Happy Easter!

Happy Easter One and All!

Another (final) photo of the bluebells for Easter Sunday. Enjoy your weekend. They smell amazing, by the way.

Now with a hint of blue

Yes, it’s part 845 of this year’s Bluebell Saga.

The flowers are almost out. The colours are a deep purple / pale green right now, but it will only be a matter of time before… wait! Yes, we have confirmation! The bluebells are forming. Proof is in the first photo above, if you hadn’t noticed.

Eyes are now expertly being peeled.

Six Word Saturday

Another bluebell Six Word Saturday post.

Being Zen

The water ripples
In a gentle soothing breeze
Time stands still for now

Attention wanders
Transfixed by the water’s flow
Free but connected

Petals dance gently
Aromatic pinks in view
Caress the senses

Magic swirls ahead
Golden daffodils appear
A moment of calm