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Emergence of Colour

You may remember a post back in April I published, ‘Success’, where I mentioned that I’d sowed a few seeds and planted a few bulbs, and all with me not being very green-fingered at all.

Well today, I’d like to post a little update. This is how those seedlings look now:

The above photos were all taken on 3rd June 2017, and some shoots are still coming through. I haven’t the foggiest what the plants are, although I seem to remember gladioli and sunflowers being amongst the mix. I think the tall leafy ones are gladioli, although that is what I think and I have been known to be wrong.

When I looked at them on 9th June 2017, I noticed some tiny petals had appeared on a few of the plants. Even with this clue I’ve no idea what they are, but I’m just pleased that something has actually grown for me! We had some strong winds this last week, and a few of the plants are a little worse for wear right now, but they’re still there. We may be seeing some more colour soon. For that, however, we shall have to wait and see.

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The Bluebell Selfie

I wanted to take an unusual photo of the bluebells this past weekend, so twisted myself into all sorts of peculiar angles to get ‘the’ shot. I’m a bit achy today, but never mind about that. The photo above is the one, I feel.

Whilst taking the photos, I accidentally took a Selfie of myself, of my usual standard, I must add:

And just by looking at the photo you can imagine the position I was in!

I also saw some white bluebells:

Although they don’t look particularly white on the above photo.

I also saw some striped bluebells:

The second photo above is part of the first as, just like the white bluebells, the stripes don’t appear as bold in the photo as they do in real life.

I also spotted this chap whilst I was out on my rounds:

  And this wasp, sleeping:

This shield bug also popped by for a quick photo:

But it was really bluebells I wanted to photograph…

The stripes seem more vivid in this following photo as well:

I even managed to catch a busy bee at work:

Although he was a little to busy to pose for a photograph, hence the furry blurry image in the middle.

Nature really is miraculous when you look at it in close detail. The above photo, which is also the header image, clearly shows the white bluebell at the front there. It’s also the one in the first photo on this post, just to further add a little perspective.

Enjoy the week! Spread some light and joy! And have fun.

About the images:

All taken over the last weekend of April 2017 out in the Grinds,using a Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone. And I’m not really that achy, all things considered.

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Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is ‘Success’. In order to be successful at something, we need to have succeeded in something. Now, let me put it on record that I’m not very green-fingered, but recently I’ve been getting the urge to create a little flower patch. I have absolutely no idea where these urges and ideas come from, but I went with it. I created a smallish patch and planted a few bulbs and scattered a few seeds. A couple of weeks later, I was astounded to see seedlings appear… several of them dotted over the patch. One of them caught my eye in particular, for it looked to me like an arm stretching from beneath the soil, and it was giving a thumbs-up sign. And if that isn’t a sign of success, I don’t know what is! Perhaps I’m slightly more green-fingered than I initially thought.

About the image:

Close-up photo of an emerging seedling taken using Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone, April 2017.

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Warmth and joy sent out
To brighten the darkest day
Perfect radiance

And whilst you’re here (if you haven’t already!) would you like to take a candle or two and spread a little light around the world? This link will take you to my post where you will find several candles to choose from. The candles are free to be taken, you don’t need to link back here or anything if you do take one/some/them, I simply created them so we can all share the light.