Beyond the Sphere

Dodgy Dalmatian

A slightly unconvincing attempt at a young Dalmatian doggy. The painting I did, in watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth, is actually looks more square (and by square I mean rectangular)  in real life, but my scanning skills would say otherwise…. Read More

White Rabbits?

Anyone like whimsy? Can you believe it’s July already? I can’t. Time is passing by that quickly, I didn’t have time to do a ‘proper’ watercolour for the first day of #WorldWatercolorMonth 2019 – and it isn’t like… Read More

‘Throomageddon is Nigh!

Already the subtle signs of chaos are seeping through. Spellchecker now needs to be told twice when to add a word to the dictionary. Once or twice every now and then is fine, but when you use words… Read More

Fakebeard: The Elf that didn’t Fit

Yes, I know it’s July, and we’re just on the other side of quite possibly the hottest heatwave since the dawn of time. And YES, I’m aware that we are entering into a hosepipe ban here in the… Read More

The Creation of Reality

My reality? Yours? It must be created somewhere. Maybe it does start like this, a swirling mass of colour and indescribable shapes… kind of familiar yet not. Like a dream, perhaps. I have dreams like this. Maybe they… Read More

The Kaleidoscope Butterfly

Just another urban moth! Is it me, or are things starting to get just a little bit surreal around here? This is watercolour nineteen of nineteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. I wonder what happened? I wonder where my inspiration went? … Read More

Will you be my Valentine?

Now that I have your attention, I shall reveal the proper name of this watercolour… ‘Gnarled Heart’. As if I’d be asking any such question. Valentine’s? Me? Pah! With the flash… Without the flash… This is probably the… Read More

Snappy Lion

Or grumpy lion. Or you’ve just woke me up for this lion. Whatever! A very quick (as is the norm!) wet on wet watercolour. I wanted to do a lion, and this is what turned out in the… Read More

Cantalina Whyte

“Paint me!”, she said. “Paint ME!”, she demanded. “PAINT ME NOW!!!”, I thought this chick’s intense. Actually, I didn’t, as I never use the word ‘chick’, but the meaning of my thoughts were the same. “DO IT!” She… Read More

Nefertiti’s Table

For today’s painting, I travelled all the way back to 1355BC  and managed to paint this quick watercolour of a mid-afternoon snack before Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (I was in luck as she’d just popped to the shops with… Read More

And to celebrate the rain: Sunflowers!

Another wet on wet on wet on wet on wet on wet watercolour – that is now fourteen of fourteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. (Oh, and by the way, that was six wets there – well, it is Saturday!) This… Read More


WE’VE HAD RAIN!!!!! And I’ve been dancing in it! Well, it rained for about five minutes this morning whilst I was driving, but I was still dancing in the car… thus in the rain! I soon had to… Read More