Beyond the Sphere

One Minute Ramble: The Next Day

I woke up this morning with the strangest feeling that I had forgotten to do something. The feeling was so intense, it felt urgent. How can you have an urgent forgotten feeling? The reason for this feeling was… Read More

The Brand-New Drive-Thru Review

Today’s review is about the newly opened intergalactic drive through just beyond Mars. Actually, the drive-thru itself is on Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons, and the decision to have the drive-thru there has caused a little resentment,… Read More

Looking Deeper…

Down the lane. There’s a river down the lane. There’s a road alongside the river down the lane. There’s a gate on the road that’s alongside the river down the lane. There’s a post by the gate that’s… Read More

Introducing Brianpower

Brianpower is another of my complex internal personalities. Not in a nagging way, as Bernard is. Or as frustrating as Fred, my inner driver. Or as nerdy as Tom the Geek. Or as heroic as Aquatom. Or as… Read More

A Mouse Possessed

What seems like years ago, and was actually mere months, I mentioned a problem I have with my mouse. The problem remains to this day, but I have managed to live with it. Frustratingly infuriating (or should that… Read More