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Ordinarily odd?

I’ve been having a quick browse of the internet, and there seems to be a bit of a buzz going around about the Earth shifting. Apparently the magnetic north pole has shifted, causing problems at an airport in Florida, and it appears that the north pole is now likely to be located somewhere in Russia. But according to the people in the know, this type of shift is natural and normal. Well, it probably is, but when you look further into it, the location of the north pole on the map is some distance away from Russia, it is actually just above Greenland:

It may just be me, but that seems to be quite a big shift.

Added to that, the sun has risen in Greenland two days earlier than expected this year, which is being put down to global warming. They are saying the shift has nothing to do with this.

Another article I have read states that the UK is now not as windy as it used to be, which is beginning to cause a problem with the introduction of wind turbines to generate power. Maybe the UK isn’t as windy, but it was certainly windy in my little area of it today! Unless today’s wind was caused by the shift in the north pole, I would have to disagree with whoever has said that.

I haven’t read anything about any changes to the south pole, apart from one article that said the south pole has now vanished. I’m not one hundred per cent sure, but I somehow don’t think that is possible. Well, I’m also reading about the 2012 prophecies that says that the north and south poles are due to change places in 2012. This would not happen if there wasn’t a south pole. Having said that, the prophecies aren’t particularly positive, and if the poles do actually swap, there may be a few repercussions around the planet. If there is only one pole, the north pole (which by then will probably be in the east), there is nothing for it to change places with. Unless it shifts south, but it won’t as it doesn’t really move that far anyway, apparently.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens then. I’ll keep my eye on the wind.

I have heard a rumour that the Earth is not in the same place as it was 300 million years ago. This sounds like the post I recently made about the Big Bang. For one, the Earth rotates around the Sun, so it wouldn’t be in the same place anyway, and for two, the Sun (and the whole Solar System in fact) may be revolving around something else, so the Sun may not be in the same place either. And if the universe is expanding things will be moving anyway anyway. It is just one big moving swirly thing, the universe. But very dramatic with it!

One more point. The horoscopes have also moved. Or so people thought until recently, and then they realised they haven’t. Apparently, they had been moved back a month, and a thirteenth one had been inserted. I was still Pisces, in this new horoscope, but I was so close to being in Aquarius. And poor Scorpio had been shortened to seven days, to allow Ophiuchus to go into the Zodiac. This change, had nothing to do with the shift in the north pole, but a shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis.

I think I look too deeply into things. There are all of these major shifts going on all over the place that are perfectly ordinary. The axis has moved, so does that mean that the magnetic north has moved with it? Because the Earth is tilting in a slightly different way, maybe the UK has now moved out of the slipstream for the wind that we are now missing. And for the shortest of moments, I could have been an Aquarian, but I wasn’t. I’m still Piscean. Still dreaming of good things, and still ordinarily odd.

Links lost…!

Um… Erm…


I’ve just discovered a new word that I never knew existed before, but funnily enough it describes what I have been doing on here for the last hour or so. The word is lallygag. A quick look at one of the on-line dictionaries, and it’s definition is ‘to loiter aimlessly’.

OK, it doesn’t exactly sum up what I’ve been doing on here for an hour. I haven’t exactly been loitering, and my aim was to write today’s post, but it was one of the spelling suggestions for lalala.  To be honest though, I really think that I have lost all of my links in my thought processes this evening.

I know that I want to write a post. I know that I want it to be an interesting one. And I know that I want to try and make it a bit more fun.

My mind is blank. There’s nothing remotely interesting about that. And it will hardly win any awards for humour this century.

I find it quite funny, funnily enough, when my mind goes blank, as it is usually at times of great importance. Like when I’m asked for directions for somewhere that is just around the corner – and I can’t think of the way! Or when someone is talking to me about a particular person, and I know that I know them, but at that moment I haven’t the foggiest who they are talking about.

