Starlight Magic

Though through starlight
Silence is heard
The sound of the stars
Carry through the birds
When daylight breaks
And the chorus sings
Listen to the birdsong
And feel the magic it brings

Strength Light Hope

Strength ~ Light ~ Hope

O’er distant lands
And through clear blue skies
Zephyrs of hope swirl expectantly
Lit by the light
Of a thousand dreams
That dance in anticipation
The belief holds firm
That whatever is thrust upon us
Will not defeat us
Will not bring us down
And will make us stronger together
Even through days
Separated by an attempt of fear
To take away control
And drive us apart
Strength from dreams
Lit by the light from a simple smile
Powers us all
And moves us forward
~ Together ~

Keep strong. We’re getting through this.


Light will always alter the shades of darkness
No matter how dark
Notice the light
Notice how often the darkness changes

The Light Within

Hold on
To the light within
Allow it to shine
And to light the way
To provide warmth
And hope
To give guidance
And comfort
Hold on
To the light within