Beyond the Sphere


Standing in the Light is an Angel. Above is the same image without the sunburst. Which version do you perceive to be the better one? Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Shattered Light

The light may appear shattered, darkness strangling all that is good. Shadows etched with fear and uncertainty. But fear not! Nothing will shatter the light. The light disperses into a rainbow of bright colours, diminishing the darkness causing… Read More

A Change of View

Still reflecting the light. Still going with the flow. And the message? Live in the light and go with the flow. Relax and Feel Good! Simple!

Starlight Magic

Though through starlight Silence is heard The sound of the stars Carry through the birds When daylight breaks And the chorus sings Listen to the birdsong And feel the magic it brings

Strength Light Hope

Strength ~ Light ~ Hope O’er distant lands And through clear blue skies Zephyrs of hope swirl expectantly Lit by the light Of a thousand dreams That dance in anticipation The belief holds firm That whatever is thrust… Read More