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Bottoms Up!

Partly inspired by a recent post by Cobs, and partly inspired by nature, I have digitally painted a whimsical dormouse scurrying into a hole in a tree. I say ‘painted’, but I merely spread a few dashes of colour here and there to create a tree effect. And a hole effect. And a dormouse effect.

Very rough, and very quick… but that’s dormouses for you. (Apart from the roughness, that is… they are so adorably cute!)

Perfect for Flying (Or Luna Ticks the Box)

                       Grab the broom
                  And dust the sky
  Sprinkle magic from up high                
Scream and laugh by the Moon           
      The Moon. The MOON.
Cackle through the windswept hair
Feel the elements
          Up there. Up there.
                               Fly. Just FLY
                                                And feel alive.
                                    And sigh.
                       And cry
The Moon                            
The Moon
                        The Moon

A Haunting We Shall Go…

So gather thine chains
And start murmuring out loud
A haunting we doth go

Laughter through echoes
And sudden temperature drops
Our presence it doth show

Open a door, a rickety old door
That creaks and complains
Open it slow

Rattle thine chains
And murmur out loud
Then slam said door shut. Ho ho!

Then whisper hello
As we stroke someone’s cheek
When a haunting we doth go

Silly. Sorry.

Seriousness and silliness in the same sentence can seem slightly strange, but some can seem seriously silly and others sillily serious at the same time. Still, sillily may seem like a silly word, strangely, and certainly it is and isn’t in equal measure. Sillily is a word, a silly word, silly sounding, silly looking and silly meaning (in a senseless manner), certainly succinctly suitable for a strange but serious post of seventy seven words on silliness.