Space–There’s a lot of it!

Hello. I’m Alnold Kahh, and I’m the captain of this Universal Cruiseship, Expansion.

Well, that isn’t exactly the truth. I am Alnold Kahh, but I’m a mechanical technician at the space dock C, home of the Expansion. Well, it was. I ‘borrowed’ her you see, under the excuse of taking the ship for a test flight after giving her a major service. I didn’t intend to keep her, a ship of this size with only me on board.


Ah, my apologies. This is Nebula, my onboard computer and navigation system. She is the one who actually flies the vessel – I, most of the time, sit back and watch the stars fly by outside. I’m working on an expansion, pardon the pun, so Nebula can use her artificial intelligence and become more hands on, and I will then at least have a face to talk to rather than a computer console. That’s still a work in progress.

All systems are performing within their correct parameters, Alnold.

Thanks, Nebula. My journey is pretty much a work in progress also! I’ve heard rumours of a Paradise Planet, many lightyears away, and that is where we are heading. We have a phrase, it isn’t the destination but the journey itself that matters, so I intend to make the most of this whole journey. Whether I reach this paradise remains to be seen, but this vessel is equipped with the most amazing state of the art technology, so we can cross lightyears within a matter of seconds, so we may get pretty close. If we’re heading in the right direction, that is! Space is a big place. Nebula’s good, really good, but even she doesn’t know the locations of mythical planets in far away star systems.

Alnold, there is a debris cluster ahead. Dropping out of hyperspeed and raising the deflector shields. We should pass through the cluster in approximately fifteen minutes.

So here we are, just travelling through space in a borrowed spaceship. Not a lot tends to happen. Well, up to now…

Will nothing continue to happen?
Will this develop into a new series?
Wait until the next (not so) thrilling instalment (if there is one) to find out!

The Look

She had a strange look
Cold, angry, bitter and fierce
And a heart of stone

If she looked at you the wrong way, you would know about it. But luckily, only for a split second or two, when you’d then make a nice lawn ornament. Best to stay on her good side… if you can get there…


Vamprilla thought she was a looker
And for a mistress folk often mistook ‘er
But the judgmental lot
Reeled when they got
To know she was really a ‘sucker



Well, I have to do something for Hallowe’en, haven’t I?


What makes a good character?

Someone mysterious? Boring? Risqué? Over-the-top? Untouchable? Surreal? Perfect? Ludicrous? Rude? Quiet? Professional? Heart-felt? Needy? Brash? Sexy? Offensive? Kind? Alien? Square? Thoughtless? Thoughtful? Dreamy? Inept? Quirky? Confident? Artistic? Argumentative? Stubborn? Creative? Constructive? Forward-thinking? Magical? Business-minded? Helpful? Shut-off? Energetic? Charismatic? Disabled? Old-fashioned? Forward-thinking? Imaginative? Colourful? Radiant? Beautiful? Ugly? Robotic? Moronic? Warm? Cold? Holier-than-thou? Devilish? Inappropriate? Risk-taker? Stick-in-the-mud? Comical? Interesting?

A mixture of all? Just one? Maybe a couple?

There are a lot of ‘interesting’ characters that call by this blog that could easily fit into the list above. Myself included… Tom Merriman’s a character, don’t forget. OK. Maybe ‘interesting’ was the wrong choice of word.

My characters are all adaptable. They try to fit into a number of different scenarios. Some they take to like a duck to water, and others they’re like a fish out of it.

But they are still characters. Surreal creations that exist in Universes far, far away. Surreal lives with surreal existences that desperately need for their surreal stories to be told.

But are they good characters?

I don’t know. They’re all a work in progress.