I lounged in a luxurious lengthy bath this morning, appreciating the warm waters soothing my sleepingy body. It was 5:18. Mere minutes earlier, I was viciously dragged out of a lovely sleep by my alarm clock, which I think is now in a trillion pieces on the far side of the Bedroom. Oooooh how I love me sleep.

That said, I simply had to get up, and what better way to get the day going than by having a nice bath to begin with.

The thing, with me and baths, is that I forget why I’m there. I’m up early for a reason. Sorry alarm clock. I have to be out early, so I have to get up early. And I have to get ready early. As soon as I slide under the soothing warm water all urgency instantly leaves me. I blend into the water. Breathe in the steam. Become a physical ripple in my liquid surroundings. I almost drift into a meditative state… I say almost, I have a problem meditating so don’t quite get there.

This morning was no different.

Suddenly, I realised I had to bathe to get ready for the day. I reached for the soap and got a nice lather going, when suddenly some unimaginable force yanked the soap from my slippery hands. I watched, in both awe and horror, as the tiny white block made its way gently through the steamy air of the Bathroom, stopping only for a double somersault before it literally vanished from sight. I couldn’t see it anywhere. I rubbed my eyes (forgetting VERY briefly about my soapy hands) to peer through the steam in the hopes of seeing it – and all I could see then was tears. Stinging tears.

Swiftly, I resolved that situation, caught my breath, heaved myself like a dead weight from out of the water, and walked across the Bathroom to the cabinet on the other side to get another block of soap.

I found the original block of soap on the way back when I trod on it, and propelled myself forwards like an inept ice-skater, arms and legs flailing. I fell head-first back into the bath, causing most of the water to leave in rather a sharp fashion. Bathroom flooded, knees hurting from hitting the side of the bath, and now two missing bars of soap, enough was enough for today’s idea of a relaxing bath.

Lucky for me, though, I was awake, and after a hasty wash I was ready for the day.

images from pixabay


  1. I have the luxury of a shower fitted in my bathroom, but to use it I have to climb into the bath.

    The last two occasions I used it I lost a toenail to the side of the bath – OUCH!!! 😦

    Consequently I have had to settle for an all over stand up wash at the sink.

    Messy, but good enough! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  2. You have such a way with describing it, I almost felt like I was there too…almost! Glad you weren’t hurt though, yikes, could have been so much worse, or your next entry might have started out “so about that trip to the emergency room for stitches…”

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