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Pinky and Perky

Presenting Pinky and Perky (not their real names*)

Always minding their own business and never minding each other, perching apart just enough from each other yet close enough to appear together at the same time, providing a united front, their body language provides a few clues about their relationship.

Pinky holds a higher authority, and Perky is subservient.

Pinky is alert and Perky aloof.

Pinky wants freedom and Perky is happy as is.

Pinky is wide awake and Perky is sound asleep.

Pinky can’t stand Perky’s snoring.

Perky can’t stand Pinky’s whining.

Pinky blames Perky for getting them both locked outside of their cage.

Pinky wouldn’t listen when Perky said they were still locked inside the run.

Pinky couldn’t settle on top of the cage, Perky was most comfortable.

Pinky had internal ruffled feathers, Perky just went with the flow.

pink squares

I’m just going with the flow as well. Posting the occasional #InThePink post for Becky’s September Squares challenge (the link above will take you to many more pink-themed pics), and having fun doing so!

*I was contemplating pixelating Pinky and Perky’s faces for this post, but that would have hidden their perfect expressions. And besides, their noms de plume protect their identities perfectly.

The Superhero Diaries 5.14: Miss Delightful

Hello! I’m Firetop (formally known as The Firetop, but I dropped the ‘The’ a while back!) and I’m one of the members of the Elite Force of Britain. As you may be aware, we seem to have a leak around these parts, and documents detailing some of our cases appear inexplicably on the internet – and in other places!

We are looking into who is responsible for revealing our innermost secrets, but here’s another one we have discovered. Fortunately, this appeared after the case, and the beauty pageant was won by… ah! I couldn’t possibly reveal that, could I? You may not have heard who the winner was, and even if the contest isn’t highlighted here, nobody likes a spoiler, do they? (For those who do like a spoiler, it was won by Miss Delightfulsjdgrtahjnaj*


Dear Elite Force of Britain,

We at SPLATC hope you are well. As you may be aware, the Miss Delightful Beauty Pageant is fast approaching. We have it on good authority that three of the Misses are being targeted by international jewel thieves, and have decided to take the prudent step of increasing security to the Pageant.

We, together with the organisers’ wishes, have agreed to replace one of the entrants with a member of the EFB in disguise. Miss Delightful Secretary has agreed to step aside from the contest, in the interests of national security.

Miss Delightful Secretary is actually the contestant who came across the documents, which alerted us to this despicable plan, and she no longer feels safe enough to participate, so she is easily replaced.

The three who are being targeted are Miss Delightful Waitress, Miss Delightful Welder, and Miss Delightful Shot-putter. All three, it is rumoured, are expected to be wearing exquisite gemstones from Tanzania, Australia and South Africa. The names of the gemstones will not be revealed until the contest, but on their announcement we expect the thieves to strike.

We do not want to make the place look overrun with security personnel, as the event is supposed to have a delightful feel, which would be overshadowed by every third person being a member of security.

We also feel it prudent for other members of the EFB to shadow the three Misses during the contest.

Once you have decided who should replace Miss Delightful Secretary, and which three EFB members will be shadowing the three targets, could you please advise us via the secure channel.

We can then make arrangements for the EFB to attend the Pageant.

One more thing; only Miss Delightful Secretary and the organisers know of this, and we would like it to remain that way until after the Pageant. We have a feeling that one of the participants may be an ‘inside woman’ for the thieves, so those EFBers shadowing will have to come up with their own cover stories for being there.

Please reply as soon as possible, so we can start proceedings.

Kind Regards,


Security Personnel Looking After Things more Closely

The Superhero Diaries 5.13: The Anagrama

Hoho! Hehe!

Greetings you Reused Upper Duds! That’s Super Duper Dudes to everyone else, but not to me! I’m the new guy in town, and I like having fun! Oh, how I’d like to mould your Clay Lard into a better shape (and yes, I am talking to you, Lycralad!) Oh now don’t take it personal… not like that Centrifugal Mini Me (or Muriel Magnificent) who takes everything to heart. Mind you, she has enough heart to go around, so it’s hardly saying anything.

Fit Rope himself can hardly speak either (Firetop) with that constant grinning expression – full of hot air he is. In fact, I think the expression is down to wind. And just look at his girlfriend. Part Girl Or part bird? Full bird? With a beak like that it’s hard to say! Hoho, Parrot Girl, I make no apologies.

I’d Wince if I saw your frosty frame approaching, Icewind. The thing is you are so petite it’s amazing you’d be seen at all. Drive on, Diver. Or swim. There’s no room for you here. And as for you, you Precluded Pronto Tot, you’re hardly going anywhere fast, Puddleton Protector.

It’s such a Drag, Relegation… wouldn’t you agree, Green Gladiator? No? Well, you’ll soon find out.

Lengthen Team Slat, hey? Stealth Gentleman… you’re never around anyway. You’re like Chilblains VII ‘Ere… or Invisible Charlie – always vanishing in an hour of need. Frightened are we?

Rid Vain, I would. Although one would hardly describe you as vain, Viridian. No wonder you keep most of your face covered. Hoho!

And you, you Hued Clot, what good is having weather-based powers anyway? Are we going to cry on someone and pretend it’s raining? Get an office job, The Cloud. Ha! You even have The in your name. How original.

Well hello, you piece of Cushy Spice, you. And you know who I’m talking to, Psychic Sue. What? No blushing? And I thought you were coy. No prize with you. Scoring Robs Mind anyway. Isn’t that right, Crimson Songbird? Or have you lost your mind again? Hehe!

Curses. Bettystretch, you have me foiled. But I shall get you.

I shall get all of you.

Are you paying attention? You Innate Tot. All of you in fact.

One by one.

Hoho! Hehe! You Ill Ewes! You will see!

The Anagrama.

By the way, you – no, I shall be nice. I have even created a Wanted poster for me, just so you know who you are looking for. That’s me. There. Not that you will ever catch me, hoho hehe! I have an uncanny ability to change things. See you around, solers!

Cantalina Whyte

“Paint me!”, she said.

“Paint ME!”, she demanded.

“PAINT ME NOW!!!”, I thought this chick’s intense. Actually, I didn’t, as I never use the word ‘chick’, but the meaning of my thoughts were the same.

“DO IT!” She wasn’t letting me off the hook. Who are you? I asked.

“Cantalina Whyte”, she said, as if I should have known.

Such was her fierce nature, I’ve completely lost track of how many watercolours I’ve done up until now for #WorldWatercolorMonth, I think this may be number 16. Over halfway through the month already. Time is certainly flying, isn’t it? Not like in Cantalina’s portrait, where it is always 4 o’clock.