of bright colours, diminishing the darkness causing it to lose its icy grip. The light shines through. The darkness is only there to illuminate the light, and the light will continue to shine when the darkness is long gone. So yes, the future is bright. The outlook good. Keep the hope, spread the light!