I’m currently reading a book about the brain, I can’t remember the name of it or who it is by at present (I really can’t!) but it is about different ways that we can remember things and use our brains more to their full potential. It is a very old book which I bought decades ago, and I found it the other day when I was looking for something that I had lost. The fact that I found it whilst looking for something else that I couldn’t remember where it was speaks wonders. As does the fact that I can’t remember the name of the bloomin’ book now as well. And the fact that I didn’t find what it was that I was originally looking for obviously means that I was meant to find this book again. I don’t even remember buying the book in the first place, and if I remember to think on, I will add the title of the book to another post (or edit this one!) later.

It’s a funny thing, the brain. Not comically funny, but strangely funny. The left side controls the right side of the body and the right side controls the left. I remember that from the book. And one side deals with some things and the other deals with some different things. And the book says to improve our memories it is best to use both sides of the brain, so we create more links, and then easier recall.

I’d like to think that my short term memory needs improving more than my long term memory as I can remember things very clearly from years ago, but seem to forget things that I am currently doing. Usually at work, but I don’t want to go there. Not ‘I don’t want to go to work’ but that ‘I don’t want go into the reasons why I forget things at work’ – that really is boring and not funny. I’d like to think it is just my short term memory, but the in-between memory is a bit hit and miss too. Take that whatever it was I was searching for and couldn’t find it – when I found the book – that wasn’t lost recently. I can’t even remember what it was that I was looking for now, and that search was more recent than when I lost whatever it was that I lost. And the search was intense too, so it must have been important that I found whatever it was. Which I didn’t. In all honesty, I don’t even know why I was even looking for it.

Eek. I’m sounding like a complete scatterbrain now. I’m not a complete one. I’m a partial scatterbrain.

I must admit that I love the feeling when my links fire again, and I remember what it was that I’d forgotten. Relief, ecstasy, gratitude, and dumbfoundedness (roundheadedness and absentmindedness were the word suggestions for this word – I love it! :D) all rolled into one. I also have a slight feeling of confusion as I always ask myself “How could I have forgotten that?”

Maybe this old book I’m reading will help me. If I remember to read it. And remember what it says. And remember to do the exercises. And remember to act on what it says. That’s a lot to remember when you think about it… I’m sure it will help though. I haven’t lost all of the links in my memory yet…

Now, what was I going to write about in this post?

Lion Spirit Guide?

I think I may have met my Animal Spirit Guide last night. Or one of them, anyway. I was dreaming, but the dream seemed different, more vivid. It actually started off very random and weird, and I haven’t had a random or weird dream for a while. It made no sense at all, imagine watching a series of clips from movies strung together without anything connecting them. I was then surrounded by a fog in the dream, and the fog started to part and a young lion cub walked towards me. I knew instantly that the cub was friendly and was there for me. And we could communicate with each other – but not by speech or thoughts, more by feelings. The lion allowed me to stroke him and tickle him, when he started to nibble on my left index finger. Not roughly, very gently in fact. Even though he was a cub, he was quite large, about the size of an average dog.

I’ve been quite busy today, but noticed that my left index finger was very itchy earlier this afternoon. The skin was loose and peeling away, and now there is a small mark in the very point where my finger was being nibbled by this lion cub, and it feels slightly tender. Now this may be another coincidence, but I’ve had the thought about the animal guide ever since I woke up this morning.

I’ve done my usual web-based research into animal spirit guides, and from the sites I have found have read that we do not choose our guides, but they choose us. We can’t say ‘I would love a dolphin as a guide’ because it doesn’t work that way. As in real life, the animal needs to choose us – they need to feel as comfortable with us as we do them. Once they are comfortable, they will make themselves known to us. One way a cat lets us know that they are comfortable with us is by biting, apparently… feline love bites!

Part of the wisdom of the lion is Brotherhood; Letting go of stress; Strong family ties; Strength; Courage; Energy and Self fulfillment.

We can have more than one guide, and they will always let us know they are there in their own time, and can stay with us throughout our life, or until we have realised the lesson they have came to teach us.

I have a very strong feeling that this lion is my guide. I have no name, but sometimes they don’t tell us their names. I wasn’t given any specific information apart from he was a friend. I got the feeling there was something or someone with him as he was being fed – he allowed me to see that – I know that I wasn’t feeding him. I also have a strong feeling he will be back, but I don’t know when.

I was debating whether to post about this, as it is a private connection, and spirit guides aren’t something you come across every day. I asked for my spirit guide to appear to me when I read a book about angels possibly two years ago, but I don’t think I have noticed anything until now. The reason why I have written about it is due to the fact it does feel so comfortable.

Since discovering the laws of the universe after hearing about Cosmic Ordering, my interest in my own spirituality has been heightened. Every now and then something will appear to me that ‘flicks a switch’ in my thought processes, and takes me both within and outside of myself. I honestly do not understand everything that I come across, and everything that happens to me, but I am willing to learn.

This may be another case of me looking too deeply into something, but my feelings are telling me otherwise.

I may never write again about my Lion Spirit Guide. I have written this as an acknowledgement to the lion, as proof that I am aware that he did visit me. I look forward to our next meeting, and the lesson(s) he has for me. And hopefully, he may allow me to write about him again. We’ll see…

Definite Clarity

I like the sound of that!

Me from the past:

I’d get up at around 12.30, sometimes 2pm. Not having very much to do, lying in bed is an easy option. Not having any money to spend, lying in bed is an easy option. Not knowing if others are at work or off work, lying in bed is an easy option. Not eating the right food, lying in bed is an easy option. Not having the healthiest lifestyle, lying in bed is an easy option. Not having a plan, a goal, a direction or a purpose, lying in bed is an easy option.

I didn’t lie in bed all of the time… sometimes I would lie on the sofa.

The easy option is not always the best option. Why does it take so long to learn this lesson?

Me, several years later:

Having lots of money but no-one to enjoy it with, having to buy enormous clothes that only just met in the middle, being breathless after taking one step up, hiding behind words such as ‘if only…’, or ‘why did I?’ or ‘why has this happened to me?’, wanting something better but always having the same.

There’s a message in there somewhere, why couldn’t I see it?

Me, today:

I have an idea of where I want to be, and whether I get there or not is my choice. At present, my idea is just that, an idea. I can see myself being fine – no, well – no, really good! I have a healthy body, a nice selection of friends, and ideas after ideas pop up and keep pushing me further one step at a time. I am motivated to do what I want to do, or think I should do, or enjoy doing. I appreciate help from others, and also help others too. I enjoy myself immensely with everything that I do, and because of that everything happens just right. Things appear just at the right time. People appear at random and I know they are there to push me onwards. I have a clear path ahead of me. I can see the wood from the trees. I have confidence in my abilities, and know that I have confidence in those around me when I need their help. I learn from my mistakes, and do not make excuses when a particular aspect does not go the anticipated way. That is the exciting part. Looking at how to do something different.

Things don’t need to stay the same. Change is good. Being part of the change is even better!

Me in the future:

I’m not there yet, but it looks good from here!

Having clarity, definite clarity, is one good way to move forward!

From the cards…

I’ve not posted about my messages from the universe for a couple of weeks… here are the top ten cards from my pack of oracle cards after shuffling them…

1] Messages From Your Loved Ones – Stop and listen

2] Confidence – Confidence comes from believing in yourself

3] Gratitude – To be wealthy you have to be more grateful

4] Decisions – You have the choice to make your own decisions

5] Faith – Hold on to your faith

6] Cosmic Ordering – Learn to attract abundance

7] Dream Big – Live life to the full

8] Desire – The desire to achieve success

9] Self-Belief – Believe in yourself to change your life

10] Love – True love never dies

My general interpretation: Have faith in your own abilities to be able to change your world in the way that is acceptable to you. The signs are there that the universe is listening, but are you listening to the universe? Take responsibility for your own life , live your life now, love your life now… and be grateful. Gratitude is the key to everything!

My personal interpretation: Reading from the outside in, love is all around. Confidence and self belief are just under the surface. Be grateful for every desire, for dreams and decisions stem from desire. Keep Cosmic Ordering! Keep the faith!

My reaction: I like receiving reminders like this! They help me to continue to feel good! 😀