Beyond the Sphere

Wordle: Blending the Magic

Life is a mix of light and dark, Cloudy days and long hot Summers Bright sunshine and gentle breezesChilly nights and eternal Winters Stinging winds and crisp clear skies. People sing in exaltation, Hearts swell with joy and… Read More

Wordle: Open to Interpretation

Earth fires the imagination, From a wave of rainfall To the silence of a beam of sunlight Imagination finds the words. Years can pass in minutes Writing, sculpting, creating. Interpretations drape like silky garments Folding, covering Bowing to… Read More

The Storm

Winds rasp as they build up pace Rattling through passage, any open space Rattling chains and swirling sticks Rattling nerves and primitive instincts Rubbing up and down this way or t’other Pranking letterboxes, moving covers Rain soaks legs… Read More

Wordle: Spikes and Skulls

‘Though born to mock with smug grin And no hope to get truth through corrupt skull Note calls of “Fire!” (liar) Spikes of honour catch the eye within the memo Delete? Too early to say It’s a bit… Read More

Wordle: Writing Challenge

The hints are there, the challenge tough The signals indicate the trials ahead Sitting poised and ready Expel the shyness that inhibits Open the file, it may be a long night Ignore the chill, swipe away the darkness… Read More