In-flight Selfie

The Selfie is something I’m not very good at, although I do like to get a little practice in every now and then.

After the recent snowstorm that left the Mansion looking like a Winter Wonderland and gave me the urge to get flying again, last night was clear. Perfect flying opportunity!

I climbed onto the roof of the Mansion, being careful not to slip on the remaining patches of snow that were there. I stood on the edge of the rooftop, and looked upwards.

One must never jump when flying – that isn’t how it works. You just breathe and lift. You get a slight rush as you feel gravity lose its grip, then even more of a rush as you soar upwards.

Even on the calmest of days you get to feel the strong wind forcing against you, it is most exhilarating, but it does play havoc with one’s hair. And the higher you get, the stronger the wind gets.

Last night, I went to the very edge.

Right up there, right by the edge of space.

I turned away from the peaceful-looking world below, and looked out into the vastness of the Universe.

Dare I do it? I thought. I had my mobile phone with me in my pocket. When I’m high up, I get an irrational fear that I will drop whatever I’m holding – usually a camera or a mobile phone, but I get the same fear if I’m carrying a book. It’s all very odd.

I threw caution to the wind and reached into my pocket for my mobile phone. Gripping it like nobody’s business, I activated the camera and took the photo above. You can just about make out the curve of the Earth at the bottom of the photo there, below the developing severe flick. And just look at the Aurora! That was a surprise, I don’t mind telling you.

After taking the photo, I couldn’t bear the feeling I was about to drop the phone, so I swiftly put it back into my pocket.

It’s amazing how quickly the Earth spins. I turned back towards the planet, after ensuring my mobile was secure, and noticed I was hovering above Canada. It’s so easy to make out the coastlines from up there.

Earlier, I mentioned that one must never jump when flying – and this is one of the reasons why. When hovering, there is nothing to jump from… you are literally surrounded by air (and the odd cloud occasionally). You just breathe, and allow yourself to move in whatever direction you want to go in. It’s all to do with intention and will-power. You will yourself forward… or backward.

It wasn’t long before I’d willed myself back to the Mansion.

I think I’ll have a rest from flying for now, though. Two consecutive nights is not going to help my hair any. Unless I get a haircut, that is.

If only I can will myself the time to do that…

8 Comments on “In-flight Selfie

  1. The trick, or knack, to flying is to throw yourself forward without the fear that you are going to get hurt when you hit the ground – and miss! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  2. Never a dull moment for you TL…There is always something beckoning you 🙂 Glad the flight went well but be very careful. If you screw up doing selfies and something goes wrong it is a long way down to the mansion ….Happy hovering….VK


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