This week, Debbie’s one-word theme is Imagine.

I have hundreds of photos which could provide a little something that would stir the imagination, but nothing that stood out to me that would literally fire the imagination. I started to think that I’d have to miss this week’s theme, and then I noticed a blue and clear paperweight that was doing something funky with a red light behind it. I refer to the paperweight as a crystal ball, and as I looked into it, new worlds started to appear within. As the daylight was also fading, the reflection of the window also had a couple of effects – one that it blended with the Surreal Reality in front of me, and the other was that it provided a clear link to the actual reality surrounding this world within a world.

I imagine others may see it differently!


  1. Have we been nipping the Brandy again TL? We are indeed living in a world within a world, within endless worlds dare I say. Is it not all in what we believe and therefore manifest? How mundane life would be if all we could ever do was be here on earth amidst chaos. Heavens to Mergatroid, there is infinity to explore if we can figure out how we do that. Great pic by the way…VK 🙂

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  2. I see a cat … with it’s ears flat. Either it’s done something it’s guilty about … or (more likely) it’s about to do something it knows you’re not going to agree with … but he’ll do it anyway because he’s a little b****er. 🙂

    But .. if I look at it another way … I see a world, and two other large planets …. but on the other hand … the last photo … could be a snowman, and the colours have been ‘inverted’.

    I’d be no use as a reader of a crystal ball, would I. LOL.
    ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Undoubtedly imaginative!
    I’m sure I can see the lights of a city in the red and blue and a dark city skyline to the right. But then I’m jet lagged and falling asleep over my blogging!
    Thanks for linking this in to the challenge.

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