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For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Count’.

I’ve gone back through my archive folders (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done that before!) and picked out seven (count ‘em!) photos that contain things that can be counted! They are a random selection of photos, some may have been used before, and if you have a spare few minutes you can sit and count to your heart’s desire. You can count on me to make a game of it! Also, if you have time, visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations on the theme.

Count Number One… Two Pound Coins:

Count Number Two… Crystals:

Count Number Three… Flowers In A Meadow:

Count Number Four… People On A Beach:

Count Number Five… Lily Pads On A Pond:

Count Number Six… Birds On The Water:

And Count Number Seven… Lines On A  Snail’s Back:

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I was inspired by Jodi’s painting to have a go at painting something abstract myself. I haven’t touched any watercolour equipment for a while, and I thought now is as good a time as any. I attempted three abstract paintings, the first two being so bad they even fell far outside the ‘abstract’ category. Never mind, I will paint over them with some texture paste, and then use the paper for something else in the future. Something hopefully better.

For my third painting, and I am calling this a painting as I actually like it myself, is the one above. It’s still wet in the photo at present, and I’m not entirely sure how it will look when dry, but I like how it looks now.

I’m not sure this is classed as abstract, as I intended on painting some kind of poppy this time, but I just sploshed the colour onto the paper and watched what happened. First, the red spread over the wet watercolour paper, and then I added the black which started to do its own thing and blend slightly with the red before stopping. A bit of tilting this way and that allowed the red to run further, and then I added just a few finishing details in the red, yellow and green. Just a dash mind, as I really wanted the emphasis on the red.

The thing is, it reminds me of a poppy, and I am happy with that.

Posted also for Remembrance.

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One Word Sunday this week has an ‘Orange’ theme. I’ve discovered that I don’t have a great deal of photos that would be classed as truly orange, but I have decided to go with these two photos of flowers that grew from my Seedlings earlier this year. They are actually yellow, but they do have a splash of orange in them… and a splash of orange is better than no orange at all!

The first photo is a close up as was… the second has been tweaked just a tad by one of the filter options on the mobile phone.

I think an ideal option this week, to link in with my Hallowe’en theme, would be pumpkins… but I don’t have any and therefore don’t have any photos of them either; but they would have been here instead, if I had!

Visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations on the theme.