Beyond the Sphere

Come, Fly with Me!

Even without a breeze, the currents are good once we get going. Gravity keeps us grounded, but once we become free of that gravitational pull we are free to go. Free to soar into the skies. The first… Read More

Head In The Clouds

Soaring high above With fresh clean air all around Is it just a dream?

In-flight Selfie

The Selfie is something I’m not very good at, although I do like to get a little practice in every now and then. After the recent snowstorm that left the Mansion looking like a Winter Wonderland and gave… Read More

Night Snow Flight Sight

I went for a quick fly around last night, as you do in the snow when it’s coming down thick and fast. I managed to grab a quick photo on my mobile phone of the Mansion, in complete… Read More

Five Flights

I glide upon the evening breeze Carried effortlessly and silently, gently forwards, slowly downwards, With breath-taking views all around It’s been a while since I’ve flown so high, Felt the freedom of just being there Unattached from the… Read